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Father John Misty just announced a new album called I Love You, Honeybear; this is his appearance on Letterman. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds made an appearance on the TV show Austin City Limits for an hour-long set. The Manchester indie rock band have created a new soundtrack to the Ryan Gosling cult film Drive. J Mascisa€™ covered the Mazzy Star classic a€?Fade Into You,a€? and it's a Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive.
Three clips from the show: on being a Foo Fighter, the console at the heart of the music, and drumming greats of the Foo Fighters. Johanna SA¶derberg and Klara SA¶derberg of First Aid Kit pose backstage at Crossing Border Festival on Nov.
After releasing their third full-length album and first major label debut, Stay Gold, in June-- Swedish Sisters Klara and Johanna SA¶derberg (who comprise 70's-tinged folk-rock group First Aid Kit) spent a whirlwind 2014 headlining world tours, playing for the masses at summer festivals ranging from Texas's Fun Fun Fun Fest to Japan's Fuji Rock, and making appearances on shows including Conan O'Brien and Ellen. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, is the essential online destination for the music business.
For the first time ever, Victoriaa€™s Secret revealed two bejeweled Dream Angels Fantasy Bras, effectively doubling the a€?wowa€? factor of their annual super-high-profile extravaganza.
For the first Music Friday of November, wea€™ve unearthed a cool song by The B-52s that happens to have this montha€™s birthstone a€” topaz a€” as its title and musical hook. In yesterdaya€™s blog posting, infectious disease expert William Schaffner criticized an Ebola cleanup crew for incinerating nurse Amber Vinsona€™s ring when a simpler and more rational solution would have been to dunkA the ring inA bleach or a similar cleaning product.As jewelry experts, wea€™d like to clarify that Schaffner's bleaching advice misses the mark. Welcome to Music Friday when we bring your great new songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the lyrics or title. You might find this hard to believe, but a German scientist is turning ordinary peanut butter into diamonds. Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you spectacular songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the lyrics or title.
Check out music videos and streaming music in the categories of indie music, indie rock, electronic music and music festivals.
But as Friday evening wore on and the onslaught of trick-or-treaters became more intense, she unwittingly emptied the contents of the jar into a larger bag that she used to distribute candy and goodies to the neighborhood kids.a€?When I first realized what had happened, I just lost my speech. She also gave Sheeran a painting she drew before she lost her sight, and he reportedly raved about her work.The a€?A Teama€? singer was clearly touched by the gesture and accepted her proposal. Although chlorine bleach does a great job of killing off the Ebola virus, it also a€” over time a€” wreaks havoc on ring settings, especially those made of white gold. Each one has the ability to react to the usera€™s movement and environment.For instance, Airo utilizes the smartphonea€™s pedometer to emit thin horizontal bands of light that vary by the usera€™s walking speed.
Todaya€™s gem of a song is a€?A Womana€™s Wortha€? by the multitalented Alicia Keys.In this soulful ballad written for her 2001 debut album, a€?Songs in A Minor,a€? Keys sings about being worthy of the kindness of others, because shea€™s worth it. Among the items she was wearing were a large, shell-shaped golden pendant weighing 20 grams, a gold-plated necklace inlaid with lapis lazuli, two twisted-wire golden bracelets and two silver anklets.

