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An ankle sprain is a trauma to the ligaments of the ankle and foot, possibly involving tendon injury, but without fracture. An ankle sprain occurs when weight is applied to the foot when it is in an inverted (turned inward) or everted (turned outward) position. Bruising: Bruising may appear immediately after an ankle sprain or it may develop over time following an ankle sprain. If your doctor suspects a fracture has occurred after performing the physical examination, imaging tests may be ordered.
Images of the bones forming the ankle joint may be ordered to ascertain the extent of injury to the ankle and to rule out more serious injury such as fracture.
They are normally treated with immobilization by splinting or casting to allow the ligament to heal. Your physician may think that physical therapy will be beneficial in recovering strength and regaining as much functionality as possible after the healing process is complete. Brain Stem: this is one of the most important aspects of the brain responsible for all of the involuntary actions. The point of icing is to draw fresh blood with all of its healing elements to the site. Icing also numbs the pain and reduces inflammation.
Raise your foot whenever possible: sitting in meetings, talking on the telephone, working on the computer, eating dinner, watching television. And here’s another thing to do: buddy-tape your toe to the next one to act as a kind of splint. I started out taping my injured second toe to the big toe because I thought the bigger toe would provide more stability, but it never seemed comfortable.
Here’s a picture of a serious buddy tape set-up, with a bit of foam or cotton wool padding between toes. The X-ray told me it was fractured, which made me feel less like a wimp for getting my family to walk the dog and run up and down stairs for me, and gave me a sense for how long it might take to heal—4 to 6 weeks.
The doctor also gave me a flat post-op shoe to wear which is nice in the house because it keeps the toe from getting bent on the push-off of each step I take.
Here’s another reason I’m glad I didn’t rush in to my doc when the toe was all swollen and purple: doctors touch hurt toes. Please respond to the poll on how long it took your toe to heal — see column to left of this article. In more recent years I’ve made a career of destroying my big toe nails and now they are practically dead. Sprains of the lateral ligaments (most commonly the anterior talofibular ligament) account for approximately 90% of all ankle sprains. This can occur in many situations and during various activities such as walking, running, jumping, or playing sports.

A physical examination will be performed to pinpoint where you are having tenderness or pain in your foot and ankle, you may be asked to move your foot to ascertain your range of motion. Applying ice to the injury will help decrease pain, decreases blood flow and swelling and warmth. Even with all of the research and studies that have been done on the brain, we have not cracked the surface of the capabilities of this impressive mass.
Yes, this is the center that determines if you find Newfoundland jokes hilarious or completely offensive. That means that when someone is an auditory learner, their temporal lobe is well developed. When you step into the kitchen and get hungry by seeing or smelling the food, you can thank your parietal lobe. This one aspect of the brain can determine if you are a destined gymnast or just a fearful klutz. In fact, I’m writing this with right leg raised, the second toe being the one giving me the voice of experience at the moment. I’m just someone who’s had multiple injuries and surgeries and is old enough to have collected a lot of advice on the subject.
You might try herbal remedies like Arnica, which you can take internally (little pills that go under your tongue to dissolve) or externally (cream or gel you rub on) or both, which I do. It helps calm the nervous system and slows the body’s adrenaline reaction to injury and pain. It helps keep the bone in line and helps keep the bruised and battered toe from bouncing around and re-injuring itself. Just a line of tape, that kind of silky medical tape is good, as you see in the picture.  In my case, the broken joint is the most distal (furthest out) so I’ve not taped over that (ouch!) but rather on the joint below it, closer in to my foot. It’s what football players call a soft tissue injury to their big toes—dancers commonly get it, too, but you notice we don’t call it stage toe—and it can keep players off the field or the dance floor for weeks at a time. I just went for some yesterday, 10 days after the injury, when I realized it probably wasn’t just a sprain.
They will recommend one do all the things I mentioned above and not do anything if the toe is cleanly broken or if it’s sprained, other than what we’ve already discussed.
X-ray techs have to actually move and tape the smashed toe away from the others to get a proper X-ray.
Surgery may also be required if persistent instability continues after months of rehabilitation and non-surgical treatment. This is where your voluntary movement occurs, meaning when you had an itchy nose, that was your cerebellum that helped you scratch it!
Two dogs, one my own (see below) and one her best friend, were milling under foot in the kitchen and I tripped over one of them and broke my toe.

I’ve also taken a Wilderness First Aid course and hiked a lot, meaning I’ve dealt with a few things on the trail.
I’ve found that toes tend to hurt from the icing because they’re little and have less circulation and less bone than, say a knee. Just came back from getting the toe X-rayed and the alignment of the fractured bone is fine, so all worked well though the buddy is smaller than the hurt toe.
So do everything you can do to stop limping around for weeks at a time as the injury lingers because you didn’t care for it properly.
I’d tell you the Chinese name of the oil but I can’t begin to pronounce it much less spell it. In the case of my second toe, I went today because, while much of the swelling and discoloration was gone, the last little joint was still swollen and red and hurt.
I’m going to try this out.) The post-op shoe is not so nice outdoors because my other shoes are a different height by a lot or a little so it makes me walk off-kilter, which isn’t pleasant and is bad for the back.
Here we will discuss the most common areas of the brain just to give a basic and general overview of the brain.
When you are at the mall and you are trying to determine if you can justify that expensive purchase, this is your frontal lobe working.
Note which part seems to swell first or look worst; that’s usually the most injured part and the bit that will heal last. I never make it to ten minutes, but the toe is quite cold to the touch and reddish, which is all you need anyway.
The best example of this part being damaged is the story of Phineas Gage who survived a brain injury to the frontal lobe. You may not be able to tell which part hurts most when the whole top of your foot is yelling at you. You do not want to cause frostbite, so be careful to stop icing long before ten minutes if the toe starts to feel tingly or burned. I’ve been going for years for sports injuries, flu, pain management, and to boost my immune system for general well being. I will be taking photos for you this weekend and we will have another chance at those mountains! I broke it years ago when some kid dropped a rock on my foot, a rock I had just told him not to touch.
Before the accident he was quiet and reserved, but after the accident he was obnoxious and self-absorbed.

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