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Our program exceeds Federal OSHA requirements.  It has been reviewed and approved by numerous federal, state and local agencies including the US Coast Guard.
Those minutes that it takes for emergency medical aid to arrive can make a huge difference in whether the person survives in cases of cardiac arrest.  How much of a difference?
On average, the accredited standard is a max of 8 minutes for urban, 12 minutes for suburban, and 18 minutes for rural, but to be frank, most departments, particularly when staffed by volunteers, usually won’t hit those numbers and the average will be longer, sometimes much longer.  It’s not difficult to do the math with the Red Cross’ numbers and the average response time numbers to see that having an AED on hand and knowing how to use it drastically ups the odds of you or a loved one surviving a cardiac arrest. The good news is that the price for buying an AED has dropped dramatically in recent years, such as with this Home Defibrillator, which isn’t that much more than many people spend on a computer, but unlike a computer, could save your life or someone you love. But whether you end up getting one for your home or not, many businesses, schools, restaurants, and the like are starting to have these mounted to walls, so even if you don’t have one, it’s good for you to familiarize yourself with the process of using one before the emergency situation presents itself. Defibrillation is the process of delivering a dose of electrical energy through the heart in the hopes that its normal electrical pathways begin to work normally. Once your heart goes into cardiac arrest, the only way to get its electrical system to work properly again is to send a massive (compared to the amount the heart gives itself) amount of electrical energy to stop (yes, stop) all the electrical activity in the heart (known as depolarization).
When your heart is beating normally, its muscle cells are receiving an electrical shock approximately 60-100 times per minute. The specific set of cells that regulate the heart rate (in most people) are called the Sinoatrial node or SA node for short. When these foci start to beat on their own, they can create an electrical impulse that simply doesn’t create the mechanical squeeze necessary for blood flow, thus no pulse. So should there be no electrical impulse at all, like say when someone is “flat-lined”, called asystole, then shocking is pointless, since you would need an electrical impulse to create a beat.
When someone goes into cardiac arrest, the most common heart rhythm present is known as ventricular fibrillation.
Once you open the AED, it will tell you a three step process to shock someone, in three different ways. You cannot plug in the pads incorrectly as the manufacturers only allow them to be plugged in one way.
Since cardiac arrest is the number one “natural” cause of death in the United states any person in cardiac arrest will require an electrical shock, and because AED technology has progressed to the point of allowing just about anyone to give this shock, defibrillation is #1 on our top 5 first aid tricks everyone should know. Some people have suggested that CPR be #1 and not #2, since it increases the person’s chance of survival so significantly. I was taught that the SAN is completely, 100% independent of the brain and nervous system, as in it generates it’s own pulses regardless of what any neurotransmitters etc are telling it? Wait, I’ve just thought about it and it makes sense, otherwise how would it know when to speed up the heart etc? Find Us On YouTube!Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series! This Basic Life Support (BLS) course is designed for medical professionals registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa or the lay public; who are looking to learn or stay current with their CPR, choking, BVM and AED training and acquire the necessary Continuing Professional Development points (CPD) as required by the HPCSA. Matthew Ross was featured by his local newspaper for his excellence in high school football, basketball and baseball. In an industry sadly bereft of honesty one young aspiring banker, Matthew Ross took the time to write a cover letter that so impressed the individual it was meant for that he in turn decided to share it with other Wall st executives for its candor which of course then led it to being shared by other executives, social media and so forth.
Perhaps what makes the letter most interesting is not only its candor but the suggestion that Wall st bosses are from time to time willing to overlook the traditional pedigree qualifications they insist is the best fit which might be a backhand way of saying maybe Wall st bosses are starting to come clean with the notion that just because you know such and such and were educated at a premium entity doesn’t necessarily mean one has the pizzaz to excel, the integrity or ability to make good decisions or simply the discipline and resolve to do anything it takes to get ones foot through the door.
With limited or no work experience, it’s a challenge to make an immediate impression on employers and get invited to that all important first interview. Remember that your resume will be first thing a potential employer will see of you, it’s similar to shaking the hand of your interviewer and looking them in the eye. This is a resource page for young people who are looking for assistance with putting together an entry level resume. There are over 50 professionally written entry level resume templates on this page, each one has been written for a specific junior or entry level position. Optimize your resume for online applications by using job related and industry specific keywords.
