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Recently, I have had numerous General Contractors, subtrades and even home owners ask me this question:  Why do we need first aid coverage?  This is unheard of in residential construction! Delegating first aid means that a General Contractor needs to follow up and ensure that the subtrades are actually providing a certified first aid attendant.  It is all about the follow up!!  There is no evidence of due diligence if no one has verified that the system is being followed. Thankfully we are now a few weeks past May 1st College Decision Day, and I can honestly say I am happy we survived that experience.
Without a doubt, it was an emotional month, but the good news is that now a few weeks later, all feels settled. What we did find out through this process, however, is that all schools and their financial aid offices are not the same. The feelings we have now about each of these schools, I have to admit, was effected by those experiences and conversations with the personnel of those financial aid offices. Wishing other parents an enjoyable and safe graduation season and ease into the next part of this parenting adventure. John and Pat Walsh take over ISM and open its Head Office at 14 Lower Dorset Street on 16th August 1965.

As this was our first time through the college decision making process with our kids, I have to admit, it was an emotional roller coaster I hadn’t prepared well for. When the first acceptance and financial packages arrived at the beginning of this process, I called said financial aid office at one of the desirable schools.
But so are tax offices during tax season and I wouldn’t accept that kind of customer service from an accountant.
When inquiring out of curiosity how other families finance their school, the response I got was, “some borrow, grandparents donate or there is a trust fund.” The answer was given in such a distasteful way that it was shocking. I realize I must also have understanding for what the person I spoke to must have been dealing with as well (other angry or maybe rude parents) BUT if you are in the business of customer service you better be able to relate to every customer with the kindness you would expect to receive in that very same situation.
It was at this time that I was told what our family contribution was as well, which was also in our case completely incomprehensible to us. Since this was the first time we had truly realized the disconnect between the schools and the potential families, I asked more questions which weren’t met with much empathy but rather a glibness of just “how things are these days”. Moving forward, I will not feel the same about that first school having that glib of an interaction about something so crucial to us at that time.

I felt angry and quite disappointed that there wasn’t more kindness and consideration in the comments that were being thrown around. The second school, however, felt as if they got this process and knew how to handle the parental emotional roller coaster well. My husband and I finally understood that our college system has gotten out of control and that means kids (or their parents as is the case now) have to hawk their retirement or borrow unrealistic sums of money to finance a college education. I received acknowledgement of this complicated process and understanding that this is not always an easy experience and definitely emotional.
This financial aid officer, with compassion and concern, offered at least a further look into our individual situation.

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