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This list is extremely helpful all i could think of getting was dishes a mop a broom and a garbage can so than you very much for publishing and might i add if someone can find like a dollar tree or some kind of dollar store the have most of these items for very cheap. My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first home together, I’ve been working on a list of things for weeks and still keep coming up with odds and ends that I take for granted, thanks so much for such a comprehensive list! Thank you this will come in handy for me and my roommate as we move into our place next month! This is a great checklist (and comments) that I am printing for two gals that are moving into their first apartment.
These [drawings of the surrounding mountains] was all taken from the shape of their tops as appeared from the camp on Tuesday 24 of November, 1846. We traveled from these hills the same direction as we had the day before, southwest, making 12 in the morning and 18 in the afternoon, making 30 miles. This morning marched 10 miles and came to these hills where we are now passing southwest direction to find a pass, if possible, for the wagons into another valley.
We continued our course, southeast, until we make 20 miles and camped on another plain between the mountains on a creek in the center of the flats. We have had some beautiful plains to pass over as we have come along, but a lack of water and timber. This morning the whole guard has to go on extra duty because one man run his bayonet in a mule. We traveled until 10 oa€™clock and I got ahead of all the train and stopped and took a picture of the mountains around.
There was in the evening, an Indian Chief come in and told us that we was on the right road and that last summer there was one wagon went down where we was calculating to go yesterday.
Accordingly, on Sunday morning the 29th day, all hands was engaged in fixing for a pass to go into the valley. We left one wagon above and yesterday another as we was descending and we are not yet down and out of this hole that is here marked out.
On the north is a hollow where water sometimes rises, putting down from the mountain into the river or creek. The weather is rather cool and the clouds are in the west, hovering over the mountains as far as you can see. This chain of hills or mountains runs from 12 miles southwest from here to the northwest, out of sight running northwest. On the sixth day, the camp traveled through the brush for about 12 miles and passed in among the hills and I found a beautiful grove of young timber of ash and a kind of walnut, a little like black walnut and a great variety of other wood or brush which grows on the mountains and in the valleys, good to burn. This place is where the camp passed through into a small valley, where we found an old yard that we understand from one of our guides was built by the man who owned the little town we passed through. One of the Spanish drovers left and went to the Spanish settlement below here a short distance. This is a large valley and we are calculating to descend it northwest until we come to the river Saint Padra.
I awoke and told my dream and went to sleep and dreamed that I was called up by the brethren to tell it which I did and told them I thought it was for not keeping the covenants, but use the name of the Lord, their God in vain and it had become common language to curse each other. The bottom land here is about one mile wide, with now and then a scrape of bottom much wider.
This day, some of our hunters informed me that they have seen a number of bear tracks and one was the width of his hand and length of his thumb. I understand there is a plenty of wild oxen here among these hills, which is excellent beef. These bottoms look like the best of soil in these valleys for about one mile wide, some places wider. Where our camp is, a small town called a€?Barnadenoa€™, once owned by a rich man who built it for himself. Last night I took a view of our camping ground and saw that it was like the one we had the night before.
This is the mountains east are very high, running south until they come against this camp, then they turn east rounding corner and then turns north as I have laid down on another map down the St. As curious a thing as I have seen with thorns, is the large prickly pear or water plant or tree, which is often as high as 20 feet, 16 inches over. On the morning of the 18 of December {LNa€™s note: This day was the 32nd birthday of Levia€™s wife, Clarissa Reed Hancock. These mountains are from the left of the center line, running southeast to northwest and on the other side of the road is mountains that are as high as these on the left. This land that we have passed between here and town is baron, desolate waste and nothing grows here and it looks like the best of land, a plenty of wood here, fires. North, half mile from the road to the foot on the right of this center line as I was facing the mountain, I took this map. I then looked and I stood at the right hand of him and expected he would say something, but did not.
I remembered a dream I had before, which was this: I saw him all alone and said I, a€?There is my fathera€? and got him by the hand and said, a€?Bless me, O my father. These mountains are those that are on the right hand and is about the same distance and height of those on the left. Along our last days travel, which is the 21 day and I am now in camp, in the borders of the Pema town or on the east side of town. This, the 22 day of December, on Tuesday morning, we left our first camping ground on the Hely and went down this river 8 miles to the Pemo village and pitched our tents. On the 24th day, I got in conversation with one of our guides and showed him my map of Hely River and the Colorado, Salt and Francisco. Marched at 10 oa€™clock from our camp and the maricopers and raveled southwest by west 8 miles, then by the end of the mountains four miles southwest then west, far enough to make 18 miles and camped on the desert on the left hand side of some hills. This is Christmas Day and yesterday there was watermelon brought in camp for sale and they was good melons, too. I saw the Chief last night and he said that he knew who we was and some time he meant to go and see the Mormons in California. In one hollow or gully, it is said that this valley is the best of any and that here is a good place for raising any kind of grain, also anything of the fruit kind, and by the looks of the land here, it seems that a nation might be fed here as in Egypt, by watering the land which might be easily done. Early in the morning, the old doctor came to one tent where some had been boiling beans and asked, a€?What is this?a€? a€?Beans and corn.a€? was the answer. This day I had a talk with Brother Dikes and traveled about 2 miles with him, in which time he told me that he had wanted some conversation for some time and would be glad if I would give him some council and then said that there was considerable feelings existing against him in the Battalion and he would like to do right and that he considered that I was the one to come to get council. I told him I already had that laid to me and I had had a put down for it when there never had been any cause for it and if I should give any council, it would be said again that I sought power and authority and I had concluded not to give any council to any officer, lest it should cause further jealousy. And then he said that he could clear himself of the charges that was against him and that he had defied any man to prove either Eclyseastacle or Military Law against him, for he had kept them both and when he got to the Church things he thought would be differently represented and would not appear as bad as many suppose and then asked me if I did not think that he had better be independent and do the thing strictly according to law. This day we traveled ten miles and come to the river northwest, then turned west by north and went ten miles further and being 18 miles over the best kind of land. James Pace has now brought in a petrified bone which he wished was in the Church, which must have an enormous large animal, about 9 inches across one end, four inches the other way. We came to the top of the hill and the mountains presented a sight and I stopped and drew the shape of them.
This day made 7 miles over the hill, down on the flats near the bank of the river near a mountain which many ascended and viewed the country and I could see the winding Hely for a long distance. While passing along down the bottoms today, I saw another prickly body of the pear or appears to be a species of the same, in another form here.
I tell the brethren to wait until they can have a hearing before the authorities of he Church and to be as patient as possible. But, thank God we have served 6 months, save eleven days and we will try to heave it as good soldiers, although our shoes are worn out, our torn clothes are all almost gone, the skins of beavers are used for moccasins.
Took a northwest course for four miles and turned around a mountain and in two miles further west, I took the shape of the end of the long mountains seen a long way back. Here the river has a bend and the valleys are not so wide as they are above, and sometimes to be narrow down below here, which is a southwest course from here and looks like the worst of going. These hills was seen west of northwest a long ways back and sometimes the peak that is above, was west. After we had turned around here, we had to pass through the bottoms, the thickest kind of brush and small cane and cottonwood or poplar, willow and many other kinds of small brush. I have now got in camp and the course we traveled from the bluffs was a northwest course for about two miles and began to bear a little around towards the west and now we are going west and I take some peaks that I can just see on the top of a hill or mountain as we are on the bottoms. We traveled through sand and over gravel, course and fine, until we made 12 miles and camped on the bank of the Colorado. There is no chance for any landscape here, only on the other side and up stream is a mountain. I thought I would go and see him myself not knowing it was against orders, as I afterwards heard it was. I am now about 8 miles from our last nighta€™s camp and while on my way here I sometimes discovered something on the ground that looked like a red clear stone. Hah-yo-de-yah, is all he scrub that grows here on this desert and no grass and in the aroyohs, muskeet and a few other scrubs. This day traveled northwest by west course until we came to where men was digging a well and found water, but it was poor and but little of it and we was ordered to march on to the next, which was 20 miles ahead.
