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A $1.12 billion project funded by both state and federal budgets to improve the transportation system in Perth, Western Australia between between Morley and Muchea. A helpful tool to finding out whether your trade qualification needs mutual recognition when working interstate. An Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) is a collective industrial agreement between either an employer and a trade union acting on behalf of employees or an employer and employees acting for themselves.
Want to stay in the loop with what jobs are going around, receive 10% off training courses, read Shared Investor and go in the draw to win gear and event tickets? For all of the above it’s just $22 per month and you can pause, resume, cancel or contact us at anytime. The number of 457 visa applications that require employers to advertise the jobs to Australian workers first could slump to just 25 per cent because of Australia’s free trade agreements (FTA). In the nine months to May this year, 38,134 primary 457 visas were granted to overseas workers with only around one third of those (12,084) requiring the employer to test the local labour market first to ensure there was no Australian who could do the job.
It’s outrageous that at the same time a Senate inquiry into temporary work visas in Perth today will hear evidence of abuse of the temporary visa system, the Abbott Government is making it easier for companies to hire workers from overseas without advertising those jobs to Australian workers.
Under new Investment Facilitation Agreements in the China FTA, companies with projects worth more than $150 million will also be able to negotiate to bring in lower-skilled workers at wage rates that fall below the current wage floor for the standard 457 visa program of $53 990 per annum.
Australia currently has FTAs with Thailand, Chile, South Korea and Japan that have labour market testing exemptions. When the Government announced the conclusion of negotiations for the China FTA, it tried to argue that labour market testing would still apply to workers from China but the recent release of the text of the agreement clearly shows this will not be the case. Once again when it comes to the needs of workers, the Abbott Government has blinkers on with the interests of big business solely in its sights. Santos, the oil and gas producer has voiced concerns the industry’s newest resource technology, floating LNG is being driven because of the associated higher investment costs of traditional onshore processing facilities and access to remote gas deposits.
Jobs in gas must be created to maximise the resource and allow Australian workers to benefit in terms of employment.
Santos senior executive John Anderson said most companies were being driven to use FLNG technology because of the higher costs of land-based projects and the interference of the Australian government as well as policy and regulatory constraints imposed upon resource companies by each state. Australian unions have increasingly voiced their concerns against the use of FLNG technology, claiming it will rob Australia of thousands of construction jobs that are generated by companies building land-based gas plants. Floating LNG technology is being used by Royal Dutch Shell for its $12 billion Prelude project off the coast off North East coast of Western Australia.
The components for this huge project are being built in Korea, Dubai, Japan and other parts of the world.
Woodside Petroleum is also looking at using FLNG to develop its huge Browse gas fields after abandoning plans for the onshore processing plant at James Price Point in WA’s Kimberley region.
WA Premier Colin Barnett, who is not a supporter of FLNG said he remained opposed to FLNG for larger projects, including Browse, but indicated his belief that it was more suited to smaller gas fields such as Prelude.
Mr Barnett indicated to the the industry that the government had a commercial interest in making sure the natural gas was processed onshore because WA owned the resource. A spokesman for Woodside said the interest in FLNG was being sparked by the increasing costs of onshore projects and the reality that new natural gas discoveries were being made in remote , deep sea locations, so it makes sense to use FLNG technology. He said it was important to not dismiss the facts that of the seven LNG plants being built in Australia, only one was using FLNG technology. Shell is banking its hopes that the 600,000-tonne prototype will be  winner and a precursor to other vessels’ being built which can be used on additional gas fields, including the Torosa, Calliance and Brecknock fields off the Western Australian Kimberley coast.
