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We organized a music talk with the amazing Little Boots at Moderna Museet Malmö in Sweden on March 21 2016!
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Swedish band First Aid Kit is rapidly becoming a fixture in the current ranks of indie folk musicians, effortlessly falling into place next to the likes of Laura Marling and Fleet Foxes. The sister duo Johanna and Klara Soderberg released “Wolf,” the third official music video from their widely acclaimed sophomore album The Lion’s Roar, on Sept.

The sisters say “Wolf” was shot in a forest in Jarvso, Halsingland, Sweden and it aims to talk about how we are currently destroying the planet.
All of this is made that much creepier by the video’s effects: close-ups of the two singing are laden with strobe lights, photos of wolves are projected onto their faces and clothing, and many of the images are manipulated to look like a kaleidoscope. By the end of the video, the girls have put on wolf masks, channeling their inner spirit animals.
First Aid Kit just recorded an Exclusive iTunes Session and they will release a limited edition, deluxe package of The Lion’s Roar on Oct. Pokemon Go?Fucking Friday: Artists Make Mistakes Too10 Questions with DatsikWhat Does CVS Stand For?
Because we know that underneath that polished, civilized exterior there is definitely a wild creature longing to howl or roar.” Simply put, the video resembles what you’d expect some sort of pagan ritual to look like.

They let loose and burn down the altar they danced on throughout “Wolf,” displaying destruction symbolizing our gradual wrecking of our planet.
Clad in white dressing gowns, the sisters seem to be participating in some sort of sacred ceremony.
It’s about our destruction of the planet, but it also about finding the animal within you.
They running through the forest, stand stone-faced side-by-side, and do a synchronized, swaying dance on a handmade wooden altar.

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