This day made 18 miles over some hills of sand and the bottoms or flats was gravel and sand. In the hollow, when we got to the top of this hill, we saw that there was no outlet to this valley, nor inlet.
Last night, one man catched up with us who had been sent back after a p low that had been left on Hely River by the commissary.
Here is a vineyard that looks beautiful and I am told that there have been clusters of grapes that would weigh 14 pounds and that not uncommon.
We put up, making 20 miles this day, by a good creek that would make the best of mill seats, not more than two rods to dam in between the mountains of rocks and there might be a lake formed big enough to water all the country below, but lack of building timber here. It made me think of the storm when Joseph Smith was with us between the two Fishing Rivers, only here we had no thunder. Once I felt it in my heart and although our men, many of them had become basically wicked, He would spare them.
4 miles from last nights camp and in plain sight of the snow top mountain described here, which I took yesterday and soon after I took it, I ascended a hill and looked at the northwest and between the hills down a valley, I saw a wide extended plain and an arm of the big waters, putting up a point of land, running into the sea about northwest. At the northeast mountains covered with snow and here it is hot and all things in bloom, birds singing and all around presents a beautiful sight. Michael Heath-Caldwell M.Arch - HMS IllustriousFeb - March - April 1948 Diary  This is a secret document during Hostilities. The First World Jilin Merchants Conference has resulted in a number of investment projects with a total value of more than 70 billion yuan ($10.5 billion). The conference, held late last month, was attended by more than 1,200 businesspeople from 36 countries. Wang Qinmin, vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said at the opening ceremony on July 28 that the Jilin provincial government should create a favorable investment environment in order to "create a new economic miracle" in the province.
The Jilin provincial authorities have attached great importance to the development of private enterprises and introduced a range of policies to support the growth of such businesses in recent years, said Wang, who is also chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Jilin province is an important base in China for traditional industry and agricultural production, added Wang, as he emphasized that the provincial authorities have worked hard to facilitate development in the new normal stage of China's economic growth.
Everyone that is doing business in Jilin, whether or not they are local people, as well as people from the province who are engaged in global trade, should contribute to the development of the local economy, said Bayinchaolu, Party secretary of Jilin province. On July 27, the Jilin Merchants Association was established at the Jilin Province National Advertising Industry Pilot Park. Headquartered in the provincial capital of Changchun, the association's members are businesspeople who were born in the province, as well as local people who have worked or studied there. The association also helps its members deal with problems related to investment and business operation by voicing their concerns and views to various government departments.
Party Secretary Bayinchao-lu called on the association to unite all Jilin merchants so they can make a stronger contribution to Jilin's socioeconomic development. Ju Li, head of the Canadian branch of the Jilin Merchants Association, told Xinhua News Agency that she felt excited at the prospect of "doing something" for her home province of Jilin.
Ge Jian, head of the Beijing branch of the Jilin Merchants Association, said that the association's membership in Beijing now stands at more than 3,000 compared to just 100 last year. According to Ge, the association's Beijing branch introduced investment projects valued at more than 50 billion yuan during the First World Jilin Merchants Conference. Xu Yong, deputy director of the Jilin Province Economic and Technological Cooperation Bureau, said that the provincial government prepared more than 2,400 cooperation projects for investors covering areas including auto manufacturing, petrochemical, agricultural produce, healthcare and new energy. To attract more investment, the Changchun city government dispatched 19 groups consisting of more than 250 people to do pre-event promotion ahead of the conference. In late April, the central government issued a guideline to rejuvenate the country's northeast region, which has faced developmental challenges in recent times, through a series of reforms and economic restructuring. The region's equipment manufacturing sector will be modernized, and high-end industries, the modern service sector and modern agriculture will all be supported, the guideline stated.
Northeast China, including Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, was among the first batch of regions in China to become industrialized.
However, this once robust industrial base has been hit harder than the rest of the country by the economic slowdown, and lags well behind other provinces when it comes to GDP growth.
The central government guideline also emphasized the importance of accelerating the revitalization of the Northeast, calling it a significant part of the country's modernization drive and overall economic restructuring.
Within the next decade, northeast China is expected to become a leading manufacturing base for advanced equipment and a strategic base for technological equipment. The guideline urged local governments to create an open and fair business environment and unleash economic vitality through simplified approvals procedures, the delegation of power to lower levels and improved services. The development of the private sector will also be encouraged, through improved financial services for small and medium-sized businesses and easier investment access for private capital, according to the guideline. Wang said that the Jilin provincial government should implement the guideline and local entrepreneurs should seize the development opportunities on offer. He encouraged businesspeople to be confident about the country's economic future and dedicate themselves to improving the core competitiveness of their companies. Wang Luna, head of the Hebei provincial branch of the Jilin Merchants Association, said she plans to invest in a range of projects in the tourism, energy-saving and intelligent community construction sectors. Ma Weidong, head of the Laos economic and trade delegation, who runs a tourism company in Laos, said he is investing 15 million yuan ($2.25 million) in the pensions industry in his hometown of Baishan city in southeastern Jilin province. Zhang Simin, the newly-elected chairman of the Jilin Merchants Association, called on the province's entrepreneurs to do more to facilitate local development. According to Jilin provincial government statistics, Jilin businesspeople have invested in all 31 of China's mainland provinces, as well as Taiwan, and Macao and Hong Kong special administrative regions. Local entrepreneurs are the most important factor for driving the economic development and rejuvenation of Jilin province, said Bayinchaolu, Party secretary of the province. The senior official made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the First World Jilin Merchants Conference, which was held in Changchun, capital of Jilin, on July 28. During the ceremony, Bayinchaolu summed up what he believes are the main virtues of Jilin's businesspeople, describing them as trustworthy, adventurous, innovative and grateful. Bayinchaolu encouraged local entrepreneurs to be bold and adventurous in order to explore their potential, citing the example of the Chuang Guan Dong - the pioneers who left the Shandong Peninsula a century ago for better lives in the vast, fertile lands of the northeastern region that was Manchuria. He told the assembled businesspeople at the conference that progress is dependent upon the ability to be innovative and inclusive.
The senior official mentioned the inspection tours of the northeast region by President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Ke-qiang last year, saying that such visits show the importance attached to the province's development by both the Party's Central Committee and the central government. Earlier this year, the central authorities issued a document about the development of Northeast China's Jilin, Heilongjiang and Liaoning provinces.
The document called on local governments to improve State-owned enterprise mechanisms and provide a favorable environment to make SOEs more competitive and an integral part of the regional revitalization drive. In addition, regional cooperation will be stepped up with Northeast Asia, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.
The region should promote the development of advanced equipment manufacturing in sectors including electricity, petrochemicals, mining, engineering, aviation and shipping, the document said. It also stated that the equipment manufactured by the northeastern provinces will be exported as well as distributed on the domestic market. The northeastern region should capitalize on the government's innovation and entrepreneurship drive to turn innovation into a major source of development, according to the document. To promote innovation, the document underscored the need to establish an effective system for incubating regional innovation and integrating scientific and educational institutions into regional development. The city of Wuxi in east China's Jiangsu province aims to attract more multinational companies to set up regional headquarters and functional branches in order to promote its industry transformation and upgrading. With its pleasant living environment and favorable policies, Wuxi in Jiangsu province has attracted a number of global companies. In 2012, the province's commercial and financial departments jointly issued a range of policies and supporting measures to encourage more multinational companies to establish regional headquarters and functional organizations in the region. To the same end, Wuxi has also introduced a series of measures including land use subsidies, operation funding support and management incentives for qualified companies. It has also improved consultation procedures and communication with enterprises and carries out regular assessments to ensure that allocated funds are used effectively.
