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We are more than happy to supply new and existing clients with a number of references we have on file from satisfied clients. The safety of the general public who attend events and those taking part is the responsibility of the event or venue manager.
Whether we are supplying a nurse for a film shoot or a hundred staff for a mass gathering event, they will come equipped to do the job they are required to do with the latest tools of their trade. Our staff are the most visible side of the company and as a consequence, we consider it vital that they are selected from the best applicants. Whatever your event, we will aim to supply a team that is adequately trained and experienced to manage your potential requirements. Whether you need one first aider or a full team, we are able to offer you the support you need. When we first receive your enquiry we will complete a first aid needs assessment to ensure we are providing you with the cover you need to run your event. The Red Cross says it need more volunteers to help provide first aid at events across Shropshire. More volunteers are needed in the county to help provide first aid cover at events, and also for the fire and emergency support team – which helps people cope after fires, floods and other emergencies.
Event first aid volunteers provide potentially life-saving first aid to those who need help at public events such as concerts, sports events and shows.

Fire and emergency support volunteers support people with the help of a specially-adapted vehicle – giving individuals emotional support, shelter and refreshments, providing basic provisions and facilities, supporting with the care of children and pets, and first aid. Shrewsbury residents Nicky and Don have volunteered with the Red Cross in various roles for more than 30 years – but recently joined the fire and emergency support (FES) team.
Nicky said: “Between us, we have attended about a dozen incidents and each one is different and presents a different challenge. Every year we successfully provide cover for some of the largest and most high profile events in the UK. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you require client references in relation to our service provision standards. All events we quote for are graded by a nurse or paramedic experienced in event management and planning. We receive hundreds of requests for employment every year and refuse more staff than we accept.
Whether a rugby festival or a music festival, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive cover. Volunteers are expected to give 50 hours of their time a year at events, though many volunteers enjoy doing more and there is an opportunity to attend events outside the county.
Selected candidates will be invited to attend a training and selection day on Saturday, 9 August in Shrewsbury.

We aim to supply staff who are not only well trained and experienced but understand the way events work and the importance of team work.
Formed in 2006 as a limited company, but operating since 2002 as a partnership, the company has many years experience in the Event Medical Cover field.The company offers a wide range of specialist first aid, ambulance and rescue services to clients, which can be designed to match the specific requirements of the customer.
With fully equipped vehicles of all types from cars to complete emergency ambulances, the business has trained, experienced staff enabling customers to concentrate on their event knowing that their medical cover is in good hands.With a specialist team that includes 10 part time highly experienced, qualified and friendly staff members, Merlin First Aid Services Ltd has a growing team, working to a high standard of First Aid, Ambulance and Rescue Training. The company is operated by a director (Jan Evans - Training) and secretary (Peter Bissell - Clinical Supervisor) who have developed their parts of the business along with Rob Umney (Operations and Events Manager). The company has been approached by the Independent Ambulance Association to consider Associate Membership.The business supplies services in event medical cover that are developed according to the specific requirements of the client and needs on the day. The first aid and ambulance training courses feature preset syllabuses or bespoke courses, making them ideal for people who need 'off the shelf' or specialist training, and they are available as requested by the client at a reasonable price. We have made them our only choice for First Aid as they are extremely helpful in all aspects of event First Aid.
All of their teams are extremely friendly and willing to work with you and adjust themselves to suit you even on the day.

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