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Get some-more information about doing health emergencies and healthy disasters in a new book Reader’s Digest Quintessential Guide to Handling Emergencies. Using your sprained ankle as little as possible will stall blood flowing to that area to impede further damage.
Utilizing ice ? whether you apply a cold wrap, pack, or compression sleeve or soak your ankle in slush bath ? is the best way to minimize bleeding, inflammation, and pain, says stretch coach Brad Walker. Secure a wide, firm neoprene or elastic bandage, wrap, sleeve, or brace around your ankle to compress the wounded area lightly.
Relax in a sitting or reclining position to raise your affected ankle to any level above your heart. Get medical care immediately if your afflicted limb can’t bear weight or your ankle joint is numb, unstable, or unusable because you may have a complete ligament tear. You’ll get must-know tips and strategy for scheming your home, stocking a right supplies, preventing and doing accidents, coping with medical situations, and gripping your family safe.

Besides covering your ankle, you should wrap the compression bandage around your lower leg as well. Do that as often as possible, especially during the initial 48 hours following an accident.
Red streaks or redness spreading out from your infirmity’s site may indicate an infection, which requires urgent treatment. Leave a restrict in place if it is tiny or hang a covering of soothing padding, such as a hurl of string wool, around a ankle.
Continue four to eight 15- to 20-minute icing sessions per day during the initial 48-hour period or until your swelling wanes.
Apply vigour with a application support or application gauze to assistance extent swelling. To ease this common impairment’s inflammation and pain, take Advil Extra-Strength Liqui-Gels.

While supporting your ankle, it also helps decrease bleeding and inflammation around your joint. Delayed or inadequate therapy for a serious sprain can lead to chronic pain or joint instability. Research shows that following the RICER method immediately after a soft-tissue sprain reduces healing time significantly. Consult a sports doctor or physical therapist immediately to diagnose and treat any serious ankle issues.
To ride an exercise bike with arm handles, for example, rest your sore ankle lightly on a nonmoving surface while working out both arms and your uninjured leg.

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