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Woodside Adani strike LNG deal Iron ore mining production soars at Fortescue Metals Floating LNG jobs – the future opportunities for Australia WA mining company lifts lithium exploration activity Australian jobs in gas could soar with 1000km gas project WA mining jobs – looking for work in WA mines? Iron ore mining companies in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory ended the month of March in high spirits. Australian mining companies have invested heavily in new technology to create more efficient and profitable mining operations across the country. The big Australian mining companies keep thousands of people in WA mining jobs and this can be linked to the price of iron ore. This is the  best one day performance for iron ore since August 2013 and a much welcomed breath of positivity compared to the 8% drop on March 10th to a low $104.70. In the three months of 2014, Chinese imports have jumped 21 per cent compared to January-February 2013, with a forecast that China’s iron ore imports could reach new record highs in 2014, rising 12 per cent to somewhere in the region of 921 million tonnes compared to 2013.

In a series of article on WA mining, iMINCO reported on how the iron ore price can be attributed to jobs stability in the WA mining sector.
As mining in Australia relies more and more on new technology, mining jobs in Western Australia will be more specialised, requiring highly trained workers to maintain the swathe of mining machinery needed to keep mining operations functioning. These Western Australian iron ore focused articles, can help mining jobs seekers to understand mining from the perspective of a mining company.
At the other end of the scale, droves of workers are out in the searing heat of WA, SA and the NT operating heavy machinery, excavating, preparing and sifting, transporting and loading iron ore – ready to be delivered to customers all over the world. In terms of WA mining jobs security for workers and new starters, keeping up to date with outside influences that affect the profitability of a mining company is critical. Highly-tuned and forward-thinking employees and contractors stay one step ahead and take the time to understand the mining industry and how changes in prices, markets and demand can affect their careers. Be informed every step of the way about WA mining jobs as well as general news and information about the Australian mining and resource sector by getting the iMINCO Project News delivered to your inbox (see below). The links below are related, you may find them helpful in your mining research on : 'Iron ore price rise good for WA mining jobs'.
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Pathways to the Pilbara is an organisation that assists indigenous Australians find jobs in mining and the resource centre. Based in Kempsey, NSW, they are committed giving people the opportunity to earn a good income with potential to advance their mining career.
The Australian mining industry indigenous employment program recently celebrated the placement of 150 indigenous people by hosting lunch at the Kempsey-Macleay RSL last week.
The Pathways To The Pilbara program has been running for more than 18 months and is run by a group of professionals with a wealth of experience in mining, training and recruitment. Since it’s inception, there have been 150 indigenous people placed in mine jobs in the resource industry in Western Australia.
Wendy Yarnold is the driving force behind Pathways to the Pilbara, which proudly began it’s life and is still continues to this day to be situated in Kempsey.
Graduates gave insights into their personal stories of what it meant to have a good job in the mining industry; how it had changed their lives as well as the lives of their families and children. Working in remote mining locations in Western Australia and being away from the comforts and support that comes with being home every night can be stressful for many new employees in the mines, especially if you are not used to the isolation.
Pathways to the Pilbara, look after their people when they are away using social media via the internet to keep everyone connected, with a strong focus on creating a facebook community.
Andrew Forrest, CEO of Pilbara mining company Fortescue Metals Group has always been a voice for indigenous Australians looking for mining job opportunities. Forrest, under his Australian Employment Covenant (AEC), said 330 industry companies have created 71,000 jobs for indigenous Australians since 2008. His recommendation to the government is that no more money ought to be spent on indigenous training unless there is a real mining job to go to at the end of it. Additional support has been found in Julie Collins (Indigenous Economic Development Minister)  and former magistrate Sue Gordon as they work tirelessly to create a united voice for greater efficiencies and relevant training in the indigenous employment field. Gordon said that despite overwhelming support from both Indigenous communities and the mining industry, the government is still reluctant because they never thought of it first and it is not a high priority at government level. If you haven't got time to read the related items for "Mining jobs WA – Pathways to the Pilbara", no problem, send yourself a reminder email with a link to the stories so you can read them later.
