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Redi-Care First Aid Kits™ by North Safety Products are portable, general industry kits that are packaged in soft-sided, durable, eye catching red nylon bags. You need First Aid Kits that are attention-grabbing and ready for your First Aid team to carry to the scene of an emergency.
While trekking in Nepal, if it’s an organized group-trek, you can be assured that your guide will have all the necessary items in a first-aid kit for emergencies. While trekking in Nepal at high altitudes, if you feel unwell, it’s mostly due to altitude sickness. Headaches can be a nightmare and can make your trek a miserable one, so, pop in some aspirin in case of such headaches. Take some anti-allergic and anti-septic creams for insect bites- you’ll definitely get bitten by any number of insects on the trek.

While trekking in Nepal, it can get dry and windy, eye drops lubricates the eyes and eases some discomfort caused by dry eyes.
If you happen to be trekking in Nepal during monsoon season or in wet areas, you’ll attract a lot of leeches.
Their portability makes it easy for the first responder to carry them to the site of an emergency. Redi-Care First Aid Kits™ by North Safety Products are portable, general industry kits that are packaged in soft-sided, durable, red nylon bags.
The promotional Redi-Care First Aid Kit makes an excellent safety incentive prize for employees who work safe. But, it still is a good idea to carry your personal first-aid kit as those contents will have essentials that are customized to your needs and can come handy in various situations.

If you get injured with big cuts or have a sprained muscle, you can tie these bandages in the affected area and reduce the swelling and protect it from further damage.
This allows you to store all the signs on your local computer and print as often as you wish.
DO NOT forget to take personal medications for your ailments and allergies, if you have any! Enhance your environment and encourage children’s independence with the professional labelling of equipment and materials throughout your service.

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