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Many web sites require Javascript in order for their pages to function fully.Please consult your browser help and enable Javascript in order to continue. The best wilderness first aid kits are ones where the contents, your experience and the likely risks are in sync. There are some general skills that everyone should learn such as basic life support (even if you are travelling no further than the office) but you shouldn’t neglect to undertake a risk-assessment for where you are going and use this information to improve your preparation.

I hope this article will give you the basis to think about what’s already in your personal first aid kit as well as what else you might like to include. These military dressings are very absorbent and much better than cheap pharmacy-bought dressings.
Small bandage: I find these cheap, small bandages useful for cutting to size to dress a cut or burn, particularly on fingers. Alongside are other items - large bandanna, water bottle, and malleable splint - useful for outdoor first aid. The Israeli bandage and the Oles dressing are both pressure dressings and yes once applied can be left on within reason. I would recommend anyone wishing to use specialist medical equipment to seek out professional training before use.

Regards AdrianReply robinAdrian, 30 years ago, when I was is the military we removed and replied tourniquets.
Now as a member of the ambulance service we are taught and teach that it is to be left in place as we look at life over limb.Reply robinAdrian, public forum is probably not best place for this discussion and will only confuse readers. There is some risk that some people may use the knowledge imparted as a replacement for proper training.
Also, if folk can recognise Plantain it is good at treating them too (I’ve used it on my youngest).

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