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Garrett Williams, 10, recently saved his sister Shanna from choking by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre, which he learned at an after-school first-aid course. Garrett Williams, right, recently saved his sister Shanna, left, from choking by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre.
Heroes dona€™t often think of themselves as such, a local first aid instructor said about the efforts of a young boy who recently saved his sistera€™s life.
Garrett Williams didna€™t have much to say when asked about what happened during a ride home from school last week when the 10-year-old quickly, and calmly, sprang into action as his sister started choking on, of all things, a Lifesaver. Garretta€™s grandparents had picked him and his sisters up last Wednesday while his mother Carla was still at work. Her grandparents expected her to be able to cough it up, Carla said, but realized she couldna€™t when her lips started turning blue and she stopped making noise.
Not knowing what to do, her grandfather stopped the car and began pressing on the front of her chest. The course a€“ called We Can Help a€“ is offered to students in Grades 3 to 5 at the elementary school and teaches introductory first aid and safety awareness. She said the afternoon this happened, coincidentally, she had just sent home notices with students that the course is being offered again in April. While students have told her in the past that they knew they had to seek help or knew to apply pressure when someone was bleeding, this is the first time since she started teaching the course more than 10 years ago that it helped save a life. Carla said she thinks ita€™s important for families to know that therea€™s a course like this out there that their children can take.
It had been Garretta€™s idea to sign up, Carla said, noting that his dad is active in the fire department and shea€™s a registered nurse. Based on recent operational experiences, the CAF has developed a specialized training package meant to teach soldiers life-saving first aid skills tailored to military operations.
The first level is the Combat First Aider, a soldier who is the first to react to a casualty by identifying and treating bleeding, airway problems, and chest trauma. The CAF Combat First Aid course teaches individual soldiers the first level of training so they possess the skills and tools necessary to manage the three most common causes of preventable combat fatalities: catastrophic bleeding, airway obstructions, or collapsed lung called pneumothorax.
Tommy Grubs, 19, of Sylvania is credited with rescuing a woman from a crashed car that caught fire in July. In true Scout fashion, Tommy Grubs of Sylvania was humble and gracious after receiving the Boy Scouts of America Honor Medal, an award only 2,033 Scouts have received in its 87-year history.“It's not every day that somebody wins something like that, so I do feel proud,” Mr.
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In the midst of smoke and blood, the special tactics officer's training kicked in, and he set to work.

Friedman immediately rushed to the accident site where he found one woman, the driver of the vehicle, trapped in the truck. Friedman said he felt a sense of urgency to help the woman because the engine block was smoking heavily and looked like it was on fire. He corralled three onlookers to assist him in tearing tree limbs away from the entrance door only to find he could not pry it open.
He administered First Aid care to the victim, who was slipping in and out of consciousness and was in a state of shock, Friedman said.
When responders from the Spring Lake Fire Department arrived, they found Friedman talking to the woman and supporting her neck and spine. The paramedics were not able to fit in the truck with Friedman and the victim, so Friedman reported vitals, gave the medics his initial assessment of her condition, assisted with the IV and applied her neck brace. He stayed with the woman, holding her up for approximately an hour, until the Jaws of Life were used to cut open the door, giving the medics access to her.
After identifying himself as an officer he went to the child's bedroom where he said he "scooped her tongue out" of her mouth to clear her airway before taking her to Northampton General Hospital."Ran into A+E and handed baby to a trauma team who have just told me I have saved baby Chloe's life," he wrote. Charlotte Dujardin becomes the second British woman to win three Olympic gold medals by retaining her individual dressage title in Rio.
Kai, an 8-year-old Husky-Labrador cross, came to Tracey Coburn’s aid when a bear attacked. Last Saturday night, Tracey Coburn opened the front door of her Grafto, New Hampshire, home to let the dog out.
In an interview yesterday with television station WMUR, a bandaged Colburn said she feared for her life and credited her dog with saving her life.
When a five-month-old baby stopped breathing while being driven along a Florida highway on Thursday there was plenty of help at hand.
The photographer then took a series of dramatic pictures showing fellow motorists and emergency workers who were on their way to work rushing to save the baby.
As the women tried to resuscitate baby Sebastian, Diaz ran through the stopped traffic to try to search for more help. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. They go over things like recognizing when someone isna€™t breathing or is injured and what to do a€“ from what to tell a 911 operator to the Heimlich. The second level is the Combat Medic, a specialized military professional who provides enhanced and continued casualty support.
Steven Barker of the Spring Lake Fire Department credited Friedman for applying the C-spine hold on the woman, which he said is critical to preventing paralysis in the case of an accident of this magnitude.

The child was recovering well, he added.Mr Gabriel said he was "on a burglary containment tonight [Saturday] in plain clothes when I saw a lady screaming on the phone". Her dog was uninjured, despite coming to Colburn’s defense and challenging the bear, which ran off. As Pamela Rauseo pulled over and screamed for someone to help her nephew, Sebastian, a police officer and two firefighters who were stuck in traffic rushed to her aid. Finally, the Combat Physician is the last level of care, providing advanced care and life support if required.
Scout leaders say his work showed compassion and skill and they hope it serves as an example for the community. 29 when he saw a pick-up truck veer off the road, hit an electrical pole at about 65 mph, and launch into a tree-lined ditch.
Spencer Cocanour, the commander of the 21st STS, called Friedman an outstanding representative of the special tactics community. Even worse, the mama bear had two cubs with her, which usually makes the animals defensive and much more dangerous.
In a twist of fate, award-winning photojournalist Al Diaz was also in the traffic hold up, and captured a series of dramatic pictures showing the emergency crews saving the baby's life. Leaving her three-year-old son in her car, Godoy rushed to help as Rauseo performed CPR on her nephew. I don't think that I'm any more special now.”The award is given to a Scout who saves or attempts to save someone's life with personal risk to himself. Friedman was the first responder on scene, applying First Aid and remaining in the truck with the victim until medics could extricate her from the vehicle.
Grubs of Sylvania's Troop 154 was presented the medal at a ceremony last month.In July, Mr.
Grubs and his friend, Shane Wheatley, were in the first car stopped at a light when two cars crashed in front of them.“I just jumped out.
That's when it registered that he had risked his life.“I didn't really think about each thing until we started doing the first aid,” he said. It's kind of one of those things if I was in one of those situations I would prefer help, so I'd want someone to do the same for me.”Richard Fisher, executive director of the Erie Shores Council, commended Mr.

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