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When you plan to move to your new house or new apartment, or you change your school room, what is the first thing that you will do?
When you plan to sell your items, you can find this list is useful, because you can find how long have you owned your item, so you can value your item before it is being sold.
Shopping for daily needs is probably not as fun as when you take time to shop fashion items. Employers must compile written process safety information before conducting any process hazard analysis required by the standard. To develop an effective PSM program and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), it is important to develop and maintain complete and accurate written information.
The information about the chemicals, including process intermediates, needs to be comprehensive and accurate. An evaluation of the consequences of deviations, including those affecting the safety and health of employees.
Where the original technical information no longer exists, information may be developed in conjunction with the process hazard analysis in sufficient detail to support the analysis. A block flow diagram can be used to show the major process equipment and interconnecting process flow lines and flow rates, stream composition, temperatures, and pressures when necessary for clarity. Also, information on construction materials, pump capacities and pressure heads, compressor horsepower, and vessel design pressures and temperatures are shown when necessary for clarity.
In addition, process flow diagrams usually show major components of control loops along with key utilities.

Piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) may be used to describe the relationships between equipment and instrumentation as well as other relevant information that will enhance clarity.
Computer software programs that create P&IDs or other diagrams useful to the information package may be used to help meet this requirement. The employer must document that equipment complies with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices. Comply with other provisions of PSM such as management of change and incident investigations.
3.Under the PSM Program, current safety data sheets (SDS) can be used to help gather information about hazardous chemicals.
4.A __________can be used to show the major process equipment and interconnecting process flow lines and flow rates, stream composition, temperatures, and pressures when necessary for clarity. 5.Where the process technology requires a design that departs from the applicable codes and standards, the employer must do which of the following?
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There are many other things that you can do quickly, for example finding warranty information of your items if it is damaged etc. And you will find some difficulties when you realized that there are too many items to be written.
That’s the reason why you should try to have an inventory list that you can update it every time you have new items.
Instead of having inventory list for moving purposes, you can use this list if your belonging are being stolen and you want to claim your insurance.
After you finished with those two worksheets, you can start typing all of your items in inventory worksheet by selecting corresponding room and item name and put any detail information regarding those items. By having important summaries of stolen items, you don’t have to find purchase receipt of that item in the beginning or finding whether your stolen item is insured or not.

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