To date, 27 companies that have established regional headquarters and functional organizations in Wuxi have received more than 37 million yuan ($5.7 million) in financial support.
Wang said compared with other areas, Wuxi has its own unique advantages and competitive strengths that allow it to attract multinational companies, such as favorable policies, unique location, strong manufacturing industry foundation, high service industry level and good infrastructure for business development. These competitive advantages give Wuxi a clear edge in attracting foreign investment and developing a company headquarters-centered economy, Wang said. Wang noted that encouraging multinational companies to set up functional organizations such as R&D centers will help promote the city's progress in science and technology and transform its industry transformation from traditional labor-intensive industries. Wang added that R&D centers will also help attract more professionals and talents to the city, and promote the growth of high-end industries. Wuxi has already seen good results from its drive to promote the development of multinational companies in the region. For example, the London-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca was among the first batch of companies to set up regional headquarters in the city, and it recently injected an additional $50 million into Wuxi to build further development and manufacturing facilities. The Switzerland-based Bhler Group, a machines, plants and services specialist for the grain and food processing sector, has also increased its investment in Wuxi, by $93.6 million. As a specialist company for providing machines, plants and services for the grain, food and advanced material processing, Bühler has been operating in China since the 1980s.
In 2011, Bühler (China) Investment Co Ltd was founded in Wuxi with a total registered investment of $30 million. As the regional headquarters, Bühler China coordinates all sales activities and handles all customer service-related business for China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries. Bühler said the move has allowed it to offer a better service to customers, including repairs and replacement products and fast customer service through a tight network of domestic service stations. In addition to Wuxi, which is home to Bühler's largest factory in the world, the company has factories in Changzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen, Beijing and Xi'an.
State-of-the-art labs, application centers and training facilities ensure that customers stay ahead in the market, the company said. This year, there will be four sessions at the 26th Qingdao International Beer Festival, in Laoshan, Huangdao, Licang, and Pingdu, which will highlight different elements of Qingdao, including the mountains, ocean, city and villages. The festival is expected to create a citywide beer extravaganza for millions of participants, according to the organizers. Laoshan, host district for the festival since 1991, openS this year's celebrations on Saturday at Century Square.
With seven tents and one square beer garden, there will be many themed activities such as a Brands Day and a Family Day, with special promotions to facilitate sales and offer discounts to revelers. The Beer King drinking contest will continue to generate excitement among both competitors and spectators. In addition to nightly shows, the Beer Culture Experience Museum will host lectures about beer, brewing activities and a beer culture exhibition. The Huangdao session lasts 32 days from July 29 to August 29 at Golden Beach and seven satellite venues including the Sino-German Eco-Park, Rio Carnival and Mangrove Tree Resort. At the main venue, the largest beer tent occupies 5,000 square meters and can cater for 3,000 thirsty visitors. As well as the beer, robots take center stage at the Huangdao session, as they wait on tables and sell beer to enthusiastic patrons.
At the opening ceremony of the event, 1,007 robots performed for more than a minute, and set a Guinness World Record for the largest robotic synchronized dance routine. With the mountains and sea as a backdrop, a large outdoor historic drama named Building Dreams at Langyatai has already drawn lavish praise from audiences.
Langyatai is a historical site in Huangdao where many legendary figures worshipped the sea, including China's first emperor Qingshihuang and also Jiang Ziya, an ancient military strategist who helped topple the Shang Dynasty (16th century-11th century BC). The drama includes many of the legendary events that are believed to have happened at the site. Many breweries that attended Munich's Oktoberfest and the Fringe Festival in Adelaide have set up booths at the festival so patrons can come and sample their offerings.
With the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics held on August 5, the Licang beer festival opened a day later.
To celebrate both the games and festival, organizers have arranged special Olympic general knowledge quizzes, featuring beer as prizes. Featuring an eco-beer festival, visitors at the Licang session can relax and drink with friends while taking in the intoxicating aroma of flowers, leaves and grass. Spread across 200,000 square meters, the expo park features five beer tents and two open beer gardens ready to welcome beer lovers. As a county level city in the north of Qingdao, Pingdu officially became one of the four sessions of the Qingdao International Beer Festival this year, and festivities run to August 21 at Shengshuifujin Park. Visitors can indulge themselves at a 1,000-person beer bash, tour the No 3 Brewery of Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd, the largest of the group's breweries, savor different snacks from China's many regions and provinces and buy local farm produce.
The city has already been certificated as a national-level demonstration area for Protected Geographical Indication Products. Agricultural tourism is one of Pingdu's pillar industries, and as a result, numerous tours will run during the beer festival. At the Dazeshan vinery, a tent hotel and an recreational vehicle camp have been set up for out-of-town visitors. Working staff dressed in Bavarian-style costumes greet guests at beer tents at the Huangdao session of the 26th Qingdao International Beer Festival in Qingdao. Solar Impulse has made aviation history by circumnavigating the globe powered only by energy from the sun.
When Solar Impulse founder and chairman Bertrand Piccard first had the idea of flying a solar-powered plane around the world, most people said it would be impossible. There is no way, they said, that an aircraft could get of the ground on solar power alone, much less remain in flight after the sun had gone down. Unsurprisingly, those who believed that a solar plane could fly around the world tended to be innovators themselves. In the case of ABB, we have been technology pioneers for 125 years, ever since two enterprising entrepreneurs founded a startup in Switzerland to explore the potential of a promising new technology called electricity.
As a current global leader in power and automation, we were eager to see whether our technologies and know-how were up to the challenge of keeping a pilot and plane in the air, day and night, with only the power of sunlight. For ABB, many of the challenges were familiar, such as maximizing the power yield from the 17,000 solar cells that cover the plane's wings and fuselage. There was also the pressing need to use energy as efficiently as possible, and to store that energy after the sun had gone down to keep the plane aloft throughout the night.

In preparing for the round-the-world flight and during the mission itself, ABB broke new ground in numerous areas related to clean technologies. One is microgrids, which are self-sustaining electricity grids powered by solar or wind with battery back-up.
Another innovation developed by ABB while Solar Impulse was gearing up is a groundbreaking new flash-charging technology, which charges an electric bus in 15-seconds while passengers are leaving and boarding the vehicle. Known as TOSA, it requires no overhead wires and is the first sustainable mass transport solution that offers a viable alternative to diesel buses. Solar Impulse is as much a forerunner of the digital future as it is an ambassador for clean technologies. On the ground, similar technologies are enabling the emerging "internet of things, services and people" and leading to the transformation of industry.
Working with Swatch, ABB has developed the first smart sensor solution for electric motors, enabling improvements in energy efficiency, reducing downtime and extending the life of motors by as much as a third. By mastering the skies on the power of sunlight alone, Solar Impulse has affirmed the power of technology to achieve the impossible. For many people, the prospect of such profound change is concerning, even frightening, especially when it comes to employment and job prospects. The lessons of Solar Impulse are clear: by pushing the boundaries of technology, and refusing to accept limits, technological or psychological, we can run the world without consuming the earth, and reach heights we never believed were possible.
The author is president and chief executive officer of ABB Group, a $36 billion company specializing in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. Flight crew Solar Impulse founder and chairman Bertrand Piccard (right) and his co-founder André Borschberg after landing on July 26. I was offered my first glass of baijiu, the national drink of China, more than a decade ago. Ten years after that first taste, I find myself drinking baijiu again - this time at Maotai - the small town that produces the best liquor China has to offer.
Connoisseurs often break down baijiu into four different aromas: rice, light, strong and soy sauce, the latter being extremely laborious to achieve due to its exclusive relation to the geography, climate and materials only found at Maotai. Moutai's classic Feitian 53 degrees, which is aged for five years, is a fine example of the sauce aroma. In recent years, authorities such as experts from Guizhou University have researched the health benefits of Moutai.
