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RVers, especially road wandering or boondocking types, are often far from first aid treatment options in the event of accidents, burns, cuts and abrasions, sickness, etc. There are many pre-packed First Aid kits on the market, with some specifically designed for travel and available at RV parts stores like camping World. Here are some tips on what to stock in your all-purpose first aid kit, and I hope you will never have to use any more of it than is needed to treat minor scrapes or cuts and an occasional bee sting. First Aid manual—the better the manual the better you will be able to handle treatment of emergencies. Park VoiceNAMENEWEST Destinations and Historic Places & Landmarks and Park VoiceAugust 11, 2016 Retreat.

People carrying vehicles (PCV) and minibuses must carry first aid kits that comply with PCV and Minibus Regulations.
This is the technical data for the St John Ambulance PCV (People Carrying Vehicle) First Aid Kit. First Aid Kits and Supplies OSHA Compliant First Aid Kit.A Emergency Eyewash and Skin Care System.
If you encounter the need for medical treatment, do you have the necessary elements of medical treatment in your on-board first aid kit? Look for one that includes step-by-step pictures and clear, easy to understand, directions.

Please see our alternative product: St John Ambulance BS 8599-1 Compliant Travel First Aid Kits.

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