Victoriaa€™s Secret says that the designer was inspired by a€?the magic of faraway lands.a€?The blue bra and body chains feature 10,672 precious gems weighing a staggering 6,634 carats. She told CNNa€™s Don Lemon that she was shocked to learn many of her possessions were burned soon after she started treatment on October 14.
Roto uses the smartphonea€™s compass to gauge the bodya€™s position, and rotates the globe-like a€?jewelrya€? image accordingly. The rubyA is centeredA between triangular diamond shoulders within a mounting decorated throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds. The silver items are the only ones that showed deterioration after 4,000 years underground. Alexander Romm came from a European family with roots in the jewelry business going back to the year 1700.
The cleanup crew had been hired byA the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and is apparently not liable for replacing the destroyed jewelry."Your house was sterilized? Sothebya€™s offered the a€?Graff Rubya€? with an alternative ring mounting, also designed by Graff."This is the finest ruby in the world,"A Graff said in a Sotheby's statement. The heat and pressure force the carbon atoms to rearrange themselves into denser matter.A Then, the already-dense crystals are squeezed a second time using an anvil composed of gem-quality diamonds.
When she turns around, she gives her husband an odd look a€” as if to say, a€?Why are you kneeling?a€?Dave then presents the ring and asks Kay if she will marry him.
The gold and gem items looked virtually new."She still wore the marvelous jewelry that was attached during the process of mummification," Thutmosis III Temple Project director Myriam Seco said in a statement. By contrast, other colored diamonds get their color from trace elements in their chemical composition. In 1993, Romm Diamonds moved to a splendid new location at 1280 Belmont Street, adjacent to Route 24. She said, frankly, that it would fetch maybe $50 at a pawn shop.Far more important is the ringa€™s sentimental value. Platinum was virtually unaffected and rhodium plating added a layer of protection to the karat gold.
British automobile magnate Lord Nuffield purchased the gem in 1937 with the rumored intentions of presenting it Queen Elizabeth on her coronation day in May of that same year.
They were cleaning out their car during a fuel stop and the case got mixed in with the refuse.From the trash bin, the case ended up in a much larger dumpster, and this is where one of our heroes enters the story. Recognizing her long-lost ring, Kay collapses into a heap on the floor, landing in a seated position.
An additional 42 round diamonds frame the face.The left side of the ring showcases the player's name and number along with the NBA logo and winning year 2014. They incinerated your engagement ring?" Lemon asked the newly engaged 29-year-old on CNN Tonight."Yes. And Sono radiates pixels of light in a graphic that looks that the sun during a full eclipse.

The Queen never took possession of the stone and it subsequentlyA "disappeared" into private hands.
When she finally gathers herself, she pops up to her knees, stares at the ring and says to Dave, a€?No way. Ita€™s the ring her husband placed on her finger on their wedding day 10 years ago, when she was barely 20 years old. A lot has to do with the type of stone that may be in the setting.Alcohol is a great disinfectant, but shouldna€™t be used on pearls, opals, emeralds, coral or turquoise.
The activity of pixels bursting from the darkened circle is dependent on the ambient sound in the location. Treesha also possessed a sales slip and appraisal document that confirmed her ownership.Treesha told KMPH, a€?The police went above and beyond in order to get this back to me. Where did you find that?a€?Kay and Dave share a tender embrace and then the emotional bride excitedly tries on the ring she thought was gone forever.
It turns out that robbers couldna€™t get to it because it had been crushed and buried under the massive stones of the tomba€™s collapsed roof.Thutmosis III lived from 1490 BC toA 1436 BC and is sometimes referred to as the Napoleon of Ancient Egypt. The motto reflects the team effort to come back from that disappointment to be better than before. They were just starting out and had settled on a basic ring because they couldna€™t afford a fancier ring at the time.a€?Ita€™s my wedding ring, you know? Boiling water can kill germs and viruses, but could damage fracture-filled stones and other gems that are susceptible to cracking with drastic changes of temperature. The smartphonea€™s microphone is used for this function.Although the maker is confident that fast-moving improvements in the miniaturization of projection technology will make the user experience more comfortable in the future, for now the body installation of NECLUMI is a bit cumbersome.
Rooted in new wave, the group continues to perform with original band members Pierson, Fred Schneider, Cindy Wilson and Keith Strickland.
The pico projector needs to be mounted to the wearera€™s chest and wired with an HDMI cord to a smartphone. Keys would go on to perform the song at the 2002 Grammy Awards ceremony.Keys has sold more than 65 million records worldwide and was named one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by VH1 in 2010. Gold will melt at 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit and diamonds can burn or oxidize at 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Merck index, a definitive reference guide used by scientists. The shape of their beehives resembled the nose cone of a B-52 bomber.We hope you enjoy todaya€™s musical treat.

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