Even after the government tried to build another factory in the northern outskirts of Zunyi to increase production, using exactly the same raw materials, workers and engineering from the original factory, the new location failed to produce liquor of the same quality. Nevertheless, Moutai has evolved from a completely different background compared to its Western counterparts. Years of careful work and constant tending, with as many as seven distillations and long periods of storage, result in distillates with unique characteristics.
Following increasing demand for its products, the Moutai Group has established a series of modern brands based on the original formula, but with diverse properties such as age, alcohol content and medicinal properties. Statues at China Liquor Cultural City, a liquor museum built by Kweichow Moutai in Maotai town, shows China’s God of Liquor and ancient people making liquor. I didn't quite succumb to the intoxicating spirits and sirens of China's national drink but was on a natural high experiencing the beauty of the town and its surroundings along the Chishui River. Meanwhile, the Moutai Group has paid great attention to the protection of its water source, which is also the soul of its local and regional beauty.
Moutai adheres to insuring food safety from fields to factories, and has established a "green supply chain" system. Moutai's CSR contributions don't stop at the border of the town or at the banks of the Chishui River. Moutai assisted quake-hit regions such as Yushu and Wenchuan as well as drought-stricken areas.
So next time you have an opportunity to partake of this liquid gold of the highest standards with such a rich history, don't just think of the exquisite taste. This changes, however, the closer you get to Guizhou province, and more specifically to the lovely town of Maotai itself, the physical and spiritual home of China's revered spirit. Much is made of the ingredients the Kweichow Moutai Group uses to produce its unique and strictly controlled product. Apart from the organic sorghum grown in Guizhou's verdant valleys, there is the unsullied water of the Chishui River, which is protected by the Chinese government. The wheat from which Moutai is produced is made into yeast via fermentation on the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on the fifth day of May on the Chinese Lunar calendar.
One of Moutai's tasters and judges, Peng Jing, deputy director of liquor storage, underscored the importance of maintaining a sensitive palate. Professional tasters must have three years' experience before they can take the test to become a Moutai taster, and they are crucial to the process of ensuring Moutai's quality.
Moutai goes through nine steaming and boiling sessions, eight fermentation sessions and seven distillation sessions, as well as numerous blendings.
Astonishingly, despite the amount I must have consumed, I only felt pleasantly tired the next day and had none of the traditional hangover symptoms I was certainly expecting after drinking so much of a strong spirit. I, however, was not the ultimate proof of the "no hangover" claim that contributes to the Moutai myth. Despite drinking himself to a genuine standstill, he emerged the next day showing very little evidence of his epic Moutai moment. Visitors enjoy a panoramic view of Maotai town, with the Chishui River fl owing through it. An artistic performance celebrates the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province and the first China National Cultural Tourism Qiandongnan Summit. The Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Guizhou province has vowed to further boost its tourism industry by combining its unique ethnic characteristics and rich natural resources. The summit, which lasted for one day, was part of the prefecture's efforts to promote local ethnic tourism. In addition to excellent ethnic festivals, buildings, clothes, songs and dances, the prefecture boasts several world and Chinese intangible cultural heritages, such as the Grand Song of the Dong ethnic group, Miao embroidery and silver ornaments.
The prefecture is also among the country's 28 major forest areas with forest coverage of up to 65 percent.
At the summit, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture was listed as one of China's top 10 tourist destinations for 2016 by the China International Tourism Federation. The summit comprised six theme activities, in which government officials and tourism experts discussed methods to develop the industry and promote the prefecture's rich ethnic tourism resources. Francesco Frangialli, former secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization, said Guizhou will improve its economic level through developing its tourism industry in the future.
Through showcasing the beauty of Guizhou to the world, more tourists can be attracted here, Frangialli said, who is also a consultant for Guizhou's tourism development. Frangialli also noted it is important for the local government to pay attention to sustainability when designing its tourism industry. In recent years, Qiandongnan prefecture has taken a series of measures to promote its tourism sector, especially to further develop the cultures of the Miao and Dong people to boost ethnic tourism.
For example, Leishan county, which is famous for its rich natural resources and Miao ethnic culture, has invested heavily in the development of the local ethnic tourism industry.
Local government has invested 80 million yuan ($11.98 million) in building and renovating local tourism infrastructure.
Now, the One-Thousand-Household Miao Village in Xijiang, widely recognized as the biggest Miao village in the world, has become a national 4A tourist site, and gained greater popularity around the world. To further develop the tourism industry, the prefecture announced a plan to combine tourism with other industries such as mountain agriculture, sports, ethnic medicine and e-commerce.
Li Feiyue said Qiandongnan will carry out its work in line with speech made by Guizhou provincial Party chief Chen Min'er after he listened to the autonomous region's work report recently.
An exhibition of Miao embroidery and silver ornaments in Kaili, Guizhou, on July 21, showcases typical Miao culture. Irecently participated in a Miao embroidery and silver ornament exhibition held at Kaili in Southwest China's Guizhou province, a place with a multi-ethnic population.
The exhibition was part of a series of activities held by the local government to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture. Besides that, what impressed me most was the Miao embroidery, a kind of Chinese embroidery created by the Miao ethnic group, which is also listed as part of the country's intangible cultural heritage. As part of the Miao ethnic group's unique cultural characteristics, Miao embroidery is a perfect combination of culture and arts, which reflects the costumes of local people and also represents the highest skill of China's ethnic embroidery. The Miao ethnic group doesn't have its own written language, and the images on the embroidery works have become a way to deliver their ideas. The first time I saw Miao embroidery was during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo when I went to report on the Guizhou pavilion.
The meticulous and neat stitching and assortments of glowing colors were charming enough to catch my eye.
Despite the rich cultural diversity, many places in Qiandongnan prefecture are relatively poor in terms of GDP. With the help of local government, Yang established the cooperative in April, and it is the first of its kind in the prefecture. Many women in the cooperative are from families with difficult lives and they are grateful that the cooperative has provided them with some income.
The government of the prefecture said in its 2015 government report that it will establish more than 10 embroidery cooperatives to help local ethnic women improve their lives. The Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Guizhou province has been actively exploring a new development path by combining its natural and tourism resources with its healthcare industry.
The Qiangdongnan prefecture is well known for its charming natural scenery and ethnic folk tourism resources. Last year, Guizhou province announced the establishment of the Dongxiang Health Industry Demonstration Zone to boost the development of a healthcare industry, with the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture as its core area.
Li Feiyue, Party chief of the prefecture, said the building of a healthcare industry is an important development strategy for the prefecture.
Li said the prefecture administration will give full play to local resources and seize opportunities for industrial development in a range of areas, such as national cultural heritage and innovation, combining ecological tourism and the healthcare industry, the urbanization of mountain areas as well as innovation and entrepreneurship in ethnic areas. According to the plan, the demonstration zone aims to attract 10 million visitors by 2020 and achieve total revenue of 20 billion yuan ($2.99 million).
Seeing bright prospects, a host of healthcare enterprises have been set up in the prefecture with the aim of combining healthcare and concepts of a healthy lifestyle with the local natural and ethnic tourism industries.
The company's businesses cover the whole industrial chain, such as the cultivation of Miao and Dong medicinal herbs, the domestication of herbs, technological research and development, processing and production, the application of holographic technology to Miao medicine, the establishment of a Miao medicine center, Miao medicine cultural tourism industry and health data management.
The company's China Miao Medicine Base is a comprehensive industrial area that integrates the planting of Miao and Dong natural herbs, domestication research, product development, preliminary testing, production, processing, warehousing and logistics. Besides that, the company has also started the development of 100 Miao medicine lifestyle centers across the country. The company said it plans to establish standards for the use of Miao medicine that will strengthen its reputation.
The agriculture and tourism company Yungu Tianyuan plants and grows agricultural products, but it has also introduced healthcare and lifestyles, restaurants, entertainment and agricultural tourism to its portfolio. The company has attached great importance to combining local tourism resources with the synchronized development of local villages.
