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To find out about what essentials you need in your first aid kit and how to use them, click on an item.
If a wound is bleeding but is fairly small, a waterproof plaster can be used once the wound has been washed with water and padded dry. If the wound is small or the patient has a foreign object in their eye such as dirt or grit, but is not embedded, you can use an eye pad or small dressing until you get medical advice.
To use the eye pad, apply it lightly over the eye and secure it with some bandage around the head using a knot or tape. If you think it’s just a strain and some of the swelling has gone down as a result of the ice pack, apply the crepe bandage for support and secure using tape or safety pins. When applying, the pad should be completely sealed down to stop infections entering the wound and stop blood seeping out. Sterile gloves are used to protect the patient if the first aider’s hands are dirty and protects the first aider if the patient is bleeding.
Welcome to the September 2014 Sutherland Local Child Care & Services Directory newsletter. Next month we will feature all of our new educators, in the meantime please contact us to discuss your child care needs and our current vacancies.
Qualified, experienced Christian teachers who implement a unique school-readiness program with the Bible as our firm foundation. Your child can develop school readiness through play and fun activities, specially designed to encourage learning. Shire Prep provides a smooth, secure transition from home to school in a friendly and caring atmosphere.
Your child will learn new routines and develop a wide range of skills vital for adjusting to Kinder. Shire Prep is on the campus of the Sutherland Shire Christian School (SSCS), so our Preppies benefit from the school’s facilities such as the library and expert (specialist) teachers.
Petite and Sweet Ballet  is the perfect place for your ballerina to dance with morning classes for baby ballerinas from age 17 months to toddler and kids ballet up to 6 years of age. Petite and Sweet Ballet is an enjoyable and imaginative preschool dance school with classes in all areas of the Macarthur, Milperra, Sutherland Shire and St George regions. Chatabout Speech Pathology is a family centred practice that specialises in seeing children of all ages for a wide range of speech, language, and learning difficulties. We are passionate about working together with preschools and schools to achieve the best outcomes for each child we see. Our team of therapists have all done extensive additional training to reach their Certified Practising Speech Pathologist  status, so that we are able to provide the most effective and up to date programs. We also give baby shower presentations, it’s a perfect practical gift for parents to be! First Aid for Child Care Centres - Our First Aid for Kids course is a half hour presentation on the most important and most common First Aid every child should learn.
In a relaxed and practical, hands on session we will teach your preschool aged children how to manage bleeding, bites and burns and also not only what the number is to call in an emergency, but how to call 000.
Your session will be facilitated by one of our amazing local trainers, who are all qualified First Aid instructors with a range of skills from paramedics to nursing to medical specialists. However, our most important skill is that we are all MUMS!  This hands-on session is great for children aged 3-6yrs and all children receive take home material.
The JUMBO Grip uses the same revolutionary shape and is 40% larger than The Pencil Grip, the #1 grip recommended by doctors, teachers, and occupational therapists for children and adults.
At Kids Aquatic Survival School we not only will teach your child how to swim but also how to roll over and float plus other vital aquatic survival skills. Speak to a; ENT Specialist, Paediatrician, Speech Pathologist and Psychologist at our unique seminar opportunity. Screeners are available at our Kogarah and Miranda clinics, as well as at pre-school and child care centres. Mayflower Preschool is a community-based, non-profit preschool providing high quality care and education for children aged 3-5 years.
Visits to the preschool can be arranged by contacting the Director for a suitable time to have a look at the preschool environment, our program and ask any questions you may have about your child commencing preschool.
Wyralla Road Kindergarten  We exist to support families in the nurture of their children by offering excellence in early childhood and preschool education in a caring, safe and fun environment. Long Day Care doesn't mean no Preschool program- What Our Preschool Curriculum Includes. Exploring the upper and lower case format of each letter in the alphabet, by teaching the children letter of the week – starts Feb each year. School visits to the local primary school- Yowie Bay Public School – Wyralla Schoolies have a close connection with this school, which allows many opportunities for the children to become exposed and familiar with the school environments and boundaries. Graduation day – December each year, Wyralla hosts a special graduation day to say congratulations and good luck to the children that will be leaving for Kindergarten next year.
Chiquitos Family Day Care This week Family Day Care Australia announced the regional winners of the 2014 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards. I am thrilled to announce that Chiquitos FDC was the regional winner for the Southern suburbs and Sutherland Shire.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you all, for your confidence, trust and believe in my work.
C & M Aquatic Centre Learn to swim classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students to get the results parents and children want.
