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Our online First Aid course is designed to help you better understand the theories and practices behind effective First Aid.
Once enrolled, the student will receive a login, password, and web link via email for the online course.
The Online Training has Google Translate available so you can complete your study in your Native Language. This course has been developed for persons who wish to gain the basic knowledge required to deliver First Aid. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
You should roll the casualty onto their side to clear their airway, then continue with CPR.
The latest European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines recommend a rate of 100 - 120 chest compressions a minute. If you find someone collapsed, what is the first thing you should you do? On an adult casualty, what is the ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths? SA First Aid Training works in conjunction with Protrainings EU program, offering a choice of Online First Aid courses, either 100% or through blended learning, to minimize disruption to your workforce.

Our training meets HSE recommendations as an Annual refresher training program in between the three year certification dates. Online training allows a flexible approach to meeting the recommendations which remove the need to travel to conventional courses.
Blended courses are where the student does a video based online course, takes an online test and then comes to us to complete a practical evaluation on certain skills.
Companies can also have their own log in area where they can track what students have completed their training.
Tilt their head to one side Move their tongue using your fingers Do nothing - you shouldn’t move them Tilt their head backwards Correct! Give 2 rescue breaths Give 30 chest compressions Check their pulse Call an ambulance Correct! Stop Continue as normal Quickly roll them to one side to clear the vomit, then continue Inform the ambulance service Correct! If the casualty shows signs of life If you become exhausted If the area becomes too dangerous All of these reasons Correct!
Immediately stop CPR Do nothing Check your hands are positioned correctly and continue Do rescue breaths only Correct! A first aid room Automated External Defibrillator available First aid equipment store Danger of electricity Correct!

With one hand With two fingers As an adult, but more carefully You can’t do chest compressions on a child Correct!
You will be issued with a wall certificate and a wallet card to prove you have completed the training. This process speeds up training and the student also has access to the online site for 8 months and receives a free weekly update email with the latest news and a video of the week. You also can download a free student manual for most of the courses and each student has their own log in area where they can change email settings and information. Our e-Learning courses aim to develop skills and knowledge across front-of-house and kitchen. On completion, the learner is awarded a personalised, printable certificate of achievement.

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Rubric: Provide First Aid


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