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Do you love your sport and want to be able to assist with coaching and the overall organisation of sports facilities and activities? Our Certificate III in Sport and Recreation is specifically designed to enable you to plan and run safe sport and recreation sessions. You will also become familiar with the different ways people learn and how to provide instruction and activities so you cater for everyone.
The knowledge and skills that you will gain in this qualification are extensive and very transferable into many areas of life in general. The Sport and Recreation organisers and employers have stated that their industry needs qualified people who understand all the requirements of providing safe, well designed programs that assist with the participation and development of each particular sport.
So we can meet the needs of the Sport and Recreation Industry, we designed a course which combines a great blend of interactive learning, practical workshops, group forums, work experience and lots of individual help from people who know what they are talking about. Manual handling (lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying loads) is the cause of a large number of injuries. Under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended), employers must ensure that any manual handling task that cannot be eliminated and that is likely to be a risk to health and safety is examined and assessed.
Demonstrate a general understanding of the purpose of conducting manual handling assessments. Discuss the principles for controlling manual handling risks and apply in a practical context. The Project is hosting a FREE event offering an introduction to our very popular MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID TRAINING courses on Tuesday 23 June 2015, 6-7pm at the Mill On The Exe in Exeter. Developed in Australia in 2000 and now internationally recognised in twenty three countries, the MHFA course teaches people how to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, provide help on a first aid basis and effectively guide those towards the right support services. If you would like to find out more about how Mental Health First Aid training could benefit the young people you teach, live with or care for, or the benefits to your organisation and employees, then come along to this FREE session.

Just a quick question, has this invite gone out to the local schools, as I do have an on going battle with our head who doesn’t think our school has a problem, which it does.
Hi Kirsty, the invite has been sent out to local schools but usually goes straight to the school admin so may not necessarily reach the people it needs to. I want to say that basic mental health training should be a requirement of teacher training if it isn’t already. Disclaimer: the information posted on this page for first aid tips for nosebleeds is for learning purposes only. If re-bleeding occurs, clear the nose for possible blood clots by blowing out forcefully and spraying the insides of the nose with a decongestant nasal spray. Although nosebleeds are rarely serious, there are some cases that require further medical attention.
If there is repeated bleeding or bleeding that lasts for more than 20 minutes, call your healthcare provider immediately.
Cases of recurrent nosebleeds can be easily treated with either medical or surgical procedure. If the cause of bleeding is unknown, the doctor may recommend other tests to rule out more serious conditions, especially involving the brain or spinal cord and bleeding problems. You should also seek medical assistance if the nosebleed is caused by an injury to the head, fall, or an accident. As well as great instructors you will be provided with excellent support material and plenty of opportunity to develop your practical skills.
This is usually due to a poor lifting technique when carrying out the manual handling operation. In the same way as we learn physical first aid, mental health first aid teaches you how to recognise those crucial warning signs of mental ill health.

Sometimes a young person or child has unhelpful thoughts and feelings that need to be investigated.
Details and booking forms are available through our website, but please do let me know if you are interested and I can make sure your name is put on the list.
To learn to recognize and treat nosebleeds and other minor bleeding issues sign up for first aid training with a workplace approved provider near you. Sitting upright reduces the blood pressure in the blood vessels of the nose, preventing further bleeding. There are different medications (usually in spray form) that may be prescribed to control nosebleeds. Other possible causes of nosebleeds include dry air, repeated nose-blowing or nose-picking, and some allergies.
The head should always be kept higher than the heart level several hours following episode of bleeding.
For example, some children who have allergies most commonly get frequent nosebleeds because the blood vessels in the nasal cavity become irritated so often and fail to heal properly. CauteryA is a procedure wherein electric current, laser or silver nitrate is used to burn the bleeding vessel.
After the procedure, the doctor packs the nose with gauze or an inflatable latex balloon to put pressure on the bleeding vessel.

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