With Summer just around the corner!  Bookings for term 4 can be made from Monday 15th September. Council's Family Day Care program has delivered an outstanding and personalised service to local families for almost 40 years. The way we behave with our kids will have a big effect on them, on what they do, how they feel about themselves, and how they turn out. Many fathers and soon to be fathers have lots of love and good intentions to offer their families. September 5, 2014 by Liz Long 8 Comments We’ve all seen the First Aid kits you can buy at the store. Signed forms are required for kids to get simple over the counter allergy medicine, and the school nurse has to dispense it.

My son is very excited about emergency preparedness and wants to carry a First Aid kit wherever he goes, including school. Herbal remedies only require a few drops at a time, and aren’t considered medicine by the average school district.
Aloe gel is great for burns, including sun burns, but be aware that it can get sticky as it dries. I would love to include essential oils, but really haven’t figured out a great, stable way to store them yet.
If you have a great way to store and transport tiny amounts of essential oils, please share! Vet wrap, in place of Ace bandages which have those terribly dangerous sharp, pointy closures (Hey, if a cough drop is dangerous, those must nearly be lethal weapons!) – Bonus: you can choose a fun color! Electrical tape: It sticks to itself but not skin, making it great to hold gauze pads, splints, etc.
Whistle: In an emergency like a tornado where a child could be trapped, this is useful for alerting emergency workers. If you prefer, you can use one of little red First Aid bags you can pick up in any pharmacy section. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. Liz Long is an eclectic writer who lives in the exurbs (that's what comes after the suburbs) with her husband, sons, and cats. Kids that age are old enough to take First Aid classes and old enough to learn basic home remedies.
Ensure that you are keeping a note of all emergency contact numbers attached to the lid of first-aid kit. Tweezers can be used to eliminate grime from the wound, relieve out disengage ticks and splinters (or if something stuck in your kid’s nose say a raisin). Inspite of being a start-up, the SmartShiksha Team has done a good job in capturing day to day activities of a school in a very user friendly manner.
You are most likely not going to die, though you might wish you had depending upon how many spines penetrated the skin, the depth of the puncture, your own tolerance to pain and your body’s physical reaction to the venom.
If you are diving you must get to the surface and onto land or a stable platform in a safe and controlled manner. Inspect the wound closely for any signs that pieces of the spine might have broken off and are still in the skin. If the victim can tolerate over the counter pain medications, now is a good to time take them. While many people do not seek medical treatment for a lionfish sting, we HIGHY RECOMMEND that you do. Severe pain can cause shock which may involves shortness of breath, weakness, fainting and cardiac arrest. Diabetics and those with compromised immune systems may react very badly to the venom and it’s systemic effects. There is a very real possibility that people who are allergic to the venom may go into anaphylactic shock.
There may be pieces of spine left in the wound that you cannot see without an X-ray or other inspection. There is ALWAYS the chance that any injury caused by a marine creature can become terribly infected.
There has been at least one case of paralysis in both arms and legs of a home aquarist who was stuck in the finger.
Lionfish venom can cause tissue necrosis (tissue death) that has the ability to spread if not treated immediately when identified. Hello, i want to learn more about lionfish and the potential culinary uses especially in Belieze as a location.
Was stung yesterday at the lionfish roundup in Jupiter Beach for the Martin County Artificial Reef Fund.
The lionfish hunters at represent sportsmen with a passion for the conservation of reef and native fishes by hunting non-native lionfish in the Western Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. We promote the removal of non-native & invasive lionfish through education, outreach and direct-action hunting campaigns. The total eradication of Pterois volitans (Red Lionfish) and Pterois miles (Common Lionfish or Devil Firefish) from Atlantic and Caribbean waters to protect native coral reef ecosystems, local fisheries and the people who depend on them.
St John 5 steps to First Aid Readiness enables organisations to minimise their business risksby being better prepared to respond to First Aid emergencies. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the NHS Direct Wales website. If you’re preparing food in the kitchen, use a blue plaster so you will see it if it drops in the food.
If the wound is on the arm or leg, cut along the seam of the trousers or the shirt and on a side away from the wound.
She has successfully led and supervised a K-2 team as an Assistant Principal and planned intensive reading and phonics programs that have successfully improved the literacy skills of the students in her supervision. Our approach to care provides parents with peace of mind that their child is being care for by qualified educators who are approachable, warm and dedicated to providing stimulating hands on child directed experiences in a safe environment. For example, Preppies are given weekly music lessons by a fully-qualified junior school music teacher.
With purpose designed facilities, playgrounds, computers, parking and secure premises, Spunky Monkeys Early Learning Centre is the perfect place for children to learn, grow and play.
Itty Bitty Ballet is a unique preschool ballet program that introduces little ballerinas to classical ballet as well as encouraging imagination, creativity and expression. We provide package training for nationally accredited courses as well as specifically designing courses to suit the client’s needs.