The company said it will build itself into a large agricultural business that integrates fruit and vegetable production and processing, farming experience and village tourism. Few trips made by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang have been more sensitively and subtly timed than his first overseas journey of the year. Li made an official visit to Mongolia from July 13 to 14, and attended the 11th Asia-Europe Meeting summit in Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar from July 15 to 16. A new Mongolian prime minister was appointed five days before Li's arrival in Ulaanbaatar, and the South China Sea arbitration ruling was issued one day before the premier left for the visit and the summit, whose opening was clouded by a terrorist attack in Nice, France. What many had thought would be a northern journey full of questions and qualms, however, ended with a commitment from China and Mongolia to synergize development strategies, and a summit chair's statement stressing the need to promote interconnectivity, which means joining things, as in a network. Analysts were quick to note that neither the statement nor the Ulaanbaatar Declaration, endorsed by Asian and European leaders at the summit's end, contains any words about the South China Sea, but it does strongly address terrorism. Cui Hongjian, director of the department for European studies at the China Institute of International Studies, says he was not surprised that the statement and declaration excluded the South China Sea. The country consistently has said the South China Sea issue should not be subject to multilateral discussions, but that disputes should be settled through bilateral dialogue and consultation by countries directly involved, on the basis of historical facts and in line with international law, he says. Days before the premier's visit, China's Foreign Ministry had said the ASEM Summit was "not an appropriate venue" to discuss the issue. Japan, however, had intended to bring the issue to the summit, according to a senior Chinese diplomat. Li refuted Abe's comments and spelled out China's stance, says the diplomat, who asked to remain anonymous. Li said China had not participated in the arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines. Twenty years after the creation of the ASEM mechanism, regional leaders attending the 11th summit charted a new course for bicontinental cooperation in the next decade through promotion of interconnectivity. The Chinese premier called on 53 members of the ASEM to further advance practical cooperation and promote dialogue so as to build a more prosperous and peaceful Eurasia. The inauguration of the ASEM in 1996 in Bangkok, Thailand, ushered in a new era of equal dialogue, all-around cooperation and joint action against challenges on the two continents, he said. Now China and Europe are each other's largest trading partner, with two-way trade amounting to nearly $700 billion in 2015, he added, noting that cooperation between Asia and Europe has reached an unprecedented level. Asia and Europe have great opportunities before them, but also tough challenges, especially the thorny issues of terrorism and the refugee crisis, he said. The situation calls for ramped-up efforts to push forward all-around cooperation in Eurasia while seeking ways to raise the cooperation levels in a spirit of mutual respect and equal consultation. In elaborating on his proposal of "renovating the Euro-Asia cooperation concept", Li urged ASEM members to foster an awareness of a community of shared responsibilities and destinies, to effectively counteract challenges besetting Asia and Europe. Cui at the China Institute of International Studies, says the Nice attack had added to the urgency European and Asian leaders feel to foster a "community of shared destines". At the summit, Li suggested ASEM members engage in dialogue and cooperation, and prevent new sources of tumult from occurring in their own regions so as to safeguard world peace and regional stability. The global community should advocate unity and coordination, he said, and discard a Cold War mentality and zero-sum game.
The premier said China opposed any country distorting international law and applying a double standard in addressing disparities and disputes. Instead of arousing confrontation and conflict, all should abide by established rules and seek resolutions in a peaceful way and through political means.
To add impetus to Eurasian partnership, Li proposed guiding Asia-Europe cooperation, especially in economy and trade, by a more pragmatic course.
To this end, the premier said he expected the ASEM Economic Ministers' Meeting would resume next year after a decadelong suspension, and called for efforts to speed up the development of an open and inclusive Asia-Europe market. To promote "partnership for the future through interconnectivity", this year's ASEM summit established an interconnectivity working group on the basis of a consensus secured by China over the past three years. According to Li, the Eurasian continent, bordering both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, should become a huge passageway from east to west for transportation, telecommunications and energy. China is expected to host a high-level forum on digital interconnectivity in its further effort to promote Asia-Europe interconnectivity in order to pool driving forces for regional economic growth and innovation cooperation. The premier also highlighted the need to fortify the human and cultural aspects of the cooperation between Asia and Europe, saying that there should be more dialogue between different civilizations, and more exchanges in education, science, tourism and culture.
Li also touched on China's economic situation, saying that the world's second-largest economy is confident it will reach its growth target. Zhao Junjie, an expert on European studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, says the proposals raised by the premier show that "Chinese leaders are considering the strategic direction of Asia-Europe cooperation", as the world situation has changed significantly since ASEM was initiated. Speaking at the summit's final news conference, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker set out the priorities for the work ahead. As the man in the white lab coat talks quietly, a group of children surrounding him listen attentively. Row after row of pot plants suspended from the roof with lines of various lengths are nurtured with the help of artificial lighting and a high-tech system that controls the temperature at a farm owned by COFCO. Before he can say more he is deluged with comments and questions from the children, most of whom look younger than 6. We are not flies on a wall in an elementary school science class, but visitors to a high-tech farm owned by China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corp, the country's largest state-owned agricultural company. Every weekend and during holidays, the farm, 38 kilometers south of Beijing, is swarmed by visitors young and old, mostly parents with young children, eager to get in touch with a side of life that - a few parks notwithstanding - seems to be missing in the city: nature. Instead, they turn their back on other forms of entertainment such as going to the movies or shopping, jump into their cars and head out of the city bound for this indoor farm, which covers more than 80,000 square meters and resembles a science museum. Here they will find row after row of potted plants suspended from the roof with lines of various lengths, nurtured with the help of artificial lighting and a high-tech system that controls the temperature. In dedicated cultivation rooms, they can see rare species, such as lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum), an expensive mushroom that many Asians believe has special life-giving properties. There are plants from tropical areas and greenhouses planted with many types of flowers and succulent plants. Just in case this heavy dose of nature proves to be a little too much, there are family game areas inside and outside, including a theater and a basketball court.
However, at the root of all this is the eagerness of COFCO to educate, and to help children better understand the science of agriculture.
Since then, the family has often visited the farm and has told friends about it."My son is only 3, and he is curious about nature and all the plants he sees," Sun says. The air is fresh and clean, scented with the fragrance of the flowers and other plants, Sun says.
But most importantly, he says, his son is learning about agriculture even as he is having fun, and it gives him a sense of where food comes from, nourishing his curiosity about agriculture and nature generally, a precious experience that city children lack. For grown-ups, the farm not only offers a place to get away from city life, but also gives people the chance to experience modern agricultural technology, Sun says. Like Sun, many city dwellers are showing increasing interest in farming and agricultural technologies.
Wang co-founded the farm in 2012 in south Beijing, then moved it to north Beijing, where there was more space.
Wang established the startup because he found most of the so-called organic products on the market were not organic at all, but used a profusion of hormones and pesticides, and since the farm was set up it has generated a buzz among agriculturalists.
Customers can buy produce on a one-off basis or pay a six-month or annual fee for membership to have it delivered to their homes every week. After Wang Qian, a Beijing housewife, visited the farm she decided to pay thousands of yuan for an annual membership. Previously, a relative gave her vegetables from the farm, which she describes as having the "flavors of childhood".
In big cities, vegetables and fruit come from far away, and to reduce loss during transport they are often not ripe when they are picked, so they lack flavor, Wang Qian says. She paid for a membership because the farm delivers healthy, fresh and in-season fruit and vegetables delivered to the members' families at least twice a week, but also because she is curious about its farming methods.
She grew up in the countryside and believes nature has it own cycle for everything, but she had never given it that much thought, she says.
For example, a friend keen on eating healthy food used to grow tomatoes on a plot of land she leased, but the tomatoes always fell off the plants before they turned red.
