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Please consciously abide by Internet-related policies and regulations, is strictly prohibited publication of pornographic, violent, reactionary remarks. Majority of these sea snakes are incapable of moving on land but can move quite speedily on water.
Although one is unsure if venom was injected, it should be treated as such to avoid any complications.
Wrap the limb starting from the distal ends of the limb toward the body using an elastic bandage. For the first four to six hours, remove the elastic bandage for 90 seconds at a time every 10 minutes. Although first aid may be administered for sea snake bites, prevention is still the best key.
Always wear protective gear (thick wetsuits, gloves and diving boots), especially when one goes diving. The photo preceded excerpts from Star reporter Michelle Shephard’s long-awaited biography of Omar Khadr, Guantanamo’s Child, which does the most thorough job to date of humanizing the second youngest son of the generally unsympathetic Khadr family, whose late patriarch, Ahmed Khadr, was close to Osama bin Laden.
While serving as a terrifying trailer for the book, however, the photo’s publication also heightened tensions that had surfaced in pre-trial hearings in November, when, after five years of claims, on the administration’s part, that Khadr had been the last enemy soldier alive after the firefight, and had therefore thrown the grenade that killed a US soldier, it was revealed that the grenade could, in fact, have been thrown by one of his companions, who was alive at the time, but whose survival at that point had not previously been disclosed. The day before Khadr’s pre-trial hearings resumed last Friday, his tenacious military defense lawyer, Lt. In addition to Khadr’s previously documented claims that he was threatened with rape and was used as a human mop at Guantanamo to wipe up his own urine after he had been held for hours in a stress position and had soiled himself, he reported that he “told a Canadian delegation in 2003 that the Americans ‘would torture’ him — so he told them whatever they wanted’ to hear, but that “The Canadians called me a liar, and I began to sob. Khadr also described abuse that took place in the days after his capture, in particular at the hands of a Hispanic MP, who “would often [redacted]. This comment adds to the suspicion that Khadr was the victim of torture in Bagram, as it was also revealed last week that one of his interrogators was Sgt.
Omar Khadr was not the only defendant last week to raise the spectre of torture to haunt the Military Commissions.
This alone would make his trial problematical, but Jawad himself raised further hurdles to what the Pentagon clearly hoped would be a straightforward process by declaring the proceedings illegal and refusing to accept representation by his military lawyer, Col.
With Jawad’s refusal to engage with the Commissions (asked to enter a plea, he had, by that point, “slumped onto the defense table and refused to respond to Kohlmann’s questions”) and with Col. Seized in Azerbaijan, al-Darbi was rendered to Afghanistan, and also ended up in Bagram, where, he later alleged, an interrogator named Damien Corsetti, known as “Monster” or “The King of Torture,” abused prisoners by poking them in the face with his naked penis and threatening them with sexual assault. Nor, it seems, is it likely that torture will be sidestepped in the cases of the other prisoners awaiting arraignment. A sketch of Ali Hamza al-Bahlul, made during his first appearance before the Military Commissions in 2004. A sketch of Ibrahim al-Qosi, made during his first appearance before the Military Commissions in 2004. If there is a “clean” case that can be presented to the Commissions without ensnaring the administration in ever more lengthy and damaging allegations relating to the use of torture by US forces, it has yet to be found.

