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First aid kits and the skills of your first aid attendants could mean life or death in extreme situations. Check your province’s local requirements for first aid kits, training programs, procedures and more to ensure complete compliance to government regulations.
Safety News You Can UseMore than 2,200 safety orders were issued and work was stopped more than 200 times during an Ontario enforcement blitz in late 2015. Safety News You Can UseA construction company was fined $50,000 when two temporary workers were injured after steel sheets fell on them.
Safety News You Can UseA company was fined $80,000 after a worker suffered injuries from falling into a storage bin that collapsed while it was being pushed.

Even with all the precautionary measures in place to prevent accidents, you have to accept the fact that they do happen.
The law ensures that workers receive immediate care in case of workplace injury or illness.
According to British Columbia’s Work Safe BC website, a basic workplace first aid kit should be stored in a dry environment and easily accessible to the workers. Here’s a list of official government sites that specifiy the regulations for workplace first aid kits. The purpose of the blitz was to increase safety compliance when heavy equipment was used on construction sites.
Three workers were moving the cart that contained sheets of 18-gauge steel that were not secured to the cart.

A Ministry of Labour investigation uncovered that the side of the bin the worker was pushing had latches that are designed to collapse the bins for shipping.
Are you ready to respond in the event of a medical emergency? Do you have your first aid kit?

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