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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Travelling through Africa with our dog, Bow Wow, has been an experience we will never forget. We spent months driving all over Southern Africa in this incredibly reliable pimped out Defender. This is a UK registered vehicle currently parked in Cape Town, South Africa with a currentA Carnet de Passage.
As previously mentioned, this is a UK registered vehicle currently parked in Cape Town, South Africa with a current Carnet de Passage. I have a 25l container with a shower and pump but my desire is warming the water during circulating it before the use.

Sure, the water is pumped through a device fitted to the engine which heats the water using the coolant, so the engine needs to be running.
Which company did you use to ship the vehicle back to the UKto take, how long is it anticipated and how much did it cost please?
Hi Andy, unfortunately it is no longer for sale as we changed our minds, but may be in future.
Sadly this adventure must come to an end for now so we can focus all of our energies on The Band4Hope Project.
It expires on 30th November 2012, though can be renewed for another year or more for further travel through Africa and beyond. They’re tough and timeless, and in two-wheel-drive sidecar form, can tackle terrain that few other touring bikes can match.

There’s an engine skid plate, an auxiliary spotlight and even a winch.There are towing points both front and rear, and a large windshield to protect the rider from the elements.
Only 27 of these models will be sold in the US and the price is just $13,999, so you’ll have to contact your nearest Ural dealer quickly if you want one.

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