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Having retired from his days as a champion bowler in the Pro Leagues, Wall-nut is looking forward to a real challenge on the front lines of home defense. Wall-nut is obtained after beating Level 1-3, but Pole Vaulting Zombie appears soon, and it can jump over Wall-nut. Wall-nut absorbs 72 bites and its appearance changes at 24 bites and 48 bites, before finally being eaten at 72 bites. Wall-nut absorbs 80 bites and its appearance changes at 20, 40, and 60 bites, before finally being eaten at 80 bites. When given Plant Food, Wall-nut gains metal armor, capable of absorbing 160 bites or one Gargantuar smash.
Wall-nut's Plant Food ability gives it crystal armor, which has 320 health points and resistance to one Gargantuar smash.
When a Wall-nut is eaten or shoveled, it has a 50% chance to explode in a one-by-three area, pushing back zombies but dealing no damage. When a Wall-nut is eaten or shoveled, it always explodes in a one-by-three area, pushing back zombies but dealing no damage. When a Wall-nut is removed, its cooldown time decreases by 15 seconds; costs 200 upgrade sun. Write the possible sublevels for each energy level in organized rows and columns like the image below.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue (the plantar fascia) that extends from the heel to the toes.
The most common Achilles tendon injuries are Achilles tendinosis and Achilles tendon rupture.  Achilles tendinosis is the soreness or stiffness of the tendon, generally due to overuse.
Shin splints are pain to either side of the leg bone, caused by muscle or tendon inflammation (periostitis). Zombies games. It acts as a shield for the player's other plants, as it has high durability.
The name is a portmanteau of "walnut" and "wall," befitting Wall-nut's ability to absorb attacks from zombies.
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In this condition, the fascia first becomes irritated and then inflamed-resulting in heel pain. Partial and full Achilles tendon ruptures are most likely to occur in sports requiring sudden eccentric stretching, such as sprinting.
An external force is placed on the great toe and the soft tissue structures that support the big toe on the top are torn or ruptured. It is mainly used to stall or block zombies in order to buy time for the player to plant an offensive plant.

The player needs to protect them in several Save Our Seeds levels such as Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 5.
There are normally two sesamoid bones on each foot; sometimes sesamoids can be bipartite, which means they each comprise two separate pieces. The area approximately two inches above the calcaneal attachment is most susceptible to these ruptures due to a zone of avascularity.
Usually, the pain is not enough to keep the athlete from physical activities or finishing a game.
In this game, there are many mini-games featuring Wall-nut such as Wall-nut Bowling and Wall-nut Bowling 2. In humans the sesamoid bones act as a fulcrum for the flexor tendons, the tendons which bend the big toe downward.  Patient will need RICE and custom orthotics to help with this problem.
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