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If you (or someone you know) is hurt and needs first aid, you can easily get help, tips and healthcare advice from the many medical apps* that are available on the Google Play Store. Created by The Open Medicine Project South Africa, Emergency Medicine Guidance provides you with healthcare tips from experts from experts associated with the Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University.
According to Netcare 911, drowning could be preventable, especially among kids, if parents had first aid knowledge and CPR training.
Sometimes, the solution to a sniffle or scratchy throat is right in your pantry or vegetable garden. Mediclinic South Africa has its own app providing medical advice from Mediclinic experts by gathering online content and social media feeds such as the Mediclinic info hub as well as its Twitter and Facebook feeds. Get our daily newsletter!An exclusive worldwide wrap of tech news in your inbox every morning, plus exclusive offers and more! Summer's here and with it comes the chance to take a break from the routine and make the most of the sunshine. Find out how to keep your child healthy and happy on summer trips, whether going to camp, travelling overseas or living with a long-term health condition. Keep your child safe in the summer sun with these tips to protect their skin, keep them hydrated and shield them from heat stroke.
Make light work of summer cooking with some creative, kid-friendly meal ideas and food safety tips.
Help your child safely enjoy all that nature has to offer with these tips on plant safety, insect bites and campfires. Find out how you can help your child keep cool in high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight over the summer months.

National Lifeguard training develops a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgment, and a mature and responsible attitude towards the lifeguard’s role.
Prerequisites: minimum 16 years of age by date of exam, Bronze Cross, and Standard First Aid or Aquatic Emergency Care.
In the National Lifeguard course, you’ll develop develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.
National Lifeguard have exceptional and detailed training to prepare them for the aquatic facilities in which they will work.
To remain current, lifeguards must recertify their National Lifeguard award every two years.
Like the National Lifeguard at Winnipeg Beach who noticed, after the beach was closed and his shift was over, three children on an air mattress being carried away by winds. Like the National Lifeguards in Pinaway who attended to a woman who had collapsed on a hiking trail near their facility. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It’s primarily aimed at health workers, but you can also take advantage of the information on hand to locate nearby hospitals or diagnose diseases.
The Baby and Child First Aid app teaches parents medical advice in 17 different scenarios, from broken bones to bleeding. Home Remedies (Plus) features solutions for over 100 ailments that you can put together yourself in your kitchen. Check out our tips to keep summertime safe and stress-free for you and your family, whether playing in the sun or water, travelling near or far, preparing a summer feast or exploring nature.

Check out these tips to keep your doggy paddler or strong swimmer safe from harm and help them if they get into difficulty. National Lifeguard training emphasizes prevention and effective rescue response in emergencies including first aid treatment.
You’ll learn about lifeguarding principles and focus on preventing incidents from happening. The Standard First Aid or Aquatic Emergency Care award could be taken at any point before taking National Lifeguard.
That’s because lifeguards prevent the vast majority of incidents from happening in the first place. You and your child can watch videos, step-by-step instructions and animations, and then take take a test to find out how much you’ve learned from the app. You can also ask questions and have them answered by experts, and then share remedies across the social networks.
You can also use it once your baby has arrived to measure milestones, time your baby’ sleep patterns and store details such as height and weight measurements. We know this training pays off in supervised aquatic facilities – our drowning statistics prove it.
But the training pays off beyond the pool deck or supervised waterfront – in communities throughout the country.

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