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17 June, 2014 By Sara Leave a Comment The Swedish duo First Aid Kit has released their new album, Stay Gold, last week, on the 10th of June. The two singer songwriters – sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg – are from the backwoods of Stockholm.
Therefore, I have decided to impart some packing wisdom unto others, so that maybe they won’t have to suffer the same struggle as I have. Pill box: Anti-constipation pills, anti-diarrhea pills, Dramamine, anti-histamine, ibuprofen, antibiotic (if you have it), and any other pills you think you might need. Clothes: This will depend on your style and what the weather is like in the place you are traveling. Other stuff: A LOT of plastic bags (you never know when you will need these), waterproof bag for laptop, collapsible daypack, pacSafe backpack cover (for peace of mind when you are carrying around all those electronics!) and a small pillow for long bus or airplane rides. As a self-professed travel junkie, I have found that the only remedy to my addiction is travel itself.
You and my wife seem to have a lot in common :), great list though I am just curious to see how long you hang on to the tripod. I wasn’t sure if I should bring my tripod in the beginning, but then I decided that taking really interesting photos was worth the extra weight and liability. I went over every item in my pack more than once, threw out a few things, and then decided I did have a real need for the rest of the things… so I packed them. I always pack too many clothes — turns out I’m very willing to let strangers see me in the same outfit day after day!
I am curious about the pacsafe for your bag that’s the metal mesh thing that goes over your bag right?
I have heard of other people who travel with a gorillapod, but I have never actually tried it out myself.

I’ll let you know how Gorillapod goes it was really handy in San Francisco seeing as it fit easilly in my drink holder of my messenger bag day back and when I was on alcatraz I got to take some amazing night photos by wrapping gorilla pod around the tops of fences. Ya the Electronics are killer, I have all of them in my messenger side bad but even then it’s still a pain to wear with my backpack as it starts to really weigh alot with a dslr,compact and laptop.
Also, I should mention that on my 3-month trip to the Middle East last year, I packed WAY too much. But, the overall package might include package deals, complementary services, lower price on long term packages, package deals etc.
I am on an indefinite journey around the world just trying to explore this small planet called Earth! Of course, everyone is able to survive without certain things, and unable to live without others. If you put your pills in a small pill box like I did, make sure you label each one clearly with its corresponding name, expiration date, and instructions for use.
I am in the stages of launching an indefinite journey around the world with no goal other than to explore this small planet called Earth. So far it’s worked out pretty nicely, but I can see the advantage of having a much smaller pack.
Even if you forget to pack some essential item, the chances are 99% that you can find it at a store somewhere! I’m in process of putting together my own pack for my 6 month trip in Latin America found this post really helpful. A few months down the road, I will probably regret my decision to take the regular tripod with me, but so far it has worked out OK. Sometimes I just feel like chucking my DSLR & laptop out the window after carrying them around with me for a day.

I think it depends a lot on personal preference; Would you rather carry more weight and have all the things you need? Klara comes up with the songs and Johanna, who shares her musical taste exactly, helps bring them to fruition.
Despite this fact, I was frantically struggling to decide what to bring with me up until the last few minutes before my departure. I too have a dslr and a compact camera plus a laptop, Like you I was also debating on whether I should get take a tripod. Let me know how it goes with the gorillapod, as I might consider it as an option down the road when I get fed up and throw my other one into the river. They sing in perfect harmony, and in conversation they have a habit of looking into each other’s eyes when answering a question.
That said, I wanted to share with you what I finally decided to pack for my round-the-world adventure.
I ended up settling in the middle ground and getting one of those small gorillapod bendable tripods, doesnt give same flexability as a full on tripod but its handy as I can bend it around railings or sit it on benches etc. It can also be helpful if you take a lot of long train or bus rides, so that you can lock up your bag while you nap. However, it does add a few extra pounds to carry around, so that’s something to consider as well.

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