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Schokolade, Vodka, Musik, Kerzenschein und Brausetabletten – was braucht ein gebrochenes Herz noch mehr? Welcome to my blog all about Applied Behavior Analysis!This blog is about my experiences, thoughts, and opinions on ABA. Der Erste Hilfe Koffer “Love Hurts” rettet jeden Patienten, der von Liebeskummer befallen ist! Also a very common error I see with clients who have learned ASL is getting stuck on the sign "more". There are also assisted communication devices that will create speech for the individual by speaking in a simulated voice (which is often programmable). Narrate your actions and the child's actions, even if the child doesn't respond to you ("We're walking upstairs now.
If you have to buy the treatment or purchase a book before anyone will explain exactly how it works, be suspicious.

Maybe they had some babble, or would say a few word approximations, but they were unable to reliably communicate their wants and needs to others. Many professionals and parents teach the child to sign "more", and unfortunately the sign then gets generalized. Many of my clients who get speech therapy only receive 15-45 minute therapy sessions once per week.
The child will randomly walk up to people and sign for more, and no one knows what they want.
Since these are technological devices the cognitive level of the learner should be considered (do they have the muscle control to push or swipe? While you are narrating try to make eye contact with the child, build upon shared interests, have an animated facial expression, and make learning fun. For a child with Autism presenting with significant behaviors and no consistent means to communicate, that may not be enough therapy.

If your child is currently receiving speech therapy and experiencing success and making great progress, I highly suggest encouraging collaboration between the ABA team and the SLP. Its best to begin teaching signs with simple, clear mands that are highly preferred by the child ("book", "chips", "juice", etc), also be sure to avoid teaching signs that are very topographically similar when first starting out. I am a brand new ABA and soon to graduate with a dual bachelor's degree in elementary and special education.

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