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Region 4 Rescue offers training to individuals and professionals either at community training sites or at your place of business. HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS WHO HAVE TAKEN A QUALIFYING AHA COURSE PREVIOUSLY AND NEEDS TO UPDATE THEIR CERTIFICATION.
Our highly trained instructors will help you become comfortable in the water and give you the confidence you need to meet your goals. Find out about all the courses and information you need to become a lifeguard with the City of Surrey. We will accommodate your specific situation and needs in order to ensure you receive the CPR and First-Aid training you need.
OK the first tip is a no-brainer but the truth is most people have to re-take their certification because they fail to so this.
At this point you understand that this is not exciting stuff, I know but to successfully navigate your way through CPR, BLS or a First Aid class you must know the material. The fifth tip may be a little abstract in away, especially because most people do not won their own CPR dummies but it would help to become as familiar as possible with your CPR compressions.

The seventh and last tip for the day is another old exam tip: Get eight hours and have a good breakfast. Whether you want to learn to swim, perfect your stroke, become a lifeguard or simply get fit in the pool, there’s a convenient program at a Surrey pool near you. If there are any questions that you would like answered about CPR training or getting certified in CPR, please contact us by phone or send us an email. The language and vocabulary in the handbook may not be every day verbiage so it may be a little challenging to pass the exam if you do not read the manual and become familiar with the handbook vocabulary.
You may be getting down on the floor or you might be practicing CPR techniques outdoors but either way practicing CPR is a labor intensive evolution.
Here is the main thing to know and remember about CPR compressions – THEY SHOULD BE HARD AND FAST. Seriously common sense but very effective at putting your mind and body into full fledged learning mode. A CPR classroom can sometimes feel like a work out room with all the sweating, huffy and puffy that goes on during training.

So since you don’t have a CPR dummy just review as much material as possible about the compression technique before you attend class. You don’t have to be super creative just make some flash cards and carry them around with, heck there is probably an app for that!
Practice exams not only get your mind conditioned to taking the test therefore lowing any anxiety you may experience during the exam but it will also expose any weak areas that you may have. In all seriousness anything worth learning is going to take some effort, CPR training is one of those things that might be called into action one and you may end up saving someone’s life. Knowing what you are good at is beneficial but know your weaknesses is even mire beneficial.
One more tip – try and find a study guide that will outline the major concepts that you should understand with CPR training.

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