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In just ten years, Mental Health First Aid has become a full-blown movement in the United States—more than  600,000 Mental Health First Aiders strong and growing every day. Reality seeps in as Pinellas educators learn to spot mental health problems in studentsThe woman in a cozy teal knit sweater with matching Chuck Taylor sneakers faced the stranger next to her and asked a dark question. Digg Digg Filed Under: About kristiKristi Krouse owns Heart Smart CPR, an American Heart Association Training Site in Austin Texas.
Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced lifesaving training and an introduction to safety supervision. Candidates develop proficiency at performing patient assessments, managing aquatic spinal injuries, and preventing the loss of life in a variety of aquatic emergencies, while developing stroke endurance (includes a 600m timed swim) and fitness training skills. Bronze Cross includes the CPR-C certification and is one of the prerequisite awards for all advanced lifeguarding (National Lifeguard) and leadership (Lifesaving Instructor) training programs.
Successful candidates will be issued a temporary certification card on the last day of course.
Starting on a deck, dock or beach, perform an entry and swim a 50 m head-up approach with a shoulder loop and line, or rescue tube, to a passive victim or manikin. Swim head-up for two sets of 6 x 25 m, maintaining a consistent pace and work-to-rest ratio.
Simulate the treatment of an unwitnessed unconscious adult, child or infant with an unobstructed airway.
Walk around an aquatic environment, evaluate the ongoing activities, and demonstrate how to educate peers about safe aquatic leisure choices.
Recover and immobilize a face-down non-breathing victim, found in deep water with a suspected cervical spinal injury.
Using bystanders, organize a logical underwater search of an area with both shallow and deep water to maximum depth of 3 m.
Perform a rescue of a victim suffering injuries or with conditions that emphasize rescuer response to deteriorating circumstances.

Various bandages,emergency blanket, surgical tape, tweezers & scissors, sterile gloves, plasters, safety pins and cleaning wipes. Supplied in storage bag with velcro securing loop, which fits compactly into luggage or motorcycle – a legal requirement in many EUcountries. Follow RJH on FacebookRJH Motorbike Training 13 hours ago RJH Motorbike Training updated their cover photo. The Education and Credentials section was placed near the top of this resume because the job seeker's new credential is highly relevant to her job objective and will help advance her career as an English as Second Language teacher. A gap in employment is filled with "full-time parent, part-time student" in her Work History section. Unpaid relevant experience is highlighted in the body of her resume, which shows that it's as valuable a qualification as her paid work. No date is listed next to a very early job (under Previous Experience) so as not to show her age. This and other resume samples on this site were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. Carrying a Concealed Weapon or Firearm in The State of Florida requires professional certification from either a NRA Instructor or a Class K Firearms Instructor and we offer all the classes and assistance you need to stay legal and reach your goal. There are a lot of reasons Florida residents apply for Concealed Weapon or Firearm Permit: Whatever your goal is in obtaining and carrying a Concealed Weapon or Firearm license to protect your self, your family, your employees or just to have piece of mind to know at all times that you WILL NOT BE A VICTIM we can help you get there safely and legally.
Knowing how to safely operate your weapon or firearm is only one aspect of obtaining a license – do you know about all the legal issues and ramifications as well? In 2016, the National Council for Behavioral Health is making it a priority to train more first aiders than ever before. Transport the victim to shallow water and recruit and direct a trained bystander to assist. Simulate a situation where one victim requires rescuer assistance, while the other victim(s) can follow directions for self-rescue and assist as bystanders once they have reached a point of safety.

Simulate a situation that is designed to emphasize victim care, removal and follow-up including contact with EMS.
Contributions to The American National Red Cross are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Notice how this resume example highlights the job seeker's strengths and also resolves a few resume problems. If this job seeker were writing her resume today and had the same work history issues, I would explain why employers don't like functional resumes and recommend she use a chronological resume instead. Such as Chapter 790 and Chapter 776 Justifiable use of Force We’ll educate you on the laws and limitations surrounding gun ownership in Florida and prepare you to carry a weapon or firearm responsibly and securely. Please contact the Brannch if the temporary card has expired and the permanent card has not been received. Demonstrate rescue breathing and the ability to manage vomiting while maintaining immobilization. Simulate a situation that is designed to emphasize communication skills, victim care, removal, and follow-up, including contact with the Emergency Medical System (EMS).
Simulate a situation that is designed to emphasize either contact or non-contact rescues, victim care, removals and follow-up, including contact with EMS.
Whether your journey towards certification is professional or personal, our highly trained staff will answer all your questions and satisfy Florida’s various state requirements.
Here's the same resume, updated and converted to a chronological resume example for an ESL Teacher.

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