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First Aid Kit may have benefited from the rise of folk-pop in the late ‘00s, but now they’ve fully taken ownership of it on Stay Gold. When people talk about Klara and Johanna Soderberg, the Swedish sisters behind the folk-pop duo First Aid Kit, it’s hard to ignore their warm and effortless harmonies—a throwback to chamber folk of the ’60s. While the result is a much more textured sound than The Lion’s Roar, there’s still a lightness to the tracks.
But really what strikes me the most about the improved songwriting is not the arrangements or the strings, but just the fact that, without a miss, this is a whole album’s worth of good listening.
It’s a bit ironic given the trajectory of their career that thematically the album seems to deal a lot with a fear of taking the wrong step.
Videogallery e lo spazio con il quale vi teniamo aggiornati sulle novita video dei vari artisti e gruppi che vi proponiamo (Clicca sui titoli per vedere i video). Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza nessuna periodicita. With real life orchestral sounds courtesy of their move to a major label Stockholm siblings Klara and Johanna Soderberg appear to be about to move up to the next level. SumoMe The best thing about writing about the old stuff is that I can rely on memory instead of badly constructed myspace pages and misdiagnosed wiki’s.
SumoMe I’d heard that certain members of Blur were enamoured so decided they’d be worth the punt. SumoMe All told 2005 was a pretty good year for post-rock in Dublin when two genuine forces emerged triumphant.
17 June, 2014 By Sara Leave a Comment The Swedish duo First Aid Kit has released their new album, Stay Gold, last week, on the 10th of June. The two singer songwriters – sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg – are from the backwoods of Stockholm.

With their third effort, Stay Gold, we’ve come to expect their technical expertise as a given. First Aid Kit seems to have survived the transition to a major label (Stay Gold marks their major label debut on Columbia)—the production shines without drawing any unnecessary attention to itself.
They may technically be a duo, but the Soderberg sisters fit finely in the ranks of the year’s best offerings: St.
Torniamo a parlarvi di loro per una nuova uscita: si tratta di uno split album con il cantautore nigeriano Mdou Moctar. And the lead song from upcoming album ‘Stay Gold’ throws enough cinematic imagery into the pot to herald an act that could yet attract mainstream attention. But with a stab at more sophisticated arrangements and honing in on their conversational lyrical style, I think we’re discovering that the Soderbergs are excellent songwriters as well.
Recording Studios in Omaha (operated by producer Mike Ogis of Bright Eyes), the record benefits from the accompaniment of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra, transcending the sound from a more singer-songwriter vibe into a fully atmospheric, if not otherworldly, experience. It’s really simple things, like how slow and thoughtful “Shattered & Hollow” begins before the vocals in the chorus speed things up.
The album’s title (a song of the same name is the third track on the album) is taken from the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost.
Maturity certainly hasn’t softened the haunting quality of First Aid Kit’s music, if anything they may have happened upon the perfect (countryesque) formula to soundtrack and soothe a million broken hearts.
Klara comes up with the songs and Johanna, who shares her musical taste exactly, helps bring them to fruition. Klara’s voice has character in spades, and with the power track “Emmylou”, the band catapulted to international recognition.
This back and forth with the tempo throughout the record lets certain moments of the song shine instead of relying on a general prettiness.

First Aid Kit may have benefited from the rise of folk-pop in the late ‘00s, but now they’ve fully taken ownership of it.
They sing in perfect harmony, and in conversation they have a habit of looking into each other’s eyes when answering a question. This is to say, just in matching the success of The Lion’s Roar, First Aid Kit could probably count this year a success.
Much more than on the previous record, there seems to be a lot of attention paid to changing up tempo and dynamics (and often with vocals and not the strings—which would be the easy way out), and every single one of these songs feels like a complete idea. But I’ve got to tell you, even if the Soderbergs seemed on top of their game before, Stay Gold shows tremendous growth.
And honestly, I can’t complain too much about the pacing either—the first three tracks start out very epic and grand before slowing us down to the quieter Klara and Johanna we remember from earlier work somewhere in the middle. For one, while many praised the last album’s lyrics for showing maturity beyond their years, I find that in retrospect, some of the bigger songs (the title track included) were more allegorical than deeply personal. And just as things get a little too slow, we get the feisty “Heaven Knows”, which is as close as we get to a classic Americana foot-stomper. And, like a lot of folk acts, while the singles shined with potential, a lot of the middle tracks meandered aimlessly along—acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals perhaps hiding a lack of a defined, purposeful structure. But I think the themes are universal for young adults—First Aid Kit just has the artistry to capture their thoughts in catchy, finessed three-minute packages.

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