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The Lifesaving Society First Aid Instructor course teaches candidates how people learn and various teaching strategies required to instruct first aid. Participate in a skill screening on the first day of the course to ensure that resuscitation and first aid skills meet the standard. In order to achieve certification as a First Aid Instructor, the candidate must complete the required apprenticeship (1 Standard First Aid full course AND ONE of the following - AED Responder course, CPR-HCP course or SFA Recert.) within 3 years of the completion of the FAI course. Candidates that have shown the pre-requisites and successfully completed the course and required apprenticeship(s) will be issued a certification card from the Branch office.
Please contact us if you have not received your permanent card within 60 days of sending in you apprenticeship forms.
All appointed FAI’s and FAI Apprentices (not completed co-teaches) must attend an FAI Recert clinic every three years (from date of certification or from the course date for FAI Apprentices). Please ensure that your keep the branch office informed of your current email and mailing address. If you are already teaching CPR, First Aid, and AED courses through another organization, you are in the right place. EMS Safety offers Grandfather opportunities for current Instructors already certified through other national organizations. For current Instructors through other nationally recognized organizations at the Healthcare Provider level (BLS). Mail, fax, or email the information to EMS Safety’s Marketing and Sales Department at:EMS Safety Services, Inc. The nursing profession is a versatile one and the demand for nurses is rarely compromised as health is always a priority for most people. To boost your salary, let your unit supervisor know that you are willing to work overtime if there is insufficient staffing in your area.
These agencies fulfill hospitals’ understaffing problems by scheduling freelance nurses in their understaffed areas to serve as relievers.
You can sign up on nurse staffing agencies to get a chance on per diem shifts in other hospitals. Those who are looking for ways on how to make extra money as a nurse are familiar with immunization clinics.
Before the flu season starts, companies, grocery stores, churches and other establishments sign up to provide flu shots. With today’s technology, providing health advice is possible anywhere and anytime through telecommunication services.
Some telehealth companies also offer remote health monitoring services where you can monitor vital sign readings and check the severity of reported injuries of customers through video calls. There are lots of opportunities for a medical transcriptionist but you will have to become certified in order to be qualified for the job.
Once you become a medical transcriptionist, you can work part-time and do the job from anywhere as long as you have a computer and reliable internet access.
A medical transcriptionist listens to recorded medical reports and transcribes voice recordings into written reports.
If you are passionate about bedside care, you can look for part-time work in nursing homes or hospice care facilities.
In medical coding, you will need to classify medical diagnoses and list the corresponding medical billing codes for proper insurance claims. Once certified, you can market your skills in different establishments and organizations as First Aid classes are commonly included in skills enrichment programs. Most ViewedRecent Posts100 Funniest Nursing Memes on Pinterest - Our Special Collection 50 Best Bible Verses for Nurses Top 10 Nursing Schools in the US 20 Greatest Florence Nightingale Quotes For Nurses 20 Short But Effective Prayers for Surgery 25 Cutest Gifts for Nurses You'll Also Want 50 Vintage Photos of Nurses Being Awesome 25 Medical Slang Terms Nurses Use 7 Easy Stain Removal Tips Every Nurse Needs To Know 5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Vocational Nurse Today's Meme: Am I Going Crazy? Dominic Urbano is a Washington State Department of Health approved EMS evaluator & an American Heart Association certified instructor. Dominic Urbano is an experienced first aid, CPR, and AED instructor with substantial field experience as a rural fire department EMT and industrial emergency response team member. It was while working as a full time high school teacher and varsity team coach that Dominic first obtained an EMT certification. Dominic became an EMS instructor (a natural fit given his experience as a teacher and coach) and helped start an EMS instruction business in Whatcom County.

