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How to read a Fire Extinguisher Tag?Posted on February 13th, 2016To check if the fire equipment is due to be serviced in your workplace, the best place to start is by checking the Date Tag.
Looking at the date tag below you can clearly see that the extinguisher year is marked 2015 and the extinguisher has been last serviced in August 2015. Sometimes it may be a little unclear to identify the marking but by turning the tag over it may make it clearer to see the figure (., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) which identifies the level of service performed. At Buddy’s Fire we change the colour of the anti-tamper every six months so that a quick visual check can be made to ensure that all equipment has been serviced with in the same six month period.
You can also refer to your service maintenance records that are supplied by your service provider to identify when the fire equipment will be next require servicing within your work place.
Representatives of Ve’ahavta, a Canadian Jewish humanitarian and relief organization, are being credited with pioneering a method of treatment that drastically reduces HIV transmission from infected mothers to newborn babies in sub-Saharan Africa. Ve’ahavta medics in field clinics in Zimbabwe have devised a system for administering the anti-HIV drug AZT that costs about (US) $5 per mother, yet is twice as effective as the previous method costing $180. The innovation has been written up in numerous medical journals and is under study by the World Health Organization. Since its founding in 1996, Ve’ahavta has sent medical and relief missions to Guyana, Honduras, El Salvador and Turkey. As an example of its activities, Ve’ahavta annually sends a medical team to rural Guyana. Vitamins are collected beforehand through a Flintstones vitamin drive at the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto.

During a 1998 earthquake relief mission in Honduras, volunteers helped the tiny Jewish community rebuild the damaged synagogue in the capital, Tegucigalpa.
In the summer of 2001, volunteers drove a convoy of five old school buses loaded with humanitarian supplies from Toronto to earthquake-ravaged El Salvador and left the buses there to help the country rebuild. Several months ago it sponsored Tiferet Israel, an exhibition of art works by street kids from Toronto and Israel.
On the domestic front, the organization has also developed special ties with the Native community. Soon afterwards, a large photograph of several Natives repairing Jewish tombstones appeared in a Toronto newspaper. Ve’ahavta also devotes much energy to the growing problem of homelessness in Toronto. Its annual dinner for the homeless attracts 1,000 and its annual creative writing contest for the homeless, which features cash prizes, has spurred some winners to enrol in college writing programs. Operating on an annual budget of about (US) $750,000, Ve’ahavta conducts these and other programs out of donated office space in the basement of a strip mall. Toronto’s Jews, especially the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist elements, have responded enthusiastically to the organization, whose budget has grown by about 20 per cent annually, Rosensweig said.
But Jews of all denominations often approach the organization regarding a serious social problem that is sometimes swept under the carpet. From the Canadian Jewish News, February 2016 “Location, location, location,” they say, are the three most important things in real estate. From the Canadian Jewish News, January 2016 Born in Radom, Poland in 1939, Adam Gabriel Fuerstenberg survived the war as a child by escaping with his mother to Galicia, then Soviet Asia, while most of their extended family were murdered by the Nazis.

Immigrant Fiction from Brooklyn to Boston From the Canadian Jewish News, January 2016 First, a bit of movie trivia: what New York-born Jewish actor, plays an Italian-American plumber in love with an Irish immigrant in what recent film? The next routine service will need to be performed six months later, making the service due in February 2016.
On the example below you can see that the Level 1 service was completed in February 2015 and the Level 2 service was completed in August 2015.
Consisting of doctors, nurses, lab technicians and Native Canadian and Israeli youth, the 20-person team dispenses hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated pharmaceuticals as well as canes, walkers and other much-needed supplies to the impoverished villagers. It also has plans to bring over distressed youth from Israel for occupational training and to aid street youth in Toronto. Several years ago, after vandals defaced some Jewish tombstones with swastikas, Rosensweig received a memorable phone call from a member of the local Native community. Two or three nights a week, its volunteers drive around the city, stopping at underpasses, parks, alleyways and other spots to deliver food and clothing. It has about 10 paid staff, a pool of about 1,000 volunteers, and a growing list of programming partners, both at home and abroad.
They produce five television shows and appear in three of them, all centered on some aspect of food. A central goal, Rosensweig said, is to strengthen the bonds between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora.

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