Red tomatoes on the market pollinated otherwise are not red when they are harvested, and ripeners are used to make them turn red, she was told. Her son, whom she takes to the farm once or twice a week, enjoys it immensely, she says, and he is curious about everything he sees.
Wang Qian says she is thankful that she grew up in the countryside, so she feels close to nature and curious about it even though she lives in a big city. Wang Mian, the founder of the farm, says the farm has worked with schools from the beginning to teach children about crops and agriculture through classes.
Wang Mian says that deep down nearly everyone, particularly those in big cities, hankers to get close to nature. Getting close to crops and soil matures children and benefits everyone emotionally and psychologically, he says. In just the first five months of this year, the government of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, has already invested more than half of its budget for the year for financing major service sector projects. This was announced at a ceremony on June 30 marking the beginning of a number of key service projects, including a hot spring resort in Jintang county that attracted investment of more than 6 billion yuan ($897.1 million). Among the major projects are 60 new ones that are scheduled to start this year, 27 of which had started construction by the end of May, including an international hospital and a furniture market. Sixty-eight of the major projects each have investment of at least 3 billion yuan, and 10 have investment of more than 10 billion yuan each. Local officials said the city's fixed assets investment in the service industry and the construction of major projects in the sector are rising, thanks to the The Chengdu-Chongqing City Cluster Development Program and a national campaign to build Chengdu into a regional economic, technical and innovation hub in western China.
Guo Qizhou, head of the Chengdu Commission of Commerce, said the government focused on the major projects in the first half of the year. Guo noted that investment to the emerging industries grew sharply over the past six months, with sectors such as public management, social security, education and IT services witnessing a year-on-year increase in investment of more than 56 percent.
However, local officials noted that Chengdu still faces challenges in investment structure and quality. He added that the development of the service industry must be supported by an increasing number of high-quality projects.
However, I moved into my first house with less furniture, and still don’t have that much.
Along with a strong-box for your personal ID stuff if you don’t have anyplace else for these things.
My fiance and I are moving into our first home at the end of January and are starting from absolute scratch- both coming out of student-type accommodation. I’m really excited to learn a different things that why I make up a list for aparment. My kitchen, which was once a hallway, was so small that I had to keep the refrigerator in the main room. When I got my first apartment, I cut my hand on one of my nice, new kitchen knives and didn’t have any band-aids!
Unfortunately this is not my first apartment, but due to bed bugs I have to start over again. Here in about a month I’m moving into my first very own apartment so my mom sent me a copy of the list.
My sister’s moving to her first apartment soon and your checklist will be of a great help for her. Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun.
We passed over the best kind of land I ever saw and came to another creek, putting down from the west into this river large enough to carry a grist mill continually and might be brought onto a overshot wheel as clear as crystal. It has reinvigorated plans for the development of northeast China, the country's traditional industry base, which is currently being squeezed by slower economic growth as a result of the country's economic restructuring.
The association, which is a non-profit social group, helps its members to get involved with Jilin's socioeconomic development and support its economic revival. It also promotes cooperation among its members and safeguards members' rights and interests.
According to the guideline, State-owned enterprises will be restructured, private firms will receive more support and development will be driven by regional cooperation. Its traditional industries include steel, automobiles, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and petroleum refining.

Our association unites Jilin merchants across the world and contribute greatly to the province's economic revival," he added.
They also have businesses in at least 36 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, France and Cuba. He also urged them to contribute to their home province's development so that local residents could also reap the benefits of their success. SOEs should play a leading role in the drive and improve efficiency through technology, restructuring and better management, it said. The document went on to say that guidance and support should be offered to steer industries from manufacturing to production-based services.
Among the 27, 11 multinational companies, including Ariston, Bhler Group, Zhongzhi Traffic Technology and Gaode Electronic, have chosen Wuxi as the location for their regional headquarters.
Meanwhile, it will drive the development of the entire industry chain instead of (only) traditional manufacturing and production," Wang said. The local government has provided a lot of help and support for the company's development over the years," said Dieter Voegtli, president of Bühler Goup China and Asia Pacific.
In the company's R&D center, research teams from China and the company's headquarters work together on new products and solutions.
China is now the largest market for Bühler Group and its total sales revenue in China reached 4 billion yuan ($615 million) last year, making up around 20 percent of the group's total.
Below are the activities each session of the festival will offer travelers and beer aficionados as they descend on China's leading celebration of the brewer's art.
Thanks to his exploits, the five times Beer King - Ren Guangchao - with wins in 2005, 2007, 2012, 2014 and 2015, drove away a new car as his prize on each occasion. Average negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter in the area can reach 3,300, the event's organizers said, while the standard for fresh air is 1,500, according to WTO guidelines. There are also various shows including celebrity impersonations, musical dramas, and magic and acrobatics shows.
Some of its best farm products include Dazeshan grapes, Majiagou celery, Pantao ginger, Pingdu peanuts and Pingdu beef.
There are also many fruit and vegetable picking activities to help visitors embrace nature and support local organic agriculture. Its achievement is a tremendous success for clean technologies and a triumphant example of how technological innovation can change the world. But Piccard and his cofounder André Borschberg refused to give up, and in the course of putting their mission together, they found partners who believed that, with a pioneering spirit and by pushing the boundaries of technology, Solar Impulse could achieve the impossible. The flight mission control team relied on GPS tracking and satellite connectivity for its communications, while the plane itself is covered in sensors, providing a steady stream of data on all critical parameters, including the condition of all onboard systems as well as, most important of all, the health of the pilot. Applied to all industrial electric motors worldwide, the energy savings would be equivalent to the output of 100 large power plants.
With digital technologies, and advances in industrial artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution, which promises to be at least as transformative as those that came before. On the contrary, it is the solution to challenges such as climate change and, as in previous industrial revolutions, it will lead to new industries and opportunities and, through scientific advances and increased prosperity, improve the lives and prospects of future generations. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 135,000 people. To the amusement of my classmates at Beijing Language and Culture University, I drank the 53 percent proof spirit without hesitation because of my deep respect for Chinese culture.
It carries a strong cultural meaning that is rich in historic facts, such as its use by the Red Army to sterilize wounds during the civil war. Moutai is distilled from sorghum and wheat in an area of rich soil with particular climate conditions that produce a unique variety of microorganisms needed for fermentation, while also taking advantage of the unpolluted waters of the Chishui River. Thus, Moutai has attained an exclusive designation of geographical origin similar to Scotch whisky and Cognac brandy. Professional tasters separate, store and blend the concoctions according to age, fragrance and grade.
These brands are oriented to the ever-growing number of consumers looking for top quality baijiu, but not necessarily attached to the traditional sauce fragrance that gained Moutai its great reputation.
On the contrary, my visit to Maotai only reaffirmed my respect for the ancient craft of liquor making in China. I don't usually get drunk but I did recently when I visited Maotai town in northern Guizhou province. Never again when I see one of those distinctive white bottles with the diagonal stripe will I think merely of the liquid treasure inside. This puzzles me because numerous studies have shown that being a good corporate citizen and letting stakeholders know about CSR efforts goes right to the bottom line. This includes green acquisition of production resources, green supply, green machining and green recycling.
The company has made huge investments into fields such as culture, sports, education, as well as local infrastructure construction, charity and social support. It has supported Hope Primary Schools and the Canteen of Hope Project, as well as providing financial assistance to college students in need.
Everything about it, from the pristine location where its ingredients are nurtured to the care with which the drink is blended, ensures an enjoyable and clean experience, no matter how much of the liquor you consume (more about that later). No chemical factories are allowed to open anywhere nearby to ensure that the "Fine Liquor River" remains uncontaminated. It is then put in sorghum for the first time on the Double Ninth Festival, which is on the ninth day of the ninth month. The tasters are integral to the blending and storing process, which as Peng Jing explained, is what really gives the liquor its value. The whole process takes five years, and according to Peng Jing, roughly 5 percent of the wine fails testing. I was advised to brace myself for the first sip, but I found it mildly pleasant, if strong.
