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We hold small classes so that theres plenty of hands-on interactive learning plus the theory element. Fabric, Multisoft, Washproof and Blue Food plasters are also available in handy sized wallet packs of 10 or 20 plasters – this size is perfect for first aid kits or smaller emergency first aid kits.
The Zika Virus has been declared an international public health emergency,  click here to learn more.
The Sawyer ExtractorTM Pump vacuum was specifically designed to provide the most powerful suction available for the safe extraction of venoms and poisons, eliminating the need to use dangerous scalpel blades or knives associated with less effective bite kits. As part of our involvement with local Scouting and Guiding groups DUSAGG runs a number of competitions.
Midnight Madness is an annual 11 mile (18km) overnight incident hike where participants experience both mental and physical challenges. Indoor Scout is the partner event to Outdoor Scout and tests all aspects of scouting skills through a series of different bases and challenges.
The range of bases is broad and teams never know what challenges they might find themselves up against.
Teams compete for the Indoor Scout Trophy by completing as many of the bases as possible and scoring points for everything challenge that they undertake.

Navigation Skills Day helps Guides to learn a range of navigation and map reading skills and allows them to take part in some team building and communication activities. During the session Guides take part in several bases to teach them the relevant skills and allow them the chance to practice these under supervision of experienced DUSAGG members.
Information about Navigation Skills Day is sent out in early January through the Division Commissioners. Outdoor is an incident hike of approximately 10 km featuring a number of bases which test the teams’ sense of adventure, teamwork skills, creativity and problem solving ability.
The competition is open to all Scout groups from Durham City District and Guide groups from Dunelm and Kepier Divisions. The walk and bases are designed to be accessible to all but test everyone, no matter how much Scouting or Guiding experience they have.
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These events are organised by the Liaisons Officer, our point of contact with local Scouting and Guiding. In the past they have included first aid, traditional Scouting skills, creativity, performance, team work, ingenuity, problem solving and communication.
The day is open to all Guides in Dunelm and Kepier Divisions and is highly recommended for those wanting to take part in the Outdoor Guide competition as it covers many of the skills that are put to the test during the competition. There is often the opportunity to put their skills to the test during a short walk around the area – with DUSAGG members on hand to keep them on track. If your group is interested please return the group booking form by post or e-mail before the closing date. Information is sent out to groups via the District and Division Commissioners during January. Guide teams can also take part in Navigation Skills day earlier in the year to help them learn and develop the relevant skills to help them compete in this competition.

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