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26.03.2015 admin
We’ve been looking forward to Aarhus’ 1st ever Psych Fest for several months now, and it begins in just a matter of hours.
This week we have corresponded all the way in sunny California with one of the headliners for Psych Fest ’13: The Asteroid no. MR: A few years ago, while still living in Philly, we came back from a west coast tour and entered a cab to exit the airport. MR: Music isn’t psychedelic just because you have backwards guitars and reverberating vocals. AW: The underground scene is, or was, one of the only true reflections of current political and social unrest.
And so indeed we will see them on this Saturday when they will take to the stage as the final band of APF ’13.
Autumn has arrived, scarfs and handkerchiefs are out, and leather wearing badass rock n’ roll bands are away from the outdoor festival fields and indoors brooding under mood lights.  Even as I write, faithful volunteers are hanging screens, lights, and laying cables for our two day worship of loud dark music in Radar, and the Rahall’s newly christened “lunar suite”. It feels like we’re hitting our stride and we’re comfortable, even with songs that started to take form in Philly.

The mainstream is more interested in being a distraction from what’s really going on. Since the time of writing the lads have gracefully began streaming their new album, the eponymously titled sixth full length with the words “listen to our shite, buy a t-shirt, watch us play…” which is all a band really hopes for right?
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. More relaxed, open spaces in our arrangements allow for songs to exist in their natural place. Meanwhile as the sunset, the driver asked to refrain from talking above a whisper as he blasted his prayer CD-ROMs of chants and guidance. Well this writer is doing just that now, and I can happily report that it’s going down Swimmingly.

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