A functional and skills based layout is the most suitable format for an entry level resume.
When putting one together start of by looking at the job you are applying for, make a list of its key requirements and then begin matching your relevant skills to it.
Many candidates lose their readers at the beginning with a poorly written opening statement. Below are short sentence examples of how to describe yourself your abilities and your career aims.
Research the company by looking for any product launches, press releases or statements on their website. Emphasize skills and accomplishments in order of importance, rather than in order of occurrence. Spin any mundane tasks you performed at school, college or university into work related skills. Focus on describing achievements, rather than just listing duties you may have carried out. Allows you to quickly highlight to a prospective employer the skills you want them to see and that they are looking for. Its layout allows you to easily and clearly match your skills and abilities to any vacancy you are applying for. Research prospective employers, find out something positive and interesting about them and then mention that in your resume.
Research the job role, make a list of the exact duties you will be required to perform and then mention those in your resume.

These are hard hitting verbs that can be used to describe the effort you used to complete tasks. With fewer jobs and more graduates, getting as much real life work experience can make all the difference. These are positions for people with little or no relevant work experience in the job role or field that they are applying for. Gives school leavers, student or graduates the chance to gain actual work experience and thereby enhance their future employability and career prospects. Our care training division specialises in delivery of the qualifications necessary to work in child care or early year’s education.
The Level 3 programme is for practitioners already working in a professional setting with children and gives you the recognised qualification necessary to work unsupervised and support others. The programmes have been designed to fit in with working commitments with some weekday evenings at the start of the programme followed by one Saturday a month for three school terms.
The delivery is a blend of tutor led workshops and some one-to-one support in the work place. Level 2 Apprenticeship programme.  This programme is for those working in a supervised role with children or young people aged 0–19 years and is the entry level certification you need to become a registered practitioner. According to the American Red Cross, after a person experiences cardiac arrest, the person’s chance of surviving drops by 7%-10% per minute until treated with defibrillation. Also, in many places, such as New York State, you can get as much as a $500 tax credit for each Defibrillator unit purchased, which further cuts down on the cost of this life saving device.
This procedure is so important that creators of the devices have developed the technology to the state that just about anyone can perform it- from a 7 year old in grade school to the doctors in an emergency room. The mechanical function of the heart is governed by the electrical system within the heart.
The SA node (pacemaker of the heart) sits in the upper portion of the R atria near the entrance of the superior vena cava. In an attempt not to give a physiology lecture of ungodly length, I will simply say that the main two electrolytes involved are sodium and potassium. When the SA node becomes damaged, or simply isn’t working properly, other parts of the heart start to take over to create the heartbeat. When this happens, if you “shock” all of these foci, you get them all to depolarize at the same time. So when you see those heroes on the TV and movies shocking someone with a flat-line, if they were actually doctors, be assured that their license to practice medicine would be reviewed after that was discovered. This is when all those foci in the bottom of your heart begin to fire off at the same time. Many governmental organizations require them to be present in publicly funded buildings, like schools and court houses.
I chose defibrillation as #1 because CPR alone will not make their heart start beating again. Of course what makes the letter a little sad is the fact that the applicant might be wasting his integrity and good attitude in an industry sorely lacking in those very qualities…. This is particularly true for young people who have just left school, college or are university graduates. They have been written from the perspective of an applicant who has little or no work relevant experience.
It’s also important to note that recruiters will know that you are new to the jobs market and have no work experience. As it is essentially a skills based document it should focus on your abilities, transferable skills and future potential.
Decide what your strongest selling points are, whether it is your education, IT skills, or certain experience. It’s therefore vital that you quickly win them over and retain their attention with a strong, well written introductory paragraph.
Find out something interesting or positive about them and then consider using that as a reason for wanting to join them. Making it easier for a Hiring Manager to scan and find key information about you, something they in turn will greatly appreciate. Only allow for two pages if you truly have enough work experience, publication credits or degrees to warrant it. If you resume is stored on a computer database, then a recruiter will search that database using screening software to look for certain keywords.
