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Increasing leisure time and a growing awareness of personal security and safety among consumers has created an opportunity in retail for highly portable and versatile first aid kits. In the event of these types of injuries, doctors from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center advised the first step to take is to assess if the wound is serious.
Simple first-aid is often enough to treat cuts and scrapes from untoward incidents this season brings.

A doctor should also be consulted about wounds that do not appear to be healing after 48 hours or injuries that are red, swollen, pus-filled or show other signs of infection. The experts noted that getting the tetanus vaccine can help protect against the serious bacteria-borne illness that infects the body through cuts and puncture wounds.
The Reliance Medical, Borsa and Tabula range is practical and compact, with a high point of sale impact and competitively priced.
See your doctor if the wound doesn’t heal or if you notice any redness, drainage, warmth or swelling.

They pointed out that protection against tetanus doesn’t last a lifetime and adults should get a tetanus booster shot every five to 10 years especially within 48 hours of the injury. They noted, however, most often these injuries will not require a trip to the emergency department.

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