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The pharmacist in me made up a First Aid Kit and supply list for my son which I will put in a plastic box for him to take to the dorm. Artificial tears drop –  Visene (gets the red out) has ingredients that are not indicated for long-term use and in some cases may not be appropriate at all.
I am not a fan of multi ingredient products as they are often combined with other products with same ingredients and can cause problems.
Copy of health insurance card in a Ziploc bag (He keeps the original in his wallet and I keep a copy at home. For Athletes: Any product you plan to ingest as a supplement or medication should be cleared by your trainers and coaches. Depending on location in the country, an emergency survival kit might be in order (tornado, earthquake or flood prone areas).  Other types of bad weather usually allow time to prepare (blizzard and hurricane come to mind) so they could assemble necessary items themselves.

Gretchen Elliott Sionkiewicz is a graduate of  Salem State University class of 1990 with a B.S.
This is a complete, comprehensive, and cost efficient, health care kit created by a college clinic nurse practitioner and a mother of a current college student. This list, from a pharmacist and mom, has everything, and we mean EVERYTHING,  they’ll need.
Artificial tears (Genteal, Systane, Blink, Refresh) are recommended by ophthalmologists for dry eyes, but also help for tired eyes as a soothing lubricant. I did list decongestant, expectorant, antihistamine, and pain relievers separately as the meds taken should only reflect the symptoms they have. We are affiliates and receive a small amount of compensation if you place an order through this link.

Many of the combo products contain acetaminophen and are mistakenly taken along with more acetaminophen and can lead to liver toxicity and overdose. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences class of 1995 with a B.S. She is a Registered Pharmacist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1995-present, Certified Immunizer and Diabetes Educator.

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