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When, where, how to wash hands the right way for best practice in hygienic food preparation and handling. The guidance on how and when to wear gloves while working in the kitchen or in food serving industry, to prevent food poisoning by practicing hygienic food preparation and handling. First Aid For Choking Infant and Child – Emergency steps to help choking infant or child either in conscious state or unconscious state. User friendly text and clear instructions show employees how to prevent accidents and injury and whilst maintaining a healthy working environment. User friendly text and clear illustrations mean that all our posters are very easy to follow. Thank you for your inquiryPlease complete and submit the form below,and we will contact you right away. Manual Handling involves work related physical task or activity, effort or movement which involve: lifting heavy objects lowering pushing pullingrestraining an object or a load as well as cleaning, writing and typing. First Aid Signs and Posters : , Health and Safety Signs, Posters, banners from Print2logistics. First Aid PosterSemi Rigid PVC First Aid Poster Full instruction on the correcwaviest aid proceedure at work.

Anyone who has handled the article should immediately wash their hands with soap and water.
Bolt heavy furniture, water tanks, water heaters, gas cylinders and storage units to a wall or floor.
Emergency items such as canned foods, medication, flashlights, battery-operated radios, fire extinguishers and a First Aid kit should be readily available and working properly.
All family members should know how to use this emergency equipment and should know how to turn off electricity, gas and water using safety valves and main switches.
All family members should know what to do during an earthquake and should practice these safety tips through regular drills. Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless they are in danger of further injury. This is a widely circulated suggestion which states that during an earthquake it is safer to curl up next to a desk or bed rather than to go under it. Scientists recommend that the safety measures outlined in this website be used to protect yourself from the effects of earthquakes in the Eastern Caribbean. Using these posters tin the workplace will also help to reinforce your visible commitment to safety and will be of great value in assisting trained first aiders to retain their skills.

Studies show one in four of a workplace injury is caused by manual handling and these common injuries include strain, neck and back injury, falls and Occupational Overuse Syndrome. Please look out for the drop down material box when choosing your required health and safety sign. By understanding the meaning of these symbols you are expected to use the right tableware and avoid the wrong practice that will turn the material into a source of toxic contamination through usage (degeneration). Workers must ensure they are correctly using manual handling techniques to prevent these injuries from occurring to them.The requirements to safely manual handling involves the knowledge of correctly knowing how to lift a heavy object, pull, push and carry a heavy object to prevent injuries.
Move away from windows, mirrors, glass doors, pictures, bookcases, hanging plants and heavy objects. Ways to reduce the risk of injury include: if carrying a heavy load, break the load into smaller quantities reduce any kind of bending twisting or reaching movements. Also use a manual handling aid to assist with handling including trollies and forklift and warm up before working as well as take breaks to prevent muscle strain and fatigue.

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