One of our members, not content with mere shot glasses, proceeded to quaff from the decanters, toasting all and sundry in the true spirit of his hosts.
The diversified ethnic cultures and ecological environment form prominent advantages and a solid foundation for Qiandongnan to develop a local tourism industry," Li Feiyue, Party chief of the autonomous prefecture said at the opening of the first China National Cultural Tourism Qiandongnan Summit held at Xijiang, Leishan county in the prefecture on July 24. By attracting internationally noted organizations and experts on ethnic culture tourism to learn more about Guizhou, and especially Qiandongnan, the summit aims to help promote the prefecture's tourism industry, enrich local people and increase the prosperity of the province, the organizers said. It has 27 national and provincial-level natural protection areas as well as a national geological park.
It was also selected as the country's first ethnic cultural tourism demonstration zone by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission.
He said local traffic and infrastructure facilities should be further improved so as to allow more people to learn about local residents as well as their customs and culture. The construction of Langxi (Langde-Xijiang) tourism road has played an important role in boosting the tourism industry in Xijiang town. On display at the exhibition was China's largest Miao silver lock, which measured 3 meters by 2 meters. Miao people like to wear such precious metal ornaments from head to toe, especially on important occasions. In recent years, the government has been looking for ways to drive local economic development.
It not only provides training for local female embroiderers, but also helps them sell their works.
Taking China's intangible cultural heritage - both Miao and Dong medicine - as its core, the company combines China's traditional lifestyle concepts with modern life science technology to create a unique development mode.
Covering about 204,000 square meters, the base can process more than 500,000 tons of raw herbal drugs a year and also works as a popular tourist site.
At these centers, people can experience therapy that combines Miao medicine and modern instruments. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, addressing an informal meeting of the ASEM Summit on July 16, talked about the South China Sea arbitration. His effort to promote China's stand on the South China Sea issue received widespread backing and understanding, the diplomat says, adding that except for the Philippines, no other meeting participants echoed Abe's comments at the summit. While other parks were almost devoid of anything green, the farm had an abundance of green plants on display, and that impressed the family, Sun says. We never care about how vegetables are grown; the only thing we seem to care about is whether they are labeled organic or green. Wang Mian, co-owner of Nature-dance, a farm in the suburbs of Beijing that uses biological technology to cultivate healthy and pesticide-free vegetables and fruits, says the farm appeals to people not only because it supplies healthy, chemical-free food, but also because people are interested in the technology it uses. The farm offers free lectures on biological technology it uses, and encourages people to work on the farm.
She mentioned it to staff members at the farm, and they explained that it was probably because the tomato had not been pollinated by wasps, which do not inhabit the area. They are minute bugs that feed by sucking sap from plants and reproduce rapidly, causing great damage to crops. Right now, the thought of decorating my new place is a bit overwhelming, with all the rooms to tackle.
You had to go through the bathroom (which was kitchen adjacent) to get into the single bedroom, and there was no door separating the bedroom from the bathroom. Should have a first aid kit on the list and it would be great if you could give ideas on where to get this stuff and a price range . I’ll be giving him some of these very items as I have so much duplicates of everything. The region should also develop the financial modern logistics and tourism and leisure sectors. In the years ahead, industry will change beyond all recognition as machines and robots acquire the ability to communicate with each other and automation extends beyond individual machines to entire industrial ecosystems. In 2014, ABB entered into an innovation and technology alliance with Solar Impulse to support its zerofuel flight around the world. It also has an aura of legend, like the scenes portrayed in poems written by Li Bai, the Wine Immortal. The old-fashioned romanization of its Chinese name evokes origins rooted in a unique location, tradition and mastery in liquor making. After a couple of shots, the spirit delivers a warm, comfortable feeling to the whole body. The traditional production process requires multiple instances of cooking, cooling, blending and the addition of qu, Moutai's own fermentation agent. Activities such as barefoot crushing of grains, shoveling of concoctions and storage of the spirit in ceramic bottles are all common practice defined by the "Moutai Standard". It was a pleasure to witness the capacity of a culture to keep its own history and legends alive in such a formidable manner, preserving human craftsmanship and the value of its own land in such a tangible, distinguished manner, for the world to see, and taste. I will also think of the beauty of the Maotai town area and the contributions that the Kweichow Moutai has made to it as one element of its very significant commitment to its corporate social responsibility (CSR). Accordingly, the company has made great efforts to improve the local residents' living conditions to create a clean, tidy, beautiful and livable town. If there ever was a textbook example of Adam Smith's invisible hand, this is it: business serving its own self-interest and benefitting the commonweal. This ensures the green, organic and healthy quality of Moutai, and at the same time helps realize sustainable development in nature. In fact, since the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010), Moutai has invested 1.4 billion yuan in commonweal undertakings.
After about an hour of imbibing the shot-sized glasses at semi-regular intervals, I felt a lovely warm feeling spread throughout my body, but without any of the mental agitation that tends to assail me when I drink other spirits.
It does, though, along with the town and region in which it is produced, leave an indelible memory. It will also set up centers in big cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, and has established partnerships with overseas countries, such as Malaysia.
There are free classes in which children are taught how to transplant young plants, putting them in a pot in such a way that they will have the best chance to survive and thrive.
And although,have I been on my own for a zillion years;-) there are things, I totally forgot about. I would definitely add a trash can and liners for the kitchen and some kitchen sanitizing spray!
In the coming years, microgrids will transform the lives of millions of people by providing electricity access to off-grid communities and enabling industry in places without reliable power supplies.
Notes of a soy sauce fragrance and a lingering aftertaste that stimulate the appetite are among its most distinctive features. Furthermore, its purity is such that it is free from the disagreeable physical effects that often follow alcohol consumption. According to Yuan Renguo, Moutai's chairman, the group always adheres to sustainable development and social responsibility in an organic way. For the past five years, they have supported 20,000 students by providing 100 million yuan annually.
To help you cut through the clutter, I’ve put together the First Apartment Essentials Checklist for renters.
To date, more than 3,000 employees are working to meet the individual demands of Chinese customers. This is exactly what this summit was about: showing unity in difficult times," said Juncker, who served as prime minister of Luxembourg from 1995 to 2013. Trained specialists are available for after-sales service throughout the life cycle of production plants. Devonshire.After and introduction to our “nurse” in the morning we were dismissed to look for our future divisional officers.
Consisting of a circular brush made of wire and coir turned by an electric motor, the machine is operated by a pair of handles very much the same as an auto-scythe and cleans the deck up very quickly compared with the usual elbow grease methods in general use.
The Commander (Air) says its just another of the new-fangled gadgets which are tried out in the ship; he doesn’t think its much good.
Besides that he told us about trials in general and how the wardroom has to put up with these hordes of ?800 a year spivs who seem indispensable to aircraft trials if they are only screw turners.Lieutenant Wall paid the gunroom a visit in the evening. Of course most people agree that something should be done and that this is one way of doing it, perhaps the best way.
