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This all drain into the Straight sinus, eventually makes its way into the confluence of the sinuses. This all make its way to the confluence of the sinuses, to the Transverse sinus and through the Sigmoid sinus into the jugular foramen and lastly to the Internal Jugular vein.
What are some of the conditions in which (Trans-esophageal Echo-cardiography)  would be useful in diagnosing? You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Your product or services will likely solve a problem for your customers, or fulfil particular needs and wants. In Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, a basic pattern of storytelling is defined as a ‘monomyth’ or ‘hero’s journey’.
This adventure will present various challenges which will take the protagonist out of his known environment.
The protagonist will meet a mentor or go through some specific training in order to fulfil his quest. There are a series of challenges of challenges and temptations for the protagonist to overcome.
The protagonist completes the quest, and is subsequently rewarded for their efforts (in many stories, this is normally through the fulfilment of love, such as Odysseus returning home to win back his wife Penelope). Luke Skywalker is a young and romantic individual, living on a desolate planet with bigger dreams.
He encounters two robot droids, who inform him that Princess Leia is in need of help escaping from the evil Empire. The message leads him to Obi Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Knight who begins to show Luke the ways of the force. With assistance from new characters, Luke rescues the Princess, but now faces the greater challenge of defeating the Empire through destroying the Death Star. After the fleet of rebel fighters suffer heavy losses, Luke manages to destroy the Deathstar with the assistance of one his new companions and his former mentor. We can use this kind of story arc in a content marketing strategy through switching the protagonist with the customer, and then offer mentorship through the content, and the promise of reward (or quest completion) from the product.

Joe is a 28 year old marketing manager seemingly unaware of the potential of his company’s data. He reads a blog which tells him about the potential of having strong data management and reporting. He continues to read content from the blog, soon discovering that this company also offers a product that can solve his company’s data management issues. While the product might solve the issues, he encounters internal politics and IT issues that can prevent its deployment.
Eventually Joe manages to get round the internal politics via a meeting with the IT Director.
While the second story is hardly going to make audiences as excited as one of the most successful films of all time, it can help you shape a relevant structure for you content marketing plan. Month One – Identify potential customer problems and create content to help them meet challenges.
Month Two – Create content about the product, and the benefits it presents in meeting potential challenges. Month Three – Create content about meeting internal company conflict, and inform potential customers how to meet these specific challenges. Once these challenges are met (through purchase of the product) offer something as a reward to the customer. This story arc has a good understanding of the protagonist (who could be defined by your personas), their challenges and how you could solve these. It must be said though, that a company has to have the fibre, and soul to havea good story…the story must be real, believed, breathed and lived by founder or CEO and all who work within, to ring true to customers or clients.
But then if a company follows the ServingExperience philosophy and dream-with-a-goal…it will have a story. I believe stories are the best way to engage at a human level and as part of my work over the years, Brand story telling has been very successful. MEningomyelocele is when the meninges and the spinal cord both herniated through the spinal canal defect. Blood from cerebral veins and CSF from the arachnoid granulations drain into the dural venous sinuses.

On the front you can see the Superior Ophthalmic vein, Sphenoparietal sinus & the Cavernous sinus. Enlargement of the left atrium can lead to Dysphagia, and this is due to the compression of the esophagus.
No matter how boring you view this product, it sits within a ‘story arc’ that can always be made interesting to consumers facing the challenges that it solves. This could be exclusive content, lower rates on further purchases or non-financial rewards. Just yesterday the dean and I were discussing this idea with a professional story teller for a continuing education course at the University of San Diego.
Can’t be enought reminders of the power of story in communication – marketing and adverstising IS communication! I think maybe the more practical application of the hero’s journey model is not in how we innovate in the workplace but in how we present ideas to stakeholders. In this, there’s no structural herniation and it’s usually seen in the lower vertebral levels. In this, the spinal cord is not herniated, only the meninges herniated through the soinal canal defect. Start with the beginning, present the problem (call to adventure), describe the challenges and how you overcame them. In this condition the dura is still intact and it’s associated with a tuft of hair or skin dimple at the level of the bony defect. Right Dominant circulation is said to happen in 85% of population, in which the PD arises from the right coronary artery.

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