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Transitioning for individuals with autism within and between activities is a common area of difficulty. Read this research study examining the efficacy of visual supports to facilitate transitions with individuals with autism. The Sinhgad schools foster an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for each person as the basis for sound education.
Character training is fostered by the environment we create and the opportunities we offer.
School years are crucial for the development of good habits and character which are the building blocks of excellence. We are committed to make learning, a joyful experience, at Sinhgad Spring Dale Pre-Primary Schools. Date and time for interaction with child & parents is given at the time of purchase of prospectus. Eligibility of admission to a particular class is decided by the management by observing the readiness of the child.
Selection is declared immediately on the following day and admission is confirmed only after the  payment of fees . In case parents wish to withdraw the admission of their child, it should be intimated to the school office before the school closes in second term for summer vacation.
Aashadi Ekadashi is a holy day of special significance to Vaishnavas followers of Hindu preserver god ‘Vishnu’. On 29th April project display on ‘Types of houses’ was put up Models of all the types of houses like hut, bungalow, igloo, stilt house and different rooms in the house were very well made. Children took great interest in watching it and showing their friends the models made by them. We are also trying our best to develop in our children the habit to write neatly and correctly. Each and every child prepared for the competition was given an opportunity to perform in front of other children.
It was indeed a treat for all the teachers to see these tiny tots performing confidently on the stage.
Practice sessions for sports events were conducted for first three days, semifinals were conducted on the forth day and the finals were conducted on the ground on the sports day i .e. He felt that children are the real strength of a country and the very strong foundation of the society.As a tribute to this great man and his love for the children, his birthday is celebrated as children’s day. Navratri the festival of nine nights is celebrated in honour of goddess Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati, who are considered as the mothers of the world. Drawing and Coloring Competition was organized for Pre- Primary students on Thursday, 18th September in the respective classes. These competitions help the children to improve their memorization, confidence and remove stage fear. Children were taken to the hall for aarti where the significance of this festival was told. Parents were asked to train their children and send them to school in particular attire on the concern day. On 8th June 2014 school celebrated palkhi .All the children came dressed up like warkaries.
Our spacious learning friendly classrooms are designed to create an ambience conducive for learning.
A Medical Room for first aid and resting, with a fully trained Nurse to take care of sick children. The STE Society has insured all the students under an Insurance Policy that covers hospitalization charges from Rs. Safety measures like Fire Extinguishers  and 2 Separate Entry and Exit Gates, Aqua Guard water filters and water coolers supplying  pure and clean water. All items of food, would be displayed, vegetarian ,non vegetarian, Cereals, pulses, healthy, junk, fast food, instant food, preserved food etc.
Learning   in any new language takes  place in 4   stages  through Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
This is a very difficult job as the children  entering the school at 2 ? years in the Mini KG are like  blank slates. At “Spring Dale Nursery School” maximum effort is made to  make learning a joyful experience by following the Playway Method to its core and make each concept interesting for learning  .(For  eg.
We have four closets in our hallway, but the closet that sits outside the boys’ bathroom is the one we use most often.

My favorite things are the fabric covered cork board and clipboard that I made from fabric I had left over from another project. If you are on Pinterest and need some ideas to get your home in order, I’d love for you to follow my organization idea board here! Ikea still has something similar that I’ll have to check out next time I get to Charlotte or Atlanta. Hi Tricia – Mine got about half way there and your closet is exactly what is in my head. They can be used to add structure to a person’s month, week, day, time period or activity. If an individual is using a schedule, when schedule items are completed the picture symbol can be taken off the schedule and placed in the all-done box to indicate the activity has been completed. Simply set, or teach the individual to set, a timer to indicate how much time remains before a transition is coming. The bus route & the bus stop allotted will not be changed in the midst of one academic session.
The procession started with a pooja performed by our Head Mistress of the paduka’s of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj in the palkhi (palanquin).
One of our teacher told a very nice story of little ‘Namdev’ to the children and asked them to have faith,devotion and love as little Namdev’. The importance of yoga has been understood by all, even the western countries are now practicing yoga to keep their mental and physical state in stable position. Sujata Mam told the students about the importance of yoga during the assembly and after that Sr. Then children performed sitting and standing asanas & surya namaskar Children enjoyed doing it and promised Sujata Mam that they will do it regularly. Considering this,now a days physical development and sports are equally important along with the academics. The ground decorated with balloons, colorful flags, victory stand and tracks was adding more excitement to the atmosphere.
It is celebrated on 14th November every year as it is the birthday ofPandit Jawaharlal Nehru amongst children,as he was fond of them.
The day began with the warm welcome to children by wishing them happy children’s day by teachers and the headmistress. The entire corridors were decorated with colorful cartoons, masks and balloons which made entire atmosphere lively.After the assembly, children gathered in the nursery hall for the celebration. These goddess are the personification of power, or shakti who fight against the demon Mahishasur for nine days and kill him on the ninth day. Participants were very happy when they were appreciated by their friends with a big round of applause. The information about different names of Ganesha , his body parts, what he likes to eat, what do we offer lord Ganesha etc. They are fully equipped with colorful furniture , plenty of picture boards, drawing boards for children, hanging mobiles, colorful charts, flash cards  sentence reading stands,  easel boards for painting, Toy racks loaded with soft toys and other toys like fixing blocks, beads ,plasticine ,picture books etc. For pre primary buses ply as far as KEM Hospital, Laxmi road,Dhankawadi, Bibwewadi, Katraj , Swargate, Kothrud, Paud road, Bavdhan, Khanapur, DSK Vishwa,Dhayari . Project Methodology brings about an All Round Development for it covers the different areas of development. Introduction to Alphabet, Numbers , Days of the week, Months of the year are all abstract concepts for them. But, in addition to storing your clothes and other household items when they’re not in use, closets can also be beautiful spaces that compliment your decor while keeping you organized. I’ll give more details later, but I will give you a hint and tell you that I will be busy putting up wainscoting. I keep the phone numbers for the doctors’ offices and medical emergencies on the cork board.
I bought the white boxes from Ikea several years ago, so they may not have them in stock anymore.
Some useful tools to teach and support transitions are schedules, sub-schedules, all-done boxes and timers. The individual will need to be primed for the transition so they know what the expectation is when the timer goes off. The palakhis from Dehu (Tukaram’s), Paithan (Eknath’s), Trimbakeshwar (Nivruttinath’s), Muktainagar (Muktabai’s),Saswad (Sopandev’s) and from Shegaon Saint Gajanan Maharaj’s also join the procession by singing abhangas (chanting hymns) of all these saints dedicated to God Vitthal. A song in praise of god ‘ Vitthal’ called Aarti was sung along with the children by all the teachers.