Through his association with the ConocoPhillips refinery in Ferndale WA, Dominic was recruited to begin working as a full time safety coordinator. This course is specifically designed for experienced teachers and trainers who want to become a qualified First Aid Instructor and Assessor.
With years of experience dealing with real life emergencies, our expert trainers draw on their own teaching and first aid experiences to make learning fun and memorable.
The course consists of 24 hours contact teaching time, with an additional 6 hours of self-directed study. To find available dates at an ‘open’ course venue, simply use our online course finder at the top of this page and select ‘First Aid and AED Instructor (Fast Track). We can also deliver courses at your premises or arrange a course specifically for your requirements. Find out why First On Scene is the natural choice for people requiring a First Aid ‘Train the Trainer’ course.
Information for MOD applicants wishing to access ELC funding for First Aid Instructor Courses.
First aid is emergency treatment given to an injured or sick person before professional medical care is available.
There are many different first aid course providers which offer a whole variety of courses which can range from the very basic to extremely comprehensive.
One of the biggest suppliers of courses nationally in the UK is the St John Ambulance and this is who I did my training with. Sports First Aid – This is aimed at anyone involved in sporting activities – from referees and coaches to players and gives training on the types of injuries or medical emergencies that can occur whilst doing sport . This is a 6 hour course and can be more expensive than some of the less comprehensive courses but it does specifically cover most of the types of injuries that may unfortunately occur in the training studio. Basic First Aid – This course teaches the very basic everyday skills required to give first aid when minor accidents happen.
This is the least expensive option but still gives you enough skills to be able to treat you students should they have a minor injury in the training studio. Others – Other courses offered include essential first aid, basic and essential first aid and activity first aid.
If your venue has a well-stocked first aid box then ask the owner if you are free to use the items in it if a situation occurs. If you get yourself trained up, have the right emergency equipment on hand and know of any potential issue with your students then you should be well equipped to deal with most emergencies that could occur in the training hall.
If you are saving up for a vacation or just want to build up your savings, there are plenty of ways that nurses can earn extra money. You can land a part-time job in this field where you can do telephone triage and provide appropriate health assistance to concerned callers. With this kind of part-time job, you can have the opportunity to work in an office or possibly even from home. These institutions are in great need of direct nursing care as their patients are elderly individuals with chronic illnesses.
This is critical work as you will need to put the proper medical billing codes so insurance companies can process the insurance claims of the patient. You can apply for a part-time job in these agencies where your primary role is to visit the list of patients registered in their services and provide the nursing care they need. To become a First Aid Instructor, you should be certified by a recognized organization like the American Red Cross. You can also teach CPR to school teachers, gym instructors and parents of at risk children. She is working as a staff nurse in the pediatric ward of a private city hospital for more than two years.
He responded to hundreds of 911 calls each year as a volunteer firefighter and EMT with a high call volume rural Whatcom County WA fire department. After 13 years of teaching and coaching at the high school level, Dominic successfully transferred his EMS, instructional, and coaching skills into the high intensity environment of oil refining operations, maintenance, and turnarounds. It is an opportunity to gain the confidence to act in a safe and decisive manner when faced with illness, injury, and death.

The course is ideal for those who already hold a recognised teaching qualification and wish to gain skills and knowledge specific to first aid training.
The course helps students build on their current experience and understand how teaching methods affect learning. If it has been some time since taking the First Aid at Work course, we advise to delegates refresh their first aid skills prior to attending this course as a thorough understanding of current first aid procedures is required.
Evidence of first aid teaching, assessing, peer feedback and knowledge will be assessed on the course. This means that you are making the injured or sick person comfortable and attending to any immediate injury until paramedics arrive. They offer a number of courses that are suitable for Martial Arts instructors two of which I have summarised below. So it is ideal for a martial arts instructor and will give you the necessary first aid skills to deal with a whole range of sporting injuries. These courses all offer elements that would be useful for a martial arts instructor with a group of students. Make sure you know where to get the box from and if it is under lock and key make sure that you have access to the key.
For my club I have a new student data sheet which I use for anybody coming to train with us. Some hospitals have web-based staffing management systems where you can sign up for extra shifts.
You can arrange for a part-time job here by working two to three times a week or during weekends.
Independent nursing interventions you can do in this job include dressing change, physical assessment, blood sugar monitoring and many more. Emergency response to all types of injury and illness ranging from motor vehicle and logging accidents to acute and chronic illness became the norm for his nights and weekends.
As a member of the refinery fire brigade, EMT, HAZMAT, and oil spill response teams; Dominic broadened his training and experience in emergency services even further. With such a broad range of real world experience Dominic is able to help students prepare for the emergencies that they are most likely to face in their specific line of work. For minor injuries there may be no need for further medical care or if it is required, but not immediately, you can fix the casualty up in such a way that they are able to leave the studio and attend a casualty department or visit a GP surgery themselves.
It might be worth you talking to your employer to see if they would be willing to send you on a first aid course. Check with your insurance, venue and association if there are any specific requirements with regards First Aid training but if not then pick the one which you think suits your needs most. If you do not have access to the venue’s first aid equipment then you will need to get a hold of one yourself. On this sheet I have a question about medical conditions so I know about anything I need to right at the start. You will be responsible for a group of people when running your classes and it will be you that they look to if an emergency situation occurs or if somebody suffers an injury.
It is a legal requirement for workplaces to have a registered first aider and it could be an opportunity to get sent on a course without having to pay from your own pocket. This should contain sticking plasters, adhesive tape, bandages, antiseptic wipes and possibly heat and ice packs for muscular injuries. For younger students you will want to get consent from their parent or guardian to administer first aid to their child.
AED)- 2 DaysPaediatric First Aid & First Aid At Work - 3 Extended DaysEmergency Paediatric First Aid (now inc.

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