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Blisters are probably one of the most common injuries when on vacation at Walt Disney World. A blister can form on the bottom of the foot, on the heel, on the top of the foot, or (in some cases) even between the toes.
Depending on where they develop, blisters can be anywhere from a minor annoyance to a major pain.
Unless the blister is extremely uncomfortable, you should not open it, because an open wound is more likely to get infected. If it is necessary to drain the blister, first wash the area and your hands with soap and water.
If your blister starts to drain fluid that is not clear and straw colored, you might have an infection and should see a doctor.
Thanks so much to our Health & Safety blogger, Geordon Van Tassle, for this informative guest post. I've also found the blister prevention sticks handy - the ones that apply like stick deodorant. We're a website dedicated to adults who visit Disney World because they love it, not just because their kids love it.
They splinted his right hand (to keep the burns from making his fingers contract inward) and bandaged the left.
Not long after writing this, we finally got taken back for the first big dressing change and consult from the pediatric burn doctor.
A bit skeptical, I asked him a ton of questions (including about surgery) and he said that we could still end up in surgery a few weeks down the road. So, while we’re not out of the woods in terms of seriousness and his healing, everyone is really hopeful that things will just continue well here at home!
This is heartbreaking to read and I can’t imagine what you are going through as parents. If you ever want to talk about what you are going through and the healing process, feel free to contact me! I have my follow up tomorrow and am terrified about what they might find under her initial bandages.
I’m a nursing student at the University of South Florida and I came across your blog when googling burns for a research project.
Also, if any other momma’s go through this scary time, it is so difficult to have these babies keep their bandages on!
My 1 year old daughter placed her hands on the front closed glass doors of her grandma’s beautiful electric push button fireplace sunday night. In order to apply the appropriate frostbites remedy, it is first of all important to know the degrees of severity that they can have.
The most important frostbites remedy is to take the patient from the cold environment, but avoid exposing her to very high temperatures.
Burns are categorized according to severity and the severity determines the burn treatment options. 1st-degree burn – A first degree burn is the least serious of the type of burns you can receive and it is limited to only the outer layer of skin. 2nd-degree burn – When the burn goes past the first layer of skin to the second layer that is a second degree burn.
Now that we have some reference on the types of burns out there, what are your treatment options? If a minor burn occurs, there are several steps you can take for immediate treatment of the burn. Cover the burn with a sterile bandage or clean cloth and protect it from pressure and friction. Over-the-counter pain medications may help reduce inflammation and swelling as well as help with the pain.
If a major burn occurs, there are several steps you can take to immediately treat and care for the burn. If clothing cannot be removed from the victim make sure the victim is not in contact with smoldering materials. If the victim is breathing, cover the burn area with a moist, cool sterile bandage or clean cloth.
Until medical help arrives, continue to monitor victims’ pulse, rate of breathing and blood pressure if possible. Hopefully you will never be faced with anything more serious than a minor first degree burn, but it is important to know what to do just in case.

This entry was posted in Survival and tagged blister develop, emergency room, first aid, how to, medical skill, pain, stove, survival, swelling, treat burns, treatment by Pat Henry. If you would like to learn more about packing your travel bags to be prepared visit his blog Hurricane Dad for a more details. Here in Arizona, we’ve heard the line as part of a huge water safety and drowning prevention campaign.
I had held pretty strong through the MRSA ordeal, and even through the burn so far (except right when it happened).
We did the dressing changes in a big bathtub and I was so thankful they allowed me to be present. But, for now, he’d just like to do the least invasive treatment and see how everything heals on its own. I can imagine how you are feeling, I felt similar ways when Ava had her head injury last Nov. I work at a burn unit and I appreciate the step-by-step photos of your sweet little guy, along with the descriptions of each picture! Suffered deep, severe second degree burns to both left and right hands, his right is also worse. I know that this is an old post, but I have so many questions and I am still in freak out mode.
Her right hand looks similar to your sons and her left hand is very discolored w s blisters.
Of course it is a pleasure to have fun in the snow and do all sorts of winter sports, but at the same time a thermometer which indicates below 0 degrees also makes us think of a common winter condition: frostbites. The first degree ones are the most easy to treat, manifesting themselves through redness accompanied by a violet shade on the affected skin portion, as well as well as swelling and temporary paralysis. Warm baths, local application of warm compresses and ointments are sometimes all it takes to treat first and second degree frostbites, but when the situation is more serious, urgent medical attention is essential. When you can’t run to the Emergency Room or the neighborhood clinic, the responsibility for medical care may rest on your shoulders. A quick way to tell the difference between a first degree and second degree burn are the presence of blisters.
In a severe burn, the skin has been removed and fat, muscle and even bone areas may be affected. Since it is more likely that you will have and be able to survive first or second degree burns, we will cover those first.
Treat a burn as a major burn if the area is more than 2 to 3 inches in diameter or if it is located on the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks or major joints. To prevent shock, lay the victim flat, elevate the feet 12 inches and cover the victim with a coat or blanket. Putting ice directly on a burn can cause a person’s body to become too cold and cause further damage to the wound.
Daddy held his hands under cool running water while I grabbed a few things and loaded the other boys in the car. The doctor looked things over and said for their severity the burns are actually looking pretty good at this point. I put my hand on an iron – an iron she was using for a sewing project that was on the highest setting. Please be encouraged that your little guy’s burns did not cross over the creases in his hand. I included a few photos in a presentation because this unfortunate story illustrates the perfect way to treat burn wounds like your son’s. We initially went to our local hospital, but then were rushed by ambulance to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando Florida because of circulation concerns. Frostbites are skin lesions caused by prolonged exposure to cold and wind without protective apparel such as gloves. These symptoms appear in the first hours and are reversible, although paralysis might require more time to heal and cause cold sensibility in the future.
In severe cases, patients might even require surgical intervention to remove the skin necrosis.
Seriously, from simple sun burns to touching that hot item on the stove, or reaching into the over too quickly most of us have been burned to varying degrees.
Knowing how to recognize and treat burns is a medical skill that everyone in your family should have.
1st and 2nd degree burns that do not cover an area of more than 3 inches (length of your finger) are considered a minor burn.