On the surface, Mohammed Kamin fulfils this criterion, although he also seems, like many before him, to be an unworthy candidate for any kind of war crimes trial at all. See the following for a sequence of articles dealing with the stumbling progress of the Military Commissions: The reviled Military Commissions collapse (June 2007), A bad week at Guantanamo (Commissions revived, September 2007), The curse of the Military Commissions strikes the prosecutors (September 2007), A good week at Guantanamo (chief prosecutor resigns, October 2007), The story of Mohamed Jawad (October 2007), The story of Omar Khadr (November 2007), Guantanamo trials: where are the terrorists? And for a sequence of articles dealing with the Obama administration’s response to the Military Commissions, see: Don’t Forget Guantanamo (February 2009), Who’s Running Guantanamo? Are you a lone voice or are there others prepared to put pressure on the next administration?
Personally I think the Bush administration and their torturers are the ones who should be put on trial. As for Pelosi, she’s kept her mouth shut regarding the atrocities committed against the people of Gaza by the Zionist occupying power but was quick to condemn China for doing much the same thing to the Tibetans. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens with regard to Guantanamo after November. The ACLU, Human Rights First, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Center for Constitutional Rights and more.
Similar to their land relatives, sea snakes have venomous bites that area highly potent to toxic to their victims, humans included. They need air to breathe, thus they have to resurface after a maximum of two hours underwater. The given information are not be used as medical advice or substitute for first aid training.
Partly redacted by US censors, the document nevertheless reveals extensive allegations of abuse that, in some cases, seem to amount to torture.
They screamed at me and told me they could not do anything for me.” In other sections, he described how, after he embarked on a hunger strike at Guantanamo, “Guards would grab me by pressure points behind my ears, under the jaw and on my neck. He would tell nurses not to [redacted] since he said that I had killed an American soldier. Joshua Claus, who was later charged, along with 14 others, of various crimes, including assault and “maltreatment of a detainee” in connection with the murder of the two men, and was sentenced to five months in jail in 2006.
On Wednesday, Mohamed Jawad, an Afghan who, according to his own account, was only 16 when he was seized after allegedly throwing a grenade that wounded two US soldiers and an Afghan interpreter, said, as Carol Williams described it in the Los Angeles Times, “that he had been tortured while in US custody at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan after his arrest, and that he had been mistreated in Guantanamo as well.” “The American government said the Taliban has been very cruel in Afghanistan, that they killed people without any trial and imprisoned people without trial,” Jawad told the judge, Col. As I reported in a detailed article when he was first charged last October, Jawad had not alleged that he had been tortured by US forces during his tribunal and his military reviews at Guantanamo, which were convened, in the first instance, to assess whether he had been correctly designated as an “enemy combatant” when he was captured, and subsequently to assess whether he still constituted a threat to the US or its interests.
Sawyers was vigorous in his defense outside the courtroom, explaining to reporters that western concepts of justice were “completely foreign” to Jawad, and making a statement on his behalf that also resonates with the case of Omar Khadr. The Sudanese prisoner Ibrahim al-Qosi and the Yemeni Ali Hamza al-Bahlul (both charged last month for their alleged connections with al-Qaeda) are well-known to those who have been following the Commissions since they first spluttered into life in the summer of 2003. In his charge sheet (PDF), he is accused of “providing material support for terrorism,” specifically by receiving training at “an al-Qaeda training camp,” conducting surveillance on US and coalition military bases and activities, planting two mines under a bridge, and launching missiles at the city of Khost while it was occupied by US and coalition forces.
In the full glare of the world’s media, the Military Commissions continue to expose the very torture and abuse that the administration has strived so hard to conceal, and I cannot see how they can ever result in a prosecution that will be recognized as valid.

To receive new articles in your inbox, please subscribe to my RSS feed, and see here for my definitive Guantanamo prisoner list, published in March 2009. As bad as the Guantanamo detainees may or may not be, they have obviously been to hell and back and need counselling, rehabilitation and a little understanding. Constitution and what it stands for, including a fair trial for everyone in American custody.
Recognized as an authority on Guantanamo and the “war on terror.” Co-founder, Close Guantanamo, co-director, We Stand With Shaker. Although generally non-aggressive, sea snakes can turn aggressive when they feel threatened or cornered. To learn how to treat bites and stings of a wide variety of animals, including sea snake bites, enroll in First Aid Courses and CPR training, especially before joining high-risk activities and traveling to different countries. William Kuebler, duly raised these issues, telling journalists that the report of the circumstances that led to Khadr’s capture, written by an officer identified only as “Lt.
He had, however, claimed that a false confession had been forced out of him by the Afghan police who first captured him.
Apparently dragged from his cell to attend the hearing, and wearing the infamous orange garb that, for many years, has been reserved for those ruled “non-compliant,” he told Col. The administration can, perhaps, count itself lucky that al-Darbi did not wish to speak out, although this is probably only a matter of putting off the inevitable. Both were previously charged in the first round of the trials, which were struck down as illegal by the Supreme Court in June 2006, without either man having had the opportunity to discuss the details of their treatment, but in a hearing in 2004 al-Bahlul’s military defense lawyer, Maj.
As the Bush administration counts down its last months in office, the only solution, it seems to me, is to maintain the pressure on the next administration to move the trials to federal courts on the US mainland. Our Backpack Is Made Of 100% Pu Leather, Adjustable Mesh Bottle Pocket, Is The Perfect Bag Perfect For Putting Books, A Change Of Clothes, A Pair Of Shoes, Or A Towel For The Pool Or Beach For Your Child. These three to five feet long marine animals are characterized by their flat tails and scales and are found in the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Steve David, the Commissions’ chief defense lawyer, explained, he will not be able to assign Jawad a new lawyer for some time, because, unlike the prosecution, which has a full roster of 30 lawyers, he has only nine lawyers on duty, who are already struggling to cope with their caseload.
As it is, I’m prepared to state that his case seems to me to demonstrate how hopelessly blurred the distinctions between military resistance (aka insurgency) and terrorism have become, so that anyone caught fighting US occupation is not engaged in a war (with its own well-established laws) but is automatically part of a global terrorist movement. Kuebler described it, the report initially said that the assailant who threw the grenade had been killed, but was then revised, about two months later, to say that the grenade thrower had been “engaged” (a change that clearly implicated Khadr).

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