The larger size of The JUMBO Grip makes it the only grip to provide extended comfort and support up to the second knuckle.
Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and open a group discussion, as well as having time for individual discussions with our professionals.
Each child has a cape and graduation hat – and is awarded with a graduation certificate.

There was more than 2,000 nominations received across Australia, and 68 regional winners were selected. This is a fantastic achievement for you as parent and myself as an educator with one common goal which is our children’s happiness, safety and development as a whole. Our Educators provide outstanding care and education to children in a small group and home environment.
The program is overseen by our specialist Coordination Unit which ensures the highest standards of compliance, safety and governance. Studies have shown that children whose fathers spend time with them and show that they are interested in them do better at school, are happier and more confident and have higher self-esteem.
Even in second grade, though, he knew he couldn’t have any medicine or sharp objects in school, so we set about making him a First Aid kit he could have at school. If you read the previous link, you may notice that the amounts I listed are half of what they list. I am uncomfortable with storing them in plastic, such as a straw, because they could easily interact with the plastic, altering their chemical composition or simply evaporating quickly. Companies like Young Living sell individual packets that could be very easily packed in a first aid kit. Personally, I currently favor something similar to a lunch box because, unlike a bright red First Aid kit, no one will ever even notice it, and my son loves eating school lunches. Her life-long Scouting skills have been a help in becoming a prepper and she has been writing for The Survival Mom since 2010. It includes contact information for your local poison control center, your doctor, and a reminder that 100,101 and 102 which reaches the police, fire department and ambulance. This will help in the early stages of injury to support muscles as they control the spread of swelling and begin to heal.
Team has also shown a good focus on service and have been available to our queries & customizations. For most people the throbbing, intense pain is going to last for a few hours and will remain less painful for 12 hours or longer. Most divers (the author included) report that the pain does not come on immediately and the venom takes several minutes to begin to work.
If you have a first aid kit available disinfect the wound with antiseptic towelettes and apply triple antibiotic ointment if possible.
The paralysis went away completely in a short time, but it was a good thing he had sought medical treat when the symptoms of envenomation began to grow worse. We are interested in promoting into the diving industry and will be at the dema show this week.
I spearfish regularly and have been pricked many times though it only stings for 15-20 minutes.
Severe pain swelling and discoloration for at least 6 hours with radiating pain up the whole arm and into the neck and even chest. Our teaching is delivered through interesting activities, games and role playing that engage a child’s attention and make them want to learn. This is held on an evening in AUGUST each year – all parents from the Preschoolers room are invited to attend the information evening. That is because half liter bottles of water are extremely common and it’s easier to carry two packets than try and guess how much is half if you make the full amount. If your child is a regular lunch packer, you could simply use either an old lunch box or one they don’t like to help keep them from grabbing it by accident. The idea is to put simple, natural things in your kid’s backpack, things that are allowed at public schools, in case of an emergency.
Heat will bring a noticeable relief to the pain and shorten the effectiveness of the venom. Everyone is welcome to call and multiple languages are supported however this is not a toll-free call from outside of the United States – 011-800-222-1222.
He now owns Triple Sail Scuba in Cozumel, Mexico and offers expert PADI scuba instruction, diving tours and lionfish related education and consulting services. This time a wave caught the small dead lionfish on my spear and pushed it spine first down my spear and it harpooned me through my dive glove in 5 places. If the swelling does not go down, it could be a break so you should seek medical advice as an x-ray may be needed.
For medicine, especially herbal remedies others may not know, I write instructions on the bags as well. I get the whole preparedness thing but an elementary school student is going to use cayenne pepper to stop a heart attack? For this reason we always advise that a thermos of hot water be taken on any trip in which contact with lionfish is possible. Keep in mind that a diving related injury like decompression sickness or lung embolism is far more dangerous and likely to cause death than the sting. Keep in mind that sources of hot water may also come from boat engine cooling water exhaust or water heated in a metal container on top of an engine block. Many resources will tell you that the water needs to be between 100°-115°F, but there really is no practical way to measure that or time to get water to the correct temperature in most instances.
Immerse the wound in water that is as hot as the victim can stand without scalding or burning the skin. Its over a week now and my foot is still hurting, swelling hasn’t completely gone and some of the puncture wounds have black marks on them. If the affected area cannot be immersed then apply clean cloths soaked in hot water and change out or re-soak frequently to keep the heat up.
If you do not have hot water available, then heat packs like this will also work; they are an important item to include in any marine first aid kit. Try to lay down someplace cool, had to have a bag of ice ony head as I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain.

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