For those of you wanting to find mining jobs in WA, tracking mining industry news, contract wins and project expansion is one of the best ways to find out where mining jobs in Australia will start emerging. For instance last week news broke that Mining Jobs in WA could soar with Fortescue as the company races toward its production target of 155 million tonnes as soon as December 2013. Again this week Fortescue Metals Group is making headlines, as data released by the Port Hedland Port Authority showed exports of iron ore from Port Hedland in WA have risen a staggering 36 per cent year on year, to 26.6 million tonnes in July.
The rise was driven mostly from the increase in iron ore production by the port’s major users, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group. Test samples of Fortescue ‘s own 58.3% grade iron ore product (which will be formally launched this month) has been exported to Asian mills outside of China. Fortescue is ramping up activity in the hope of securing its position of becoming a world power as an exporter of iron ore in Australia.

To reach their targeted production of 155 million tonnes by December 2013 and to become the largest producer of iron-ore in Australia, Fortescue will constantly be needing to expand their Western Australian workforce significantly, meaning the possibility of more mining jobs opening up all the time. The links below are related, you may find them helpful in your mining research on : 'Mining Jobs in WA Looking Strong for The Future'.
If you haven't got time to read the related items for "Mining Jobs in WA Looking Strong for The Future", no problem, send yourself a reminder email with a link to the stories so you can read them later.
We have seen workers ripped off and too scared to speak out for fear that they will be deported. Employers must also invest in skills and training, so that our young people can get a start in life.
This is of course a valid argument as Australian workers compete for WA jobs on the existing land based mining and civil construction projects.
Prelude will be the biggest floating structure that has ever been constructed and will be anchored 200km from the WA coast with an expected production life-span of around 25 years.
Shell has indicated that activity was ramping up at the various locations around the world.
The finishing touches are being made to the massive hull of the FLNG production vessel that will eventually be positioned over the Prelude gas field off the Kimberley coast. As productivity increases and the demand for iron ore remains as it is, the volatile price fluctuations can create massive profits or losses for mining companies. With thousands of mine workers relying on mining employment in WA, price increases in iron ore should be viewed as positive news. This is a huge milestone for the organisation as it realised the potential to find mining jobs for many others graduates of the scheme, who, after training can expect to earn $90,000 a year from the onset, which can increase as further skill are developed and their experience increases. The team have an acute ability and industry knowledge to pick the right people with the attitude and abilities to commit to the training program and take on board the skills that make them invaluable to mining companies. The lunch was also filmed as part of a real-life documentary series, that Pathways to the Pilbara is producing to show the world what can be achieved when you put your mind to something worthy as this. Our graduates receive no favours from their employers, the mining companies just want you to do your job and work hard,” Ms Yarnold said. This allows the team to read what people are talking about and offer help and support where needed. Despite the fact that  job opportunities exist, Forrest said that the federal government is not providing the right sort of training, leaving businesses ill-prepared to capitalise on the workforce which in turn stops people finding employment. Recent reports show that for every job that is filled, two go unfilled because of a lack of available  job-ready indigenous workers.
They can’t get the government to commit to the right training, despite a load of cash being available to fund the training programs. However, there are hundreds of resource projects still under construction creating mining jobs as well as WA jobs in gas exploration, processing and distribution. Expectations from Shell management indicate that the Prelude facility will be manned by a flood of Australians who have vast experience in working with the technology. At the end of March 2014, mining companies can be feeling a little more confident about the coming months. Considering the average attrition rate of mine workers is around 25%, it is a testament to the high level of skill and organisation management that exists within the organisation and reflects the high level of professional training training programs employed by the organisation. With a success rate of 92 per cent, the Pathways to the Pilbara program is doing an excellent job. There is increased frustration out in the community because it seems the government is not listening to people and organisations like Pathways to the Pilbara who are focused on making it happen. They have consolidated their position as an alternative reliable supplier of iron to China and emerging SE Asia markets and remains confident in China’s commitment to economic growth with a continued demand for steel. The company has also been quick to point out that Prelude operation and maintenance gas jobs will last for 20-25 years.

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