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For Pricing or to schedule your course visit our website for online payment options or give us a call and our staff would be happy to help you get the course you need when you need it! This Red Cross Standard First Aid Course combines an online self-study course with a skills workshop. The Online Self-Study Package allows the Participant to learn First Aid Theory at their own pace and the skills workshop applies the theory in a way that is practical, safe, and effective. The participant may enter and exit the online course at their leisure, the course will continue where they left off. Our courses focus on Confidence, Skills & Knowledge delivered in an Interactive, Informative and often Fun environment.
Swoop First Aid is committed to promoting Safe & Effective First Aid Training by focusing on the needs of the first aider.
This Ground Disturbance training course is aimed for developers, supervisors, administrators and workers who may be involved in Ground Disturbance or are required to take Ground disturbance safety training for their job-site.

Our online Ground Disturbance course is fully industry recognized and covers the same course content as a classroom delivered Ground Disturbance 201 course which has been approved as meeting the content and delivery requirements of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), formerly the Alberta Damage Prevention Council.
Once the learner has successfully finished this online course, a certificate of completion is offered for download and printing. Our professional instructors keep our students confident in their skills an maintain a fun and knowledgeable setting. The certificate is valid for 3 years from the course completion date indicated on the certificate for the Online Ground Disturbance course Alberta. We operate in the greater Edmonton area and throughout alberta to serve your safety training needs. All of our instructors work within various professional fields such as firefighters, registered nurses, paramedics, medics, lifeguards an military staff. I found you covered the information more thoroughly, and you also reminded us to understand the principles BEHIND what we were doing, not just to memorize the order in which to do things.

It was well taught, not just reading from the book but interactive and interesting and just fun!
Usually the courses are too technical, information overload and I don't feel confident. He was able to communicate very well and with an ease that made the class feel comfortable and informed.

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