They are accurate in judging others, have bigger ambition in life and they have good attitude and also people admiration. Children were informed in advance to prepare a song in English or Marathi, other than the songs and rhymes taught in school.
To emphasize more on this aspect, School has planned a sports week from3rd to 10thDecember to encourage and develop sportsmanship in children. Every day innovative activities were planned for the students like drawing and coloring the picture of Lord Ganesha, paper crumpling and pasting on the picture of Ganesha, children were taught a nice song on BalGanesha, every day different stories of GanapatiBappa were told.
The aim of any   pre –school curriculum is  therefore  to develop children in the pre- reading and pre- writing skills, as well as to develop an awareness about  themselves and their surroundings. They will make body actions forming letter A, do Ariel writing of the letter saying a jingle “Up and Down with a line in between”, they will also color the letter and only then would call it as letter A of the alphabet. I’m working on my craft closet today and I’m wondering what in the world did I get myself into! However they’re used, the goal is usually to promote independence within and across activities. For instance, if the individual is working on the computer and in 10 minutes they will need to turn off the computer and clean their room then a timer can be set for 10 minutes once the expectation has been defined.
Children enjoyed a lot and got to know about this day by actually participating in the event.
Those dresses depicted different birds, fruits, insects, saints, community helpers and flowers.
Children were amazed to see the decorated Christmas tree and a statue of Santaclauseright at the entrance of the school.Teacher dressed up as ‘Santa clause’ along with fairies holding candles and singing Christmas carols went to each and every class and showered Christmas wishes on children! Semifinalists selected by the teachers performed again in front of all the children, out of which two children per class were selected as the winners of 1st and 2nd position. The drill performed by the girls with colorful pompoms was amazing followed by the Marchpastof Sr. The winners stood on the victory stand and children appreciated them with the drum beats and scout claps.One by one all the events were conducted followed by relay of Sr. Our Head Mistress narrated some incidences of Chacha Nehru’s childhood which children listened with keen interest. Games would be further played for letter recognition ,phonic sound recognition for reinforcing the abstract concept). Special shoe storage and jewelry hooks are also nice details that will help you stay organized. In large closets, you have even more opportunity to add some color, style and personality into the space. Part of my plans to makeover the hallway will be tackling the disorganized mess that lurks behind the hallway closet doors.
The individual would be taught to complete the activities in the to-do box and place them in the all-done box when completed. This process of priming and setting a timer can help individuals successfully complete transitions between preferred and non-preferred activities. They were very excited to see the greenery, statue of dinosaur and many games available in the garden. Children were judged on their clarity of speech, memorization and the song they have selected for the competition. By the time I finished painting the door, I couldn’t bear the thought of painting anything else.
So, instead of painting the shelves I recovered them with contact paper from the dollar store.
Some individuals may use a schedule of they’re entire day to show what they are going to be doing across the day. They marched smartly and confidently by holding different house color flags in their hands. These schedules can be helpful for those individuals who have difficulty with unexpected changes.
Some individuals with autism have difficulty during less structured times of the day, so teaching them to create and complete an activity schedule can help increase success during these times.
A schedule can be created depicting all the steps to preparing a meal so the individual knows what steps need to be completed.

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