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If you wish to learn first aid we suggest you attend a course such as those run by 1stAiders.
If you are part of a local Search & Rescue team, how’s your emergency first aid knowledge? Those wishing to take their Paediatric First Aid exam for baby and toddler, here’s a taster of some of the questions you might encounter. Emergency first aid is all about rapid response, treating the casualty, preserve life, prevent further injury and promote recovery. A little test for Community First Responders, when vital seconds count – how will you respond?
This free AED exam will you you a pretty good indication of your CPR knowledge and the theory of AED, it will never replace hands-on experience and not designed toTake The Test! We offer a full range of scheduled HSE Approved First Aid at Work Courses and Paediatric First Aid courses. Self employed people must provide adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities to provide first aid to themselves. What is adequate and appropriate will depend on the circumstances in your workplace and you need to assess what your first aid needs are.

State Enterprise Training have had First Aid units added to their RTO scope and have a third party agreement with MEDECS Australia to deliver and assess accredited First Aid Training through Tasmania. 2-day program for people who have not undertaken first aid training previously or for those undertaking a refresher who need require more time to learn and practice the skills required for assessment. If you are a student (school or university) please contact the office for special discounted prices. This course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide care in a remote environment where EMS response will be delayed or not feasible. This course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide care in a remote environment where EMS response will be delayed or not feasible. Solxplore instruction is set apart from many others in many ways: double paramedic instruction, real-life helicopter landing practice and familiarization using local aeromedical helicopters, and class size limits of 18 participants. We are a Registered Training Organisation specialising in Heavy Vehicle Training, Machinery Operations, Security Guard Training, High Risk Licensing and First Aid. Based in Southern Tasmania and servicing the state, OnRoad OffRoad has many years industry experience in the areas of transport and logistics, security guarding, construction, and occupational health and safety. No guarantee is given or implied as to the accuracy of the information provided, and no liability is accepted in any way.

By embarking upon a test you agree to have read this message and understand that this is for entertainment only.
If you have a particular first aid training requirement or work in an environment likely to require specific first aid knowledge we can also provide this. This is a very rigorous course taught using lecture, case-studies, demonstrations, skills practice and scenarios.
Operating as an RTO since 2004 OnRoad OffRoad Training is a Tasmanian owned and run business. Janelle undertook the excavator course because she wanted to learn how to operate the machine. We’ve added a mixed bunch of questions that relate to trauma and traumaticTake The Test! Janelle really enjoys operating machinery and has plans to do more machinery training in the future.

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Rubric: First Aid Skills


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