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Course Objective - HLTAID003 : Provide First AidProvide First Aid or HLTAID003 is the standard workplace first aid course. As a Registered Training Organisation, we must collect evidence of knowledge competency and practical competency. There is no previous learning knowledge or experience needed to enrol on to this programme. This programme has been approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) who are global leaders in risk and compliance based solutions.
First Aid Level 2 is not usually suggested unless you are interested in the field and would like to have as much knowledge as possible. In order to qualify for the level 2 course, you need to have a valid first aid level 1 certificate. To get a free quote for First Aid Level 2, feel free to complete our contact form anywhere on our website.
Online pre-learning required before (A hard copy workbooks can be supplied for anyone who does not have internet access or good computer skills).
CommunityNI is developed, managed and hosted by NICVA - Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action.
This Nationally Accredited Certificate will allow you to provide basic First Aid response in emergency life support until emergency assistance arrives. A successful outcome for this Certificate will be determined by a range of different methods including online or written assessment, observation of simulated and practical activities, structured questioning or discussions. Participants should have basic Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills and have the physical ability to manage CPR and other First Aid situations. Knowing what to do in the first few minutes following an accident can be the difference between life and death. We choose to partner with Your Licence as the Directors themselves have industry experience, family in the industry and are down to earth, good honest people. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information within this website is accurate at the time of publication.

It includes all the components of the normal CPR course but tacks on additional information and practical skills. The knowledge component can be completed by online program which takes between 2 to 6 hours and a practical day that generally starts at 0915 and finishes around 1530 depending on the size of the class and questions that are asked. The skills we teach will enable you to look after someone in their greatest time of need, when they are sick or injured. I know it has been seen as a necessary evil because it is needed for work or it is needed to continue another type of study or registration.
Learning first aid thoroughly and being able to put those skills into practice when they are needed is an extremely valuable asset. Paramedics train for years and have massive practical experience to call on when they are confronted with serious cases.
So when you come to a Provide first aid course with Emergency First Aid we will do everything we can to make your experience a memorable one because if you know how to do something and why you are doing it, you are more likely to remember it when it counts. It is vital that employers comply with Health and Safety Regulations 1981, which will make sure that there is sufficient First Aid provision in place for staff. This makes our CIEH First Aid Awareness course easily accessible to anyone who would like to develop their knowledge and skills.
It is an awarding and campaigning organisation at the forefront of health and safety and the environment. Please include name, mobile no & email address so online material regarding the course can be sent out. This course is the benchmark standard that is suitable for anybody requiring a Level II First Aid or Senior First Aid Certificate for the workplace, home, sport and recreational use. This course is suitable for beginners but we also have a first aid refresher variation too. Nearly 20 years in this field has shown me that, but it has also shown me that for the most part, people are willing to help each other. Luckily these are few and far between and for the most part our day is spent looking after people with chest pains or strokes, or respiratory illnesses or mental health issues.

This essentially means that if you have level 1, you will be able to treat the same injuries. This first aid course has either an online program or a workbook to complete prior to attending a 1 day practical first aid session. This is evidenced by the amount of people that stop at a car crash or stop to help that old lady that has fallen. What is interesting is that for all of these things we attend, there is someone helping or concerned about their friend, work colleague or loved one. In First Aid Level 2, you are required to write a written exam on the theory behind the practical. I blame organisations that are willing to let people through that clearly do not understand the content or are unable to participate in the practical scenarios to a competent level. The first aid courses we provide are about being comfortable in your own skin, to empower you to become confident in your abilities.
These helpers can either be calm and collected or walking around not knowing what to do or panicked or worse.
They account for 75% of the UK market, and offer a three-dimensional approach when it comes to the Health and Safety Executive risk and compliance.
We sometimes have people say that we can't possibly spend time on an online program, like this isn't an important subject.
Sometimes we are a duck on water, cool and serene on the surface but little legs paddling like mad underneath.
Would you rather have a person that is confident in their first aid knowledge and skills looking after you, or someone that has sat through a course and been gifted a certificate? It can be all about confidence and holding it together when things are starting to fall apart.

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