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So you can also think of the colloid osmotic pressure as the attraction pressure, that pulls towards it. It also can happen when there’s decreased amount of the plasma proteins, in this conditions there’s decreased plasma oncotic pressure. Edema can also build up in conditions which leads to increased capillary permeability, that means the Kf will increase, and this happens in conditions such as toxins, infections or in burns. You can also have edema build up in conditions where there’s increased interstitium colloid osmotic pressure, which means that the interstitium is gonna pull more fluid out of the capillary into the interstitium.

The Murmur of MVP can be enhanced by maneuvers that decrease the venous return such as standing of valsalva maneuver.
Edema is caused by conditions that increases the capillary pressure, this means that fluid is pushed from the capillaries to the intersitium, and this happens in conditions such as heart failure.
Crescendo means the intensity is increasing, and the mid-systolic click happens due to sudden tensing of the chordae tympani. And what happens here is that the pull of the capillary is going down, so it’s not attracting enough fluid back into the capillary, that means there’s gonna be more fluid into the interstitium, and therefore there will be edema building up in the interstitium.

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Rubric: Provide First Aid


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