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The portability of the Infrascanner™ Model 2000 is a natural for multiple markets across the United States beginning with EMS, the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Units for any hospital, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, sports medicine, workers’ compensation and remote locations. Patients with suspected mild to moderate TBI are routinely referred to a hospital with a CT scan. Patients taken to the emergency department can be quickly screened for an intracranial hematoma. Patients admitted to the hospital with a positive head CT scan typically require one or more repeat head CT scans to rule out the progression of bleeding.  The Infrascanner™ is an adjunct tool for monitoring in-hospital complicated mild to moderate TBI. Urgent Care facilities provide fast medical services, functioning as low-acute emergency departments.
Most Urgent Care centers provide radiology and substantial point-of-care diagnostic testing.
The Infrascanner™ can assist medical personnel in the identification of bleeding in the brain and the need to transport elderly or rehabilitating patients to the emergency room after a fall or other traumatic brain injury. The Infrascanner™ can provide a direct cost savings for insurance carriers, third-party administrators, self-insured employers, government agencies and managed care organizations by more efficiently using CT scans or other more expensive diagnostic machines. It is the policy of the US Marshal’s Service to ensure that all federal prisoners receive medically necessary health care while at the same time ensuring that federal funds are not expended for unnecessary or unauthorized health care services. The Infrascanner™ can be used in remote industrial locations including coal mines, pipeline installations and off shore oil rigs where there are limited medical facilities and no reasonable access to CT scanning technology or other imaging devices. The quick, reliable and safe quality of the Infrascanner™ enables a physician to make an informed decision on where to triage a patient with suspected intracranial bleeding. The Infrascanner™ is a portable screening device that offers first responders, EMS and Paramedics a quick non-invasive mechanism to aid in assessing whether an immediate CT scan is required.

This technology will enable a doctor determine the urgency of imaging and proper prioritization for the CT scan, resulting in a more efficient use of hospital resources.
It is not intended to replace a CT scan, but to be used to screen patients with TBI to reduce the number of CT scans, help to provide more efficient use of hospital resources and help reduce administrative and patient transport costs. The Infrascanner™ can assist Urgent Care facilities by offering precise and fast care while keeping their costs low for a large clientele. A well informed decision can substantially reduce costs associated with emergency room transportation. Veteran advocates believe that between 10 and 20% of Iraq veterans, or 150,000 and 300,000 service members, have some level of TBI. Most prisoner health care standards define conditions requiring treatment to include accidental or traumatic injuries while in the custody of the prison. Industry leaders seeking to attract positive attention to the luxury ship and resort vacationers can provide the latest in health care technology that is portable and easy to use by medical professionals. The Infrascanner™ can help provide objective information in assisting medical personnel in making a decision on whether or not an evacuation is necessary.
This first of its kind technology, using near infrared (NIR) light, provides a simple positive or negative graphic result with a high rate of specificity.
This technology will help make selecting the most appropriate hospital transport a life-saving decision. Urgent Care centers offer medical services to walk-ins or unscheduled patients and are open extended evening and weekend hours. The Infrascanner™ can be used as a adjunct screening device to a clinical evaluation helping to identify when a patient’s care needs to be expedited because of a suspected hematoma.

Protocol for a resident in a nursing home after a fall is to transport that patient to the Emergency Department for a CT scan.
The Infrascanner™ provides battlefield corpsmen with a simple and effective screening capability that did not previously exist. Prison inmates who become injured and suffer from mild to moderate TBI can be screened with the Infrascanner™ on site and, if negative for intracranial bleeding, can save the prison system thousands of dollars ordinarily spent for transportation and administrative costs associated with a hospital visit. An evacuation from these locations is both expensive and results in a loss of production from key employees. It will save precious time for those patients with a detected hematoma and will offer a monitoring system for those with a delayed bleed. If the patient’s reading is negative, and sent back to the nursing home facility, the nursing staff can easily monitor thel patient to assure the resident does not have a delayed bleed. The Infrascanner™ delivers a simple positive or negative graphic report in approximately 4 minutes, helping to aid in transport decisions for Marines or Sailors injured on the battlefield or at sea, far from CT or other diagnostic machines available in a hospital.
The Infrascanner™ will provide the emergency room with vital information on patient status including presence, location and development dynamics of a hematoma.
CT machines are not generally available aboard Naval ships in the frigate or destroyer class or in the field with the Marine Corps.
The Infrascanner™ is small enough to fit in a corpsman’s pack and is resistant to water and sand and performs well in a wide range of temperatures.

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