We had a talk on the Air Department of the ship and its organisation by the Commander (Air). Very soon he started talking solely about the trials themselves and what our future programme may include providing nothing very unusual happens before we have had our repairs completed.I had the afternoon watch with Lieutenant Grayson. Someone thought he was trying to wrangle more hands to bring the ships company up to a more workable minimum.If the officers heads (?) were not on the dock there would have been very little to do indeed. As it was these officers streamed back during the ‘dogs.’ I found it was very monotonous saying “Carry on” or words to that effect when about fifty petty officers went ashore at ten minutes to four just as the last notes of (carry on [correction – secure]) and coops(?) had died away. At both watches for exercises the bugler made a very queer call which was apparently due to his instrument being blocked up, according to him. The Quartermaster spent about a half hour explaining to us how the doctors discovered that his right kidney was not working and that he had a stone there which suddenly stopped growing. Most of the Wardroom was in the rounds party as it was a mess decks inspection and the route was not definitely fixed before hand.Read a very interesting story in Saturday Evening news called “This is my Sa” by Clarence Budlington Kelland. All other American serials seemed rather dull, anyway I never seemed to be able to read them through without skipping large and boring pages.The Government today announces that the prices of coal, electricity and gas will be pegged, as all other commodities, in order to check, or to attempt to check, the ever spiralling cost of living. Hagannah announces that its forces will in future resist arrest by British forces, following an incident in which four Jews were killed after being set free in an Arab stronghold form an army lorry, and killed a few minutes later by armed Arabs.
The congregation in the Chapel this morning was very small indeed, consisting entirely of officers.
It is not at all surprising that clergy these days are very dispirited.Part of the dockyard power supply to the ship was cut off this evening and half the ship put in darkness. A lead coming aboard over the Starboard side onto the Lower Gallery deck overheated causing the rubber insulation to melt. That mucked up my fire main chasing programme, however I had decided that the only way to make a plan was to draw a large seals layout of each deck first, then put in the main and branches later. Spent at least two hours searching for pipes at the expense of a layer of oil and filth all over my hands and on my reefer.Reached the HMS Boxer by jeep just before tea.
After tea we walked round the ship and paid a visit to the bridge where we were struck by its size and openness.
There we also noticed that the evening was very cold, so we decided unanimously to walk back to Illustrious and muster all our warm clothing.There are three Sub-Lieutenants onboard. To get the stern out we went ahead on a back spring then, when clear astern and round to Port. As soon as we were clear of the harbour we started directing planes from Ford and Lea-on-Solent. It had been decided that a ship,which could direct large numbers of planes onto shore targets and enemy planes, should be built for fighting in the Pacific. This specialised ship, a floating Fighter and Bomber Direction Unit, was to be used within about ten miles of Japanese islands to direct planes from aircraft carriers which would be about 70 miles off shore in order to be less accessible to land based planes. Boxer was passing through the Mediterranean when Japan capitulated, on her way to the Pacific. The weather became rowdier still as we steamed up to the Needles to enter the West Solent and anchor off Yarmouth. Nigeria is to be sent to the Falkland Islands where the Argentinos and Chileans are busy setting up a military base in the Falkland Island Dependencies.
Possibly it is Peron’s idea to direct his countrymen’s thoughts from internal affairs to something more dramatic. Nigeria will alter the situation when she arrives mainly because she is so heavily outnumbered and also because the distances over which the other ships would have to be send, are so great. The Argentine papers have been very insolent about the whole thing, the trouble is that they know or are pretty certain that we shall not be able to do anything decisive.
We are all very glad we went back to the HMS Illustrious on Monday evening to take some more sweaters, scarves, gloves etc.
Today we were directing Barracudas and an Anson, which every now and again come in on a torpedo or bombing run at us. As we entered the Solent past Nab Tower we passed the black funnelled Dutch liner Wilhelm Huys.When being lowered, shortly after we had anchored, the Starboard Motor Cutter was nearly wrecked. The sea was very rough, there being a high short swell, and when the boat was nearly lowered to the water, instead of slipping it was pitched up on a creast of a wave and flung down again onto the falls.
Started to snow in the morning and the wind, as usual, was Easterly and even colder than before.
The ship apparently handles very well.A jeep was supposed to be at the jetty to bring us back at 1630.
Ministers are accused left, right and centre of making self-contradictory statements about the various nationalised parts of our economy. The Sunday Chronicle has a long article on the Falkland Islands incident headed “The Lions Tail,” with the Lion in rather an awkward position at present. Illustrious .Spent the whole day going in and out of compartments on the Main Deck looking for the fire main pipes. A rumour was started that the British had caused the outrage, and the Jewish crowds became very hostile to our men helping in the rescue work so that after a short time all British police and troops were withdrawn.
In the Dogs it was returned alongside by a tug after going aground and getting stuck just off the pontoon at dead low tide.An escort was sent off to London [correction – to catch] by 1920 train to collect two deserters picked up by the Naval Section of Scotland Yard.
The leave for the ship’s Company is from 19th March – 12th April for the watches in succession.
At Commanders requestmen(?) this morning six men were granted afternoon leave to watch the Navy-Civil Services football match. Sheffield has been ordered to Belize from Cartagena, Columbia where she was on her spring cruise.
Devonshire was ordered away because of reports that British Honduras was about to be invaded.
Just before lunch an airman rating was brought up before the Officer of the Watch on a charge of disobeying his superior officer, namely by refusing to sweep out his mess when ordered to by his leading hand.
Illustrious - Lectures on Divisional Matters and another lecture on Operation of Carriers were given by Lieutenant Commander Hamer and Lieutenant Turnbull. The latter’s lecture was mainly about carrier warfare in the Pacific and of course the accent was on flying, as Lieutenant Turnbull is a pilot.In the evening Few, Lemon and myself went ashore mainly to have our hair cut. The first barber’s shop was shut, and later when we came back after walking along the Southsea front we passed another shop which had also closed. Today we had a more interesting time than usual.After Stand Easy a party of officers from all the services came onboard for an outing in their Photographic Interpretation course.
Illustrious was docked.Owing to the mist and cloud at the time of sunset we were able to see sunspots on the face of the sun through our telescopes. Illustrious - Lieutenant Commander Hamer gave us a very interesting lecture on the Middle East. He explained the reason why it was so important to England and the Empire was because it was on our main East-West sea route, besides being a road between North and South. Jews will probably pour into Palestine, the Jewish part of which would soon be overpopulated, and then the immigrants would have no other course to take than to attempt to beat back the arabs by force of arms.
The Arabs have the advantage in desert warfare, as they know their country and have all the Moslem countries from which they can expect to receive modern arms and volunteers, to help in the cause. The Jews may have a well trained and organised army but all their arms are supplied from abroad. The help that is given by the American Government depends on the political parties in power and whether elections are in the offing, in which case the candidates in the Government in power will pander to the Jewish electorate. At present, however, the Americans can either please the Jews and endanger their oil pipe lines across Arabia, or dissatisfy their Jewish electorate but safeguard their oil, or, as they are doing now, make vague and noncommittal statements about their policy which generally annoys all the parties concerned.Trouble in our colonies has now spread to the Gold Coast where riots have broken out in Accra. There, a native party, demanding self government for the colony, has incited ex-servicemen to agitate for better living conditions.
After a short visit at Salisbury I caught the Bath train which took me to my home town, Warminster.
After waiting at the station for a car a little while the mist started to come down reducing visibility to about two yards.
Eventually I reached home after a hair raising drive, mostly on the pavement at the right side of the road. Saturday 6th March 1948Warminster - Another very fine day with clear sky and hot sun. Both sides seem to be organising themselves for the time when British forces leave the country, in the mean time the position of our soldiers and police in Palestine becomes more insecure every day. Sunday 7th March 1948Warminster – The King and Queen and Princess Margaret are to visit Australia and New Zealand in 1949. The Navy is not as strong as it should be, and the Government has not exaggerated its state. Illustrious - School in the morning and Organisation, a lecture by the Commander in the afternoon.
After a second long walk, it seemed very long carrying a heavy grip, we arrived at Hornet.Before Stand-Easy we were shown round the establishment, Gun Boat Yard, the two German E-boats there and several captured enemy craft, including one with a hydrophane attachment and an Italian explosive motorboat. 2012, a Long boat, called Dog boats by the officers on them.As we went past the forts outside the harbour in the Solent we saw an E-boat leave the harbour behind us. We were developing full speed, but very soon we were overtaken by the other boat which, we were informed afterwards, was only developing ? power.

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