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First Aid TrainingWe offer a wide range of comprehensive First Aid training courses designed to suit both private and commercial clients.
Harberry First Aid Training offers a wide range of comprehensive First Aid training courses designed to suit both private and commercial clients throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland.  From First Aid at Work courses, Sports First Aid courses, right through to Emergency Paediatric First Aid courses for Mothers and Toddlers groups, we have the course to suit you.
At Harberry Training we have two training centres covering both Northern Ireland and Scotland. Harberry Training is approved by AoFA Qualifications which is an Ofqual Recognised Awarding Organisation. The council organises sports education courses for coaches, volunteers and sports clubs in Ards and North Down.  The programme for 2015-2016 has eleven courses including sports nutrition, training, child protection, first aid and sports psychology. Northern Lights College is an institution that provides post-secondary education to residents of Northern British Columbia.
Northern Lights College supports learners in Adult Basic Education, Adult Literacy, Applied Business Technology and Early Childhood Education. Northern Lights College offers on-campus living at two locations: Dawson Creek (where there are currently 196 beds available) and Fort St.
There are so many different fascinating and wonderful ways to safely explore the underwater world using scuba but packing all the information needed into one course would really be way too overwhelming. Author Richard Dreher is both an enthusiast and a respected instructor in cave and cavern diving. The topics covered in the manual discuss explain the concept of cave diving as well as the various types of caves that on might dive with an emphasis of safety. After the diver successfully completes the course, they will be able to move onto any of the other overhead environment classes like wreck diving, cave diving, or ice diving. The series of courses is designed to start off slowly getting you comfortable with basic wreck diving skills and then it builds in complexity pushing your experience gradually. Stalactites, stalagmites, massive columns, and soda straws decorate massive cavern and cave systems all over the world.
Again, the Cavern and Cave courses are a series and are designed to start off slowly pushing your personal limits by diving in the "cavern zone". This Conflict Management Training Course is run over a full day; each delegate will acquire a HABC Level 2 (2886) Award in Conflict Management (QCF) Qualification that is accredited by the regulators of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Ofqual, Welsh Government and CCEA) and is part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework.
The course raises participants’ understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to either calming or escalating the confrontation.

During the training day participants learn and practice key skills (using a facilitative approach with realistic scenarios in a safe environment) to build their confidence to maintain composure whilst de-escalating customer conflict. If you have any questions or if you would like to enquire about booking a course please do not hesitate to contact us. This course introduces the participants to the meaning of equality today and why it is important. If you would like to book a place, or need any information on all of our courses please call Stephanie on (01670) 856341.
Many more students enroll in Workforce Training courses such as First Aid, GPS, Hospitality and Tourism, Driver Training, or Personal Development courses in the Arts, computer skills, foreign language, salsa dancing, natural history, and writing.
Many divers want to explore different dive sites not currently accessible to them so they seek out overhead training.
That's why training agencies offer specialty courses for the unique types of diving available. His passion and commitment to this specialized style of diving is quite evident throughout the manual.
Guideline usage, techniques, preparation, problem solving, team awareness and dynamics, equipment considerations and configurations are just a few of the topics contained within the 161 pages of this manual. It is a supplement to a cavern and cave diving course and proper instruction from a qualified and insured TDI Cave and Cavern Diving instructor is a must before engaging in any diving that encompasses any overhead environments. The course focuses heavily on personal skills and begins to expand upon skills learned during the open water course. Some of these caves still have remnants of fire pits, pottery, and even prehistoric human remains. Once comfortable with these skills, you and your instructor will slowly push deeper into the cave environment. As with any activity relaying on mother nature, having to depending on local conditions is not always the best, so we plan and organize trips to snow bound regions of Canada and the northern US for some spectacular ice diving.
The student will also learn how to promote equality within their work role and how different beliefs and value systems contribute towards diversity. In addition, we offer public computer access and we are a Community Access Program (CAP) site. We at Submerged offer training for divers interested in learning the proper techniques for safe wreck, cave, or ice diving.

One such course is Cave and Cavern diving offered through Technical Diving International (TDI). For the more experienced divers, they enter overhead training by taking an Overhead Protocols course so that they learn all the new overhead skills required for diving in the new environment.
The Wreck Diver courses will build on the skills you learned in your Overhead course so that you can develop the skills needed to safely penetrate into the no light zone of wrecks. Wrecks are a glimpse into history – as you swim along the deck, imagine the crew that used to tend the lines, the cargo it once carried, and maybe the storm that led to its demise. Cave diving is one of the most challenging and demanding activities you can undertake, but if you have the determination to meet these challenges and the discipline and dedication to continually practice and perfect your skills, then cave diving can also be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you will ever have.
These courses are designed to teach the student all of the guideline protocols, team protocols, basic navigation options and most importantly to be a safe thinking diver in any overhead environment like wreck diving, cave diving, or ice diving. Since the ultimate goal of technical wreck diving is exploration, a team approach rooted in DIR principles is taught from day one.
During your wreck courses you will learn the proper techniques to perform wreck surveys, map wrecks, and use a reel to lay line for wreck penetrations.
But, they all share common ground in that guideline usage and team awareness is fundamental. The softbound manual comes with a knowledge quest booklet which contains the same questions that are found at the end of each of the 15 chapters. This is a course that tests the team's ability to handle different failures that may be encountered during an overhead dive. Because of this, depending upon the students' experience they begin overhead training with either an Intro to Tec course or an Overhead Protocols course. These failures will test equipment, environment, and the team, all while stressing line management.

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