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We’re all pretty good about making sure we have a full complement of tools to repair our Jeeps on the trail. A fire extinguisher is in almost every Jeep we’ve seen on the trail, but what about a first aid kit? We highly recommend that you create your own first aid kit based on your specific medical needs (spare med’s, etc.), and include all the key items that are recommended by The American Red Cross (see sidebar below). The First Aid Roll Up Kit from 12 Survivors offers all the basics in a heavy-duty nylon roll. Survivorman’s Slingpack First Aid Kit is similar to Camillus’ Triage First Aid Kit, but it’s larger and contains the ingredients for a very basic first aid kit packed into a single shoulder-style pack. Made by Chinook to save you money, the MinimalistPAK is lightweight, compact, waterproof, and contains a broad selection of first-aid supplies that are perfect for adding to an already well-stocked first aid kit of your own. Affordable and weather resistant, the Ready America First Aid Value Pack comes in a rubber-gasket–sealed plastic container and will cost you less than a meal at a fast-food joint. SOLKOA Survival Systems Modules allow you to customize your survival kit with top-tier supplies based on one of the eight survival categories: food, water, fire, tools, signal, shelter, medical, and navigation.
The TACOPS Range First Aid Kit is for just about anything from a scraped knee to life-threatening injuries and comes in a bright orange Pelican 1200 case that is weatherproof and extremely durable.
The TACOPS Emergency Aid Kit (EAK) is packed with the medical supplies to treat moderate to life-threatening injuries.
For those assembling their own basic first aid kits for the trail, or augmenting a store-bought kit, here is what the American Red Cross suggests you have in a basic first aid kit for a family of four. Portable bucket-style camping toilets and emergency port-a-potty?s with 5 gallon capacity, toilet seat and lid for durable outdoor use.
Portable Toilet in "Honey Bucket" style using a crush resistant 5 gallon bucket with toilet seat & lid (Port-a-Pottie). In addition to the best products we also have the best prices for all your first aid needs.
Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive deals you will not find anywhere else straight to your inbox! The Honey Bucket portable toilet (Port-A-Pottie or bucket potty) is a crush resistant 5 gallon bucket and has a durable carrying handle with toilet seat and lid.
Invisible Ear Sound Amplifier Programmable hearing enhancer Hearing Aid, View invisible hearing aids, NewSound Product Details from Xiamen NewSound Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer: Duro-MedAccessoriesReplacement Urinary Drainage Leg Bag with Twist Drain Port (20 oz) sold separately, see DUR7758.
Ares Armor has developed the Combat XII Medical pack to meet the needs of medics out in the field who need an organized kit that offers mobility during a firefight.
The main compartment of the Combat XII Medical Pack zips down on each side to flip open for easy access to all supplies.
The pack also includes five individual hook attached loops to hold tourniquets, trauma shears, compression bandages, etc., as well as one multi-loop to insert needles and catheters, which includes a threader to integrate the loops.
Much like the original Combat XII Pack, the new Medical pack has two built in external pouches.

A top magazine mount is also present on this pack which can fit three magazines in each of the three sections. And I’m sure you have something stouter than the wonky little jack that came from the factory. I can’t remember seeing more than a handful of rigs out on the rocks that had more than a few small bandages in the glove box. However, that can take weeks of hunting, purchasing, and packaging all the separate items, and that can be frustrating and costly.
Its clearly labeled mesh pockets allow quick identification of what you need when things are tense. The MinimalistPAK comes in a plastic zipper bag and has what you need to deal with injuries ranging from cuts to minor burns.
No, it won’t help fix your vehicle, but it is perfect for typical medical emergencies in the home, and it will easily pack in your Jeep for cuts and scrapes that you, your passengers, or others in your caravan may incur on the trail.
Inside you’ll find supplies for wound care, so you can clean up, dress, and immobilize wounds. The Medical Module – Core contains supplies for maintaining personal health during an unexpected night stranded in the middle of nowhere or minor emergencies. The kit contains general first aid supplies, as well as specialized medical items for everything from minor cuts and sprains to burns, broken bones, and penetrating chest wounds. Unlike most basic first aid kits, the EAK contains items found in many of TSSi’s military medical pouches, providing some heavy-duty mending power. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The medic pack was  is designed utilizing the personal combat experience of the founders of Ares Armor and is equipped to meet the needs for carry of essential trauma supplies in the field.
The internal walls are lined with loop lined webbing that can be used to integrate hook backed or MOLLE compatible pouches. One small general purpose pouch for a cricothyrotomy and surgical kits as well as airway adjuncts. Each section of the top mount can also carry a 500 ML IV bag, gauze, quick clot, or other quick access supplies.
We have a few packs in A-TACS AU and Coyote for first comers with the full production run for all colors available at the end this month. There are stores full of goodies, such as tire repair kits, spare parts, and more to help you fix what’s broken. What you really need tucked somewhere in your Jeep within easy reach is a fully stocked first aid kit designed to help take care of emergencies (or at least minor ones) until you reach professional medical care or it reaches you. It’s a heck of a lot easier to buy a preassembled first aid kit from any one of the many companies that market them. Measuring about 15 inches wide and 6 inches in diameter when rolled up, this kit isn’t very compact, and it’s not sealed from the weather.
It’s a light-duty kit designed for the occasional bumps and scrapes and is packed with bandages, wipes, and mild pain relievers.

The Plight of the Living Med IFAK is a military-style individual first aid kit (IFAK) in a rugged nylon pouch. The comprehensive Home & Vehicle Kit contains a wide range of items, such as medications, EMT shears, QuikClot, and Band-Aids to help you be prepared for just about anything. However, although this kit comes with dozens of items, it doesn’t contain everything you need for all ailments.
This kit is not cheap (just more than $300), but it’s something you could keep at home for big problems and stash in the Jeep for wilderness trips. The kit weighs less than 2 pounds and is compact enough to be easily stored at home, in a vehicle, or carried into a remote accident scene. It’s simple structure, design, and easy-to-use features provide a comfortable and convenient fit.
The medic pack comes complete with two 12-inch and two 9-inch pouches with hook backing and full length zippers for organization of individual equipment or addition supplies.
The medium sized pouch has a dedicated chest seal pouch and integrates a velcro loop lined webbing to add more organizational pouches. They have added a flap to cover each section, which help block out UV rays and secure the contents.
They usually come in a nice bag or box, and then you can add whatever extras you want to build the ultimate emergency kit. However, just about all of its contents are contained in waterproof or water-resistant packaging. The heavy-duty nylon pouch features a carabiner on its rear that is perfect to attach to a belt loop, it includes a Les Stroud First Aid Guide booklet, as well as items such as ibuprofen tablets, self-adhesive bandages, and a mini-scalpel and steel forceps.
Eight zippered mesh pockets on the flap and one on the back wall of the compartment hold a good basic assortment of bump and scrape products, including steel forceps and titanium non-stick scissors. The loop-backed side of the pouch comes with a self-adhesive hook swatch that can be applied to any non-porous surface for mounting the kit. It’s a good starting point but should be used to add or subtract from based on your family’s needs. The outside of the mount is lined with velcro loop to secure the flaps and add any patches. We’ve assembled a dozen prepackaged first aid kits here that meet all of our specifications to help you do some smart shopping. This compact and lightweight kit contains an assortment of supplies to address severe bleeding, CPR, and basic wound care. Both of these pouches webbing on the outside for additional MOLLE compatible pouches, sheaths, etc.

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