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Many swear by this tried-and-true remedy, an antiseptic powder that heals and fights infection.
There are a number of good antihistamine tablets on the market, including Benadryl Ultratabs and Tylenol Severe Allergy Antihistamine. Hotel Reviews: The Best Hotels, Resorts and Inns in the United States by City and by State. Hotel Pictures -- Photos of hotels and resorts, guest rooms, bathrooms, swimming pools, lobbies, restaurants and lounges.

Some people just have small red marks, while others have a more severe allergic reaction to the bedbug bites. It's a good all-around addition to your medicine cabinet, with or without bedbug bites. The best treatment options for bedbug bites include anti-itch cream, topical antiseptics (to ward off infection), and oral antihistamines. If you have a severe reaction to bedbug bites, see a doctor; you may need a corticosteroid.

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