There is a danger that if you overuse the same words it can make your resume look repetitive and tacky. They not only give more power to your resume, but also help to highlight your strengths, abilities and accomplishments. One great way for school or college leavers to build up their work experience is to get a job as a volunteer with local charities or voluntary organisations. The course tutors and assessors have extensive experience in the sector, having worked in or run nurseries themselves. It can be undertaken as part of a full time Apprenticeship scheme funded by the Government and will include functional skills and pediatric first aid. There is a reason we are the Bay Area’s #1 Training Facility. We are the only Training Facility in San Jose where you can complete the Guard Card Class, Live Scan fingerprints and online State application all on the same day! That electrical system, in turn, can be affected by neurotransmitters from the brain (or fancy pacemakers created by the Dr.
When the SA node sends out and electrical shock, it immediately shocks the atria (the top chambers of the heart).

The hope is that the SA node, or some other foci, will take over and create a pulse producing rhythm on its own.
Several studies have found that when using an AED there is no difference in survival rate after application of shock delivery between lay people as young as 7 years old doing it or doctors.  This isn’t brain surgery.
However on a positive note its worth remembering that everyone has to start at the beginning. They will have factored this into any equation, which in turn means that your lack of work experience is something you do not have to explain.
It will have a functional layout, and unlike the more common chronological formats it de-emphasizes the timeline of any career. You have to induce a hiring manager to read the rest of your resume and the best way to do this is to professionally explain that you have the skills they are looking for, are accustomed to a professional environment and that you've been actively exploring your career options.
Use these examples as guides, and if you are going to use them then don’t forget to edit and re-write them to suit your own personal circumstances.
You need to be able to start sentences so that they not only make you look fresh and interesting, but also show  you as a positive person who knows how to present themselves in a professional way. If you have left university then you can consider undertaking a graduate placement or internship.
Long answer: The exchange of electrolytes across specialized cells within the heart build up a differing electrical potential on either side of the cell.
The pulse then gets “held up” in another set of cells called the Atrioventricular node, or AV node for short.
The reason why they normally don’t is that the SA node “overrides” them and they accept the impulse from it, instead of trying to create one on their own. They can be bought at several national retailers, and doctors often prescribe them to patients at risk of cardiac arrest. CPR just extends the amount of time a person can be in cardiac arrest and still have this defibrillation work. Workers with 5-10 years experience don’t suddenly appear out of thin air, they all needed an entry-level job to launch their careers. They are arranged around transferable skill sets and are generally suitable for people with little or no work experience, who are applying for junior or entry level roles.
A personal statement should be written based on your particular background, accomplishments and career objectives. But since we’re talking about shocking someone, we’ll only focus on the electrical system of the heart. When this electrical potential reaches a certain amount, it discharges and sends a shock down another unique set of cells within the heart, causing a shock and thus the contraction.
The impulse then travels down to the bundle of His (no, not the bundle of hers, sorry ladies ;-)) and then to two pathways called the right and left bundle branches.
This creates the differing electrical potential that builds up until the point of discharge because sodium and potassium have different electrical potentials. Because it’s known that this is the most common rhythm, and the only way to fix it is with a shock, the engineers of the world have come up with a way that everyone can deliver this shock when needed. One study showed that communities with people trained in CPR and AED use had twice as many victims survive a cardiac arrest compared to communities using CPR only.
Most people can do them, and knowing them all will help in a very wide range of emergency situations. Should you want to know how the brain governs it, I direct you to the many medical schools around the country! Then it’s transmitted to the rest of the Ventricles (lower chambers of the heart) through what are called Purkinje fibers. Other electrolytes also help in creating this differential, and they are calcium and magnesium. Good quality CPR and rapid defibrillation together will give the person in cardiac arrest the greatest chance of survival.
I encourage everyone to take a first aid and CPR classes if you are interested in knowing more. For how exactly all these electrolytes cross the cells membrane, I will only say here that it would take way too long to explain in this article; just trust me on this one, they do. It will read something like: turn on the machine, place the pads as shown, and press the shock button. All together the harmony created by this yin and yang system of electrical and mechanical systems come together to make that wonderfully thumping thing inside your chest! You too can roll your eyes at me and frequently glance at your watch as I attempt to cram a seemingly never ending stream of medical knowledge into your head! Once the machine is turned on, it will begin to tell you to “place pads on patient’s bare chest, plug in pads connecter next to flashing light.” It will continue to tell you this until you do.
Once you do, the machine will then tell you not to touch the patient, as it is analyzing the heart rhythm.
If the machine sees that the person is in ventricular fibrillation, it will tell you something like “shock advised. Press the flashing light to deliver the shock.” If the shock is not advised, it will tell you that as well.

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