If someone else has caught fire, douse them with water, wrap them in a thick, non-synthetic material such as wool or cotton or lay them on the ground flat and roll them.
Do not put the victim in this position if he or she is uncomfortable or if you suspect a head, neck, back or leg injury.
Plus, often times, skin grafts don’t take well on such small little parts (like his little tiny finger burns).
On August 4, my 12 mo, 1 week old baby (who was not yet walking) managed to pull open the oven door and burned his hands on the inside of the extremely hot door. Last but not least, Aloe Vera gel is very effective in treating skin lesions, doctors always recommend it as a frostbite first aid. In their most minor form, burns seldom require much attention, the pain is brief and we go on with our lives.
He had the back of the grill blockaded off so little hands would be deterred from touching. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if the burns get worse or start healing on their own.
This whole process is a waiting game –waiting to see if the burns have reached their full effect, waiting to see how this treatment will go, waiting to see how the healing process will go. He only has one 2nd degree burn on his index finger with a huge blister – I probably will not be fixing my hair or grilling for a while! Cold is the main factor that directly causes a frostbite, but there are other circumstances which trigger it as well: internal factors – old age, preexisting biological conditions, blood flow issues – and external factors – high humidity, cold currents, alcohol and cigarette abuse while exposed to low temperatures. After two weeks, the swelling begins to go away and blisters heal, but the process can be painful.
In a real grid-down scenario you could easily get scalded when you are trying to boil your water to make sure it is safe for consumption or any one of hundreds of different possibilities.
The boys weren’t playing that close to the grill as we try to make sure they stay away. Initially, I hadn’t even realized both hands were affected, though the right is much worse than the left. Even though they might look minor, frostbites can have a great negative impact if not treated in time, so here is some basic information about frostbite first aid. Third degree frostbites are more serious, causing pale skin and haemorrhagic bullae that can break and then lead to ulcerations that take up to two or three weeks to heal. There could be accidents dealing with using fuel such as gas to power your emergency generator. Just like no one thought we were staying earlier the day before, no one thought we were going home today. The ER doctor told us to follow-up with our pediatrician the next morning, but the nurse suggested just going to the burn unit (she was right).  But, the next morning I was able to get right in with our pediatrician, so I wanted to see him first. Lastly, fourth degree frostbites are the most severe: dead skin, muscles and bones, damage to blood vessels, the affected area cannot be delimited, then the phenomenon becomes obvious and after one month skin gets a violet or black shade. I considered going to med school and have all my pre-reqs done to be a nurse, so I got a little taste of what might have been today! He looked him over, redressed the burns with more silvadene ointment, and sent us to the burn unit.
The pediatric team even brings in toys and things to keep them entertained & distracted!
It was amazing to see how much swelling there had been in just over 12 hours – his poor little hand was huge! OT talked to me about the stretching I need to do with his right hand (which seems to be the most painful for him). That was bad enough, but I knew as soon as they opened the first blister (the large one on his palm) that things weren’t good.
We’ll be having regular check-ups at the burn clinic and if ay any point we’re concerned about his pain level, the way the burns look, etc, then they told us to just come on in! With the exception of the small burn on his left index finger, all the burns are 3rd degree.

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