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First Aid Kit’s last album was well liked at the PeteHatesMusic headquarters, landing at the number 5 spot on our Top Albums of 2012, and their track Emmylou making our Top Songs of 2012. Ruotsalainen sisarusduo First Aid Kitin kolmas levy yhdistaa ruotsalaisen ja angloamerikkalaisen pop-perinteen parhaat ja ajattomimmat puolet.First Aid Kit ponnahti maailman ihmeteltavaksi YouTube -esityksellaan Fleet Foxesin kappaleesta Tiger Mountain Peasent Song.
Nyt kuusi vuotta myohemmin First Aid Kit kuulostaa kolmannella albumillaan ihan yhta raikkaalta kuin ruotsalaisessa metsassa Fleet Foxesia laulaessaan. Kauniit lauluharmoniat, kasvanut itseluottamus ja mestarien syleily, First Aid Kit on jo kokenut kaiken tuon. Netti-tv: Putket punasina 11 Mercedes-Benz C 43 AMG, 306 hv - Riittaako luonne AMG:n rattiin? Jasper Paakkonen ja Antero Vartia, suurhanke Hernesaareen - Mista "Loylyssa" on kyse? N: Is tracking live sort of standard for the course, or is it just something you guys feel is important for getting the sound that you’re going for?
JS: Well, for us, we sing harmonies together, Klara and I, so we kind of have to be in the same room and sing at the same time. N: Shifting gears slightly, I feel like the music scene in Sweden has been really blowing up over the last decade or so. KS: Except when you go to dance and you see people who are really amazing, and it really bums me out. N: Yeah, once you solve some of the puzzles in that game, you just want to post up for a high five, but then you realize no one knows what you just did. First Aid Kit’s third album, Stay Gold, is available on June 10th from Columbia Records. Mal da pra acreditar, mas este e o primeiro videoclipe do musico em seus dez anos de carreira.
Sobre o siteFeito para quem nao se contenta apenas em ouvir a musica, mas quer tambem ve-la, aqui voce vai encontrar analises sem preconceitos e com olhar critico sobre o relacionamento das artes visuais com o mercado fonografico.

Well then, I’m as happy as Rob Ford in a crack den to hear that Swedish singers First Aid Kit have announced a new album called Stay Gold. Amerikkalaisyhtye ihastui itse versioon, levitti sita omien faniensa tietoisuuteen - ja tieto hammastyttavan kauniita harmonioita laulavasta ruotsalaisesta teiniduosta levisi rajahdysmaisesti.
Runsas keikkailu, esiintymiset muun muassa Polar Music Prize -palkintogaaloissa 2011 Patti Smithin ja 2012 Paul Simonin kunniaksi ja loputtomat kokeneemmilta musiikintekijoilta - ja Smithin ja Simonin kaltaisilta legendoilta saatu kannustus kuuluvat kuitenkin lisaantyneena itsevarmuutena ja omien kykyjen tiedostamisena. Order within 19 hrs 36 min shipping by UPS Saver.Delivery possible for 8,60 € shipping costs. Joining the ranks of indie darlings like Jens Lekman, Jose Gonzalez, Lykke Li, and The Knife are sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg, better known as First Aid Kit. So what about Omaha in particular – you said you recorded your previous record there as well – what about Omaha draws you there as a recording destination? We always felt like, we kept it really simple, because there are only three people on stage, we wanted to not go too big, or do too complicated things. My entryway into that whole scene was with Jens Lekman, and I’ve been finding myself wanting to find more and more. I feel like everywhere, especially where people know English, like in the UK and Australia, because our lyrics are very important.
Once you try to start breaking it down into key demos and all that it just gets a little obtuse. Our outlet is called Nerdist, and our audience is very passionate about certain things; they nerd out about stuff. I got really proud of myself, because I solved this math puzzle thing yesterday, and I suck at math. I think I got confused with too many names, so I watched the first season, but then by season two, I started watching it and I had forgotten so much. First Aid Kitin siskot tuntevat nyt kykynsa - ja alkavat oivaltaa, mihin he viela pystyvatkaan.

Ruotsalaisen musiikkiteollisuuden tehokkuus seka ajattoman angloamerikkalaisen folkin, kantrin ja popin haikaisevasti omaksuttu ja sisaistetty maailma tulee viemaan First Aid Kitin viela pidemmalle - suurten pohjoismaisten musiikkinimien joukkoon.
It was a familiar place and an amazing studio, and we just kind of – well, we always record live. Fewer distractions would make it easier to buckle down to work, especially on something like an album. I just remember watching it when I was, like, a kid, and it’s just this nice feeling of these characters. Ja vaikka sita alkuperaista raikkautta ja viattomuutta on tallella, nyt Soderbergit ovat uskaltautuneet avautumaan myos tietoisesti.
Kappaleet voisi esittaa edelleen metsassa yhden akustisen kitaran saestyksella, tai heidan tavallisen, Suomeenkin pian saapuvan kiertuekokoonpanonsa kanssa. With two albums under their belt and a third on the way, the Soderberg sisters seem poised to take over the world — or at least its ears.
For the first week, we kind of just track all of the songs live, which means you do vocals and guitar and keyboard and stuff. So with Stay Gold, how do you think that your sound has evolved from your previous records? Now, they’re embarking on a massive world tour in support of their forthcoming third album Stay Gold (available June 10th), but before they metamorphose into international rock goddesses, I managed to catch up with the Soderbergs during a recent stop in Los Angeles.
I know you guys worked with Bright Eyes producer Mike Mogis, and you worked a little bit with the Omaha Symphony Orchestra.

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