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Our Baby Balm can be used to gently treat nappy rash, cradle cap and any other dry skin or irritations.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! We are enrolled in the Missouri State Food Program.  Which requires that participants meet high standard nutritional meals and snacks. Whether in a high chair or sitting at their little tables, the children are being nurtured by their teacher as she assists and guides them through their mealtime.

Toddlers look forward to the silly games their teachers play while they are being diapered.
Time is enjoyed at the table.  We color, stack toys, paint, assemble puzzles and create with play dough.
As singing leads to dancing and all other kinds of exercising, lets finish it off by running and jumping. Our children are learning through out the day.  Teachers turn each situation into a positive learning experience by communicating with the children.

Children play outside everyday, weather permitting.  If the weather prevents out door play, the teachers make sure the children have the opportunity to do a high activity game or they may do exercise or dance to the music.

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