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Gradaties1ste graad Bij een eerste graadbrandwonde is de opperhuid nog niet beschadigd, er worden ook nog geen blaren of open wonden gevormd.
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This is mainly to do with size, but also the types of common injuries that bikers may experience need a different balance of first aid content.
The reason is you will need to stuff all these items into a small bag -as mentioned above- it is very useful to use one bag for each 'type' of item such as gauze in one bag, medication in another and medical tools (scissors and tweezers) in another. Then when you pull out the items from the main bag they do not all tumble out and end up in a mess on the ground. There are small bottles of Anti-microbial gel as well.Band-aids - A variety of shapes and sizes for small cuts and scrapes. Na een 3-tal weken is de brandwonde genezen.In tegenstelling tot een oppervlakkige tweedegraads brandwonde is bij een diepe tweedegraads brandwonde wel een deel van de bloedvaten en zenuwuiteinden van de huid verbrand.

De genezing hiervan duurt ongeveer een 6-tal weken.3de graadEen derdegraads brandwonde is een verbranding van alle onderdelen en lagen van de huid.
Cut them in half for easy storage and usability.Other medication - Pack the travel size or sample packets not the bottles. De wonde is minder pijnlijk dan de grootte van de wonde doet vermoeden, dit omdat de zenuwuiteinden vernietigd zijn. You won't have time to unzip and undress if there is heavy bleeding you'll need to cut through the leathers. I know, I know just take a deep breath and do it.Curved Scissors - Scissors come in handy in many ways. In an emergency you might need to cut clothes away from an injury (not leathers this time "phew"). With sharp edges it is easy to poke through something and cause further injury when you are in a hurry or under stress.Elastic and crepe bandages - a few different widths.

10cm (2") and larger are often more versatile then smaller ones.Tweezers - A good pair of tweezers has easy-to-grip handles and can be used for splinter removal and other first aid procedures. Do not bother with a cheap quality pair that do not grip splinters as you will only get frustrated. And believe it or not you should be able to get all this stuff in a bag about 20 x 13 x 8 cm (7" x 5" x 3").It can be done!

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