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Practical & Shore-based Theory at Largs Yacht Haven in Ayrshire, Scotland and at Preston Marina in Lancashire, England. A must for anyone working with dogs and cats; kennels, catteries, grooming parlours, dog trainers and pet owners. The Course format will be a mix of theory and practical work and the tutor will bring her dog for the duration of the course to demonstrate the different First Aid skills and enable all students to have a go and gain a better understanding of the different subjects covered. Prospective students who have a disability that may affect their studies should inform the College as soon as possible. Regrettably the College does not receive funding for the provision of learning support for students with additional learning needs attending Short Courses, which are run on a full-cost basis. Please note that the information provided in this fact sheet was accurate at the date of publication.
However, courses are continually being modified and information is therefore subject to change.
Thanet Diving and Watersports, offer scuba diving training BSAC and PADI from 8 yrs onwards, they have equipment sales, in-house servicing, cylinder testing, air fills, kayaking training and sales, commercial HSE scuba diving services, Air gun cylinders and fill. They also offer a Aquaddict watersports club with First aid courses, primary and secondary and HSE first aid at work. ALACC Health College Australia, is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that delivers and issues the Nationally Recognised Qualifications in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) levels.
At ALACC Health College, Australia, we offer a variety of courses in the aged care, nursing and health industry for both local and international students. If you are seeking information on specific areas and it is not available yet, please contact us.
CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged CareThis course is suitable for people who want to work in residential care facilities under direct or regular supervision. CHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged CareThis course is suitable for people who may be currently employed in an aged care facility, who wish to upgrade their aged care qualifications, knowledge and practical experience, or who are seeking a new career as a Personal Care or Special Care worker.*Note this course has pre-requisite requirements.
HLT32512 Certificate III in Health Services AssistantThis course is designed for workers who provide assistance to health professional staff with the care of clients. HLT32812 Certificate III in Health Support ServicesThis course is designed for workers who provide assistance to health professional staff with the care of clients.
Our Department has a direct link with the NHS and over 400 local health and early years employers giving you the opportunity for a range of work experience placements. ROTC cadets Jake Goga (senior, criminology) and Jim Creavey (senior, criminology) performed a first-aid drill for freshman and sophomore cadets. In a picturesque West Virginia valley, members of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Army ROTC were hardly on a weekend getaway in the heart of Appalachia.

Instead, the group of more than 150 cadets and officers were navigating through a myriad of obstacle courses, land navigation and team-building exercises as part of the field training exercise (FTX) held at Camp Dawson, a National Guard base in Preston County. Three members of IUP’s journalism department also traveled with the ROTC, acting as embedded journalists.
The cadets, who through the ROTC program will become Second Lieutenants in the United States Army, departed Pierce Hall early in the morning Oct.
A small group of cadets in the Advanced Echelon left a few hours earlier than the rest of the company to set up IUP’s tactical operations center (TOC). Just after noon, when the rest of the cadets arrived after the more than a 100- mile journey to Camp Dawson, which is located in northern West Virginia – about 25 miles east of Morgantown – the freshmen and sophomores broke into their respective squads to begin field leadership reaction courses. Junior and senior ROTC members spent the weekend mentoring and leading the younger cadets in their first FTX.
Some of the obstacles cadets had to complete included figuring out a way to lay planks of wood on stationary supports so the squad members could walk a barrel across. This exercise incorporated team building and quick thinking by cadets so they could walk across the “bridge” to safety at the other side, all without falling into the “radioactive” water below. After about three hours of the problem-solving obstacle course, cadets ate at the dining hall before returning to the TOC for first aid training. Here, cadets learned the proper ways to apply field bandages, execute the fireman’s carry and many other vital, life-saving tactics.
The test consisted of two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and a two-mile run, and it was predictably met with much criticism from some cadets. Other required parts of the course included rope climbing, jumping and walking across wooden beams high above the ground, although with a safety net below. In the lane training exercises, squads are essentially put in situations with certain parameters.
After shuttling back to the base and eating once again, practice clearing rooms was the last exercise of the weekend. Sunday was tear-down day, as supplies were packed back into IUP’s truck and trailer, and linens were collected from the barracks and returned for cleaning.
The College's Learning Support Service may be able to provide support but it is the responsibility of the student to meet the cost. It is a 20 minute commute north of the city center, easily accessible by all forms of Melbourne public transportation (Train, Tram, and Bus). Workers with this qualification are expected to provide personal care and other activities of living for people in ages care settings. With this qualification, you will be in direct client contact, and working under supervision.

With this qualification, you will be in direct client contact, and working under supervision. Workers at this level operate at an advanced skill level and may also have responsibility for the supervision of other staff and volunteers. We’ve also got a range of learning facilities and equipment that provide a more realistic learning experience. The TOC is the ultimate command post and was manned at all hours during the weekend by cadets and cadre.
This “confidence training” was more individual-based and required cadets to do such activities like climb the Jacob’s ladder, a tall, wooden ladder-structure, turn around at the top and climb back down the other side.
The vans then shuttled the cadets about 15 minutes away high into the mountains to the Pringle Tract Land Navigation Course.
At lunchtime, cadets took a break to eat their Meal, Ready-To-Eat before the final outdoor exercise of the weekend started. The squads then must use fast thinking to survive the mission, like defusing fake improvised explosive devices or dealing with surprise informants who make the cadets adept quickly. In this, groups of four cadets systematically checked doors and secured the perimeter of a room before charging in. Sunday, the entire ROTC group was back at Pierce Hall, as the cadets transitioned from future military members back to normal, everyday IUP students. I thought we dug in and got a good result.”The game kicked off with Heriot’s immediately showing their dominance in attack. These include a fully kitted out hospital ward and dental suite, electric hoist, pregnancy suit, ageing kit, hospital bed and resuscitation dummies.
However, some initiative from Aberdeen’s Glasgow Warriors professional, Byron McGuigan, saw him answer with an interception try between the posts, which was converted by Rob Aloe.Not to be downhearted, Heriot’s piled on the pressure, keeping Aberdeen stuck in their 22. You’ll also find cutting edge technology to aid learning including 3D televisions, 3D projectors, HD technology, Flip cameras and Wiis. For information on short courses, please click here, otherwise, click on a course below to find out more information.

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