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Here are some Lemonade Stands to inspire you to create your own this summer!  Wish us luck – we are heading to the lumber yard today to attempt our first lemonade stand! Sign up now to receive special updates and exclusive offers, just for dandelion moms subscribers! Thanks for featuring our stand… I hope you guys can build yours without any troubles! Sign up to receive a FREE copy of Thrive Guide, a dandelion moms exclusive e-book, plus lots more updates and special offers, just for subscribers! Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It is also a good subject if you are sitting around your home and not feeling too inspired. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). It will get your creative juices flowing without a great deal of emotional investment on your part.

It’s simplicity will mean you can get your drawing down quickly and get painting with your watercolors. You can treat it as an exercise rather than a full painting so you will not be so hesitant to start. What at first just seemed a simple watercolor painting subject, turned out to be a lot more challenging. It is a watercolor painting for beginners but it can also be done by more experienced artists.The first step in this painting, after collecting your egg shells, and finding a suitable bright spot light, is to arrange your composition in an interesting manner. I selected three pieces of egg shell with two touching and one a little apart from the others. I made the mixture quite watery so that some of the paint beaded at the bottom of each egg. After I quickly painted the two connected eggs I let the paint sit there for about thirty seconds to give it time to stain the paper but not fully evaporate. I used French Ultramarine mixed with a little Alizarin Crimson, this violet mixture leans to the blue.

Notice that some of the egg color has bled into the shadow area, this acts as reflected light which you should notice in real life. This bleeding into the shadow color was done on purpose and is the reason to keep a bead of paint at the bottom of the egg shapes.With the egg shell on the right I did not bleed any egg shell color into the shadow area as there was light shining through a gap in the egg shell on its left hand side.
This goes just under each of the two egg shells on the left.Simple watercolor painting of egg shells,dark shadow under eggsI used a weak wash of Yellow Ochre, Cobalt Blue, and some Burnt Sienna for the inside of each shell.
The watercolor painting was finished with the addition of some shadow color to the inside of each egg shell.
The one in the middle has a hard edged cast show which you can see in the finished painting above.While this is a relatively simple watercolor painting subject it can be enhanced as much as